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Fair Future Foundation

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Taman Kaja, Jl. Sri Wedari No.6, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80517, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 361 975370
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Komentar :

Sebastian Napora (24/05/2018 07:57)
Nice setting and service and the meals are prepared to please the eye. But they’re employing so many people that you need to be lucky to have your meal prepared by a professional. Otherwise it’ll be either too sweet or too salty.

Adam Fulford (23/04/2018 05:49)
Good food and excellent flavours and all for a great cause, every penny that the company earns goes towards paying medical costs for locals, a truly honourable business venture. The menu is extensive and there is definitely something that you will find on the menu that will suit your taste. Located upstairs, looks closed from the outside, but be persistent it is open. Owner came around and offered a taste of local alcohol at the end of our meal (very nice, both the owner and the local spirit)

Katja Kosec (19/04/2018 07:44)
Amazing food for cheap price. Don’t forget to taste rice with peanuts and oranges. Smoothies are amazing also! Try to get the table on the outside terrace overloking the city.

Robert Harrison (05/04/2018 07:14)
Excellent food, ate here two times, twice at the large shared table which was really good because you meet very interesting people and end up staying longer than planned. We couldn't get in for a meal on the 3rd occasion but came back for drinks later. Food is good, Bintang and Bali Hai beer at a good price.

Thanatat Sukanjanapong (25/03/2018 05:10)
Earthy, homey, and modest looking restaurant with scrumptious food and friendly staff!
We came back for a second round of red curry :)
Great food and good deed. Oh! Its also vegetarian friendly.

Tom Fin (24/02/2018 09:41)
Amazing food for a good cause!! We visited several times during our stay - everything is delicious! Recommend you book in early too

Ryan Rhodes (03/02/2018 09:58)
The entire experience was great and very laid back. We had the curry and a chicken dish and both were delicious. The mint ginger lemonade was fantastic. Views of the street below are great for people watching while you eat. And everything is for a great cause which feels great to support. It's a little hard to find as you have to walk up some stairs to get to it.

Max Kowa (17/11/2017 14:37)
Great Food, Service and Guests. We had an excellent tuna and chicken dish. Further, I can highly recommend the sugar and lime crepe, a must in this restaurant. By the way all profits here go to a good cause. Makes it even better!!!

Anett Rácz (18/10/2017 19:40)
Amazing place with amazing staff and nice music. I ate here 3 times during my stay in Ubud. Keep up the good work! :)

Artur Walaszkowski (18/10/2017 08:03)
Just a beautiful place! Great food, awesome staff, relaxed atmosphere and the idea behind it is just great. We we lucky to get a table without reservation, and after our dinner we made reservations for 2 further evenings because we loved it so much. We highly recommend this place and also recommend to book in advance :)

Nikolai Walter (08/10/2017 02:04)
The Curry was really good and the staff also very friendly. Price/Quality appropriate - 25k for a small bintang and 75k for the curry including tax. Also this place donates the profit for social projects - that's the best!

Donia Mohammed (21/09/2017 10:49)
We ordered tuna tartar, chicken with peanuts and chicken curry. The food was amazing. Prior reservation is required. For desserts we tried rasberry cheese cake and eclair and both tasted amazing. Highly recommended.

ZHENSHENG XIN (02/09/2017 10:26)
This is a charity restaurant and for food it is really delicious, much much over my expectations, I guess the owner is a founder of fair future foundation, really nice person and thank you for helping Asian people here in Bali.

Myrtha Joseph (31/08/2017 10:14)
A small friendly place. New social awareness thru excellent food. Red vegetarian curry. Spicy yet clean taste.

Jennifer But (12/08/2017 18:49)
The food was delicious. I had the Marlin & Mahi-mahi with garlic butter, veggies and rice & iced lemon tea. I enjoyed my meal, the seafood was tasty. The lemon tea could do some work, I ordered two of them. It was in a very small cup filled entirely with ice... so within a few sips it would be no more... I'll be visiting again to try other dishes and I'll definitely get a different