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Lippo Plaza Bogor Ekalokasari

Bogor, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Siliwangi No.123, Sukasari, Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16142, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 251 8318788 malls/ Lippo-Plaza-Ekalokasari-Bogor/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Sarah Irhamillah (27/05/2018 05:51)
Since the renovation, I dont really understand the directions inside, but nevertheless still a nice place to hang out or dine with the variety of shops and restaurants available. It's just that the praying room is pretty far.

dee widie (01/05/2018 22:04)
One of the popular mall in Bogor city. My favorite place to hangout with my friends or my collages. Or take my kids to Kidzoona. Now it has a new Cinemaxx studio. Often heavy traffic on entering and exiting the building. But I love to walk around Hypermart, Matahari department store, Miniso, Payless, and Mr. DIY.

BGCK BGCK (25/04/2018 15:03)
Nice new mall in town.
But currently just finished being renovated so a little bit mess here and there.
But so far is good.

lilsync (20/04/2018 10:46)
nice and not crowded mall. there are two cinemas here: cinemaxx and cineplex xxi. foodcourt doesnt have many choice. branded stores. there is one unique store, DIY where all cheap housing tools, almost everything here. fav place

Jan Höfner (01/04/2018 04:02)
What I like about this place is that there’s always improvement here. They always keep the place good, the toilets are always clean, the parking lot is getting better than before, and I like the new Cinema here.

Mudy S (16/03/2018 06:00)
Second best mall in Bogor city. Just finish renovation. The 5th floor has good view of Bogor city.
New Cinemaxx studio.
Often heavy traffic on entering and exiting the building.

Stephen Zhou (12/03/2018 02:58)
Ample mall in Bogor. Food court seving various foods on top floor. Car park limited on weekdays

Muchammad Sarwono Purwa Jayadi (26/02/2018 13:01)
This place certainly one of the biggest shopping mall in Bogor. You will be easily notice it on normal traffic. But i think this place is still feel so quiet. It might be because there are so many stand where are still empty. Then there are so many stand where are not open anymore, so it might be your need won't fulfilled. So if you are looking for a lively place and one stop solution for you, certainly this place not one of destination.

Kiakiokiko Kiasatina (24/02/2018 03:43)
Nice place to hang out with family. Lots choices of culinary with affordable price, taste so so, many games and playgrounds for kiddos. Also, not so crowded that make it more convenient

kurnia kurnia (23/11/2017 06:03)
Is good location even for me to far for watching movie but is worth it weeks day only for 25 k..for shopping is alright bcuz i not really shopping at the mall...

Ananda Rasullia (23/11/2017 01:53)
This mall is big and confusing until I, myself, feel a lil bit lost 😂 they still developing its stores so there were not so many tenant here.

Astrid Lim (15/11/2017 23:26)
It used to be a popular mall in Bogor, but currently the management was taken over by Lippo and they tried to make a new concept- fancier and bigger but actually emptier and more expensive, and less thing to do. Because the mall is still being renovated and revamped, they don't even open all the restrooms yet and you have to go to the 3rd floor to go to the restroom!!!

Georgina Jeanette (26/10/2017 13:15)
Good place, especially for watching movies because the ticket here are slightly cheaper and the studio still has great quality. But other than that, it's ok, not a really great place for hanging out

Michelle F. Kezia (08/09/2017 14:13)
Average shopping avenue. But better than before (Ekalokasari Plaza). Little choices to choose place to eat. But a good place to watch movies

Rizky Adrianto (02/08/2017 21:36)
Good place to hangout with family, lot of food options. There is also place for kids to have fun, kidzoona for example, they offer lots of activities for kids.

RedFalcon Gaming (10/07/2017 11:25)
This place offers good range of food, but its not recommended to watch movies here because it's too expensive and crowded. The toilet is dirty and the mosque is also very bad and unmaintained, also the mosque's air conditioner is not cold.

Nia Nurdianti (02/07/2017 07:43)
I like lunch at food court , there are fresh air, clean and spacious. But at mushola the smell isn't pretty good..

Samsu Sempena (01/07/2017 03:00)
A relatively new mall in Bogor, several shops are still under construction. It is easy to call for car-pickup here.

Another option for mall lovers.

Lutfi Hanafi (30/06/2017 00:30)
Lots of improvements are going on with the new ownership. The place looks tidier, cleaner, and in general better than it was last year. I believe the mall will be even better after the construction/interior works get done.

Natalia W (22/06/2017 00:01)
Enjoy my visit and good choices of tenant. The place is clean and not too crowded. Some spaces feel warm, can`t feel the aircon.

Raymond Arifianto (28/05/2017 05:14)
This is a shopping mall where you would like to spend more quality time with your loved ones. You can find almost everything here, and it isn't as crowded as most other shopping malls.

Peter Febian (01/05/2017 15:08)
Mal yang sudah banyak direnovasi sehingga semakin luas dan nyaman. Dulu tempat parkirnya menimbulkan banyak keluhan, kini sudah tidak lagi. Tenant di dalamnya pun semakin banyak dan beragam. Bagi mereka yang bosan atau lelah dengan sumpeknya Botani Square Bogor, terutama jika di akhir pekan atau musim liburan; bisa mampir ke mal ini.

Di sekitar mal ini pun bertebaran penjual makanan enak dengan harga yang murah, cocok bagi mereka yang tidak berencana makan di dalam mal. Bagi yang akan makan di food court, akan disuguhi pemandangan atas mal yang indah. Karena sudah berpindah kepemilikan ke tangan Lippo, Wi-Fi publiknya menjadi bagus dan cepat.

Ncie Emel (16/04/2017 07:41)
Go to the foodcourt on the highest floor of the mall. It has a beautiful mountain view. You won't regret it

sheira indrayani (31/03/2017 10:38)
I enjoyed the food court with its new concept. You won't regret the view of Bogor from up there. The ambience was also nice.

Karina Shiam (02/02/2017 16:15)
This mall is quite awesome. The neverending construction is making this mall a bit uncomfortable. My favorite place is starbucks because compared to Botani Square starbucks, it's quite vacant. But the toilets are horrible and smelly. You should bring both wet tissue and regular tissue if you are a hygiene freak.

Also, there's comfortable ladies parking too :)

Ramadhani Barjono (24/01/2017 09:50)
We can call it rejuvenated old mall. I think it's getting better now. It has Hypermart groceries. It also has two cinemas in it. Good option for spending your time for shopping.

sheira indrayani (03/01/2017 06:36)
I was enjoyed the food court with its new concept. You won't regret the view of Bogor from up there. The ambience was also nice.

elford7 (24/12/2016 11:43)
Comfortable new design mall. So much better after renovation. Clean and cozy. Very nice view of Bogor city from food court window. Recommended

Grace Kingsley (23/12/2016 14:27)
Great Shopping mall. Great place for small children on the 3rd floor. Very modern and clean mall. Food court doesn't really cater to foreigners but there are other options within the mall. A Carrefour shopping center can be found within the mall, too.

Alexander Aziria (10/10/2016 12:41)
Mid Class shopping mall located on Sukasari area and close by Ciawi. Theater available here.

Angelina Sandra (27/08/2016 10:31)
Cinemaxx and hypermart are the only reason I still go here. And sports station sometimes

M Razzak (03/08/2016 13:33)
I always watch a movie in the cinemaxx thats great place for holiday

Tri Wicaksono (19/07/2016 22:16)
A re-branding (new) plaza in Bogor. Nice food court with Salak Mt. and Pangrango Mt. Also, north and east side of Bogor city view.

Angela Agusta (16/07/2016 11:24)
New renovated mall, looks good but still a lot empty outlets. Great view but not so good in the night. The glasses not that clear to see outdoor view. The toilet really worse. Smelly and dirty.

Ivan Affandi (25/06/2016 11:34)
Middle place for happy shooping in bogor.

dina armya (24/06/2016 02:56)
Ekalokasari Plaza saingannya Marina Mall.

Noval Alfiansyah (22/06/2016 16:03)
Favorit shoping

Riza Putranto (10/05/2016 15:37)
New renovated and rejuvenated mall in Bogor. Now they have Cinemaxx ! Nice !

Juan Carlos (21/01/2016 03:09)
The renovation that occurs still in progress, not so many tenants that are available. We hope it will be operating fully soon

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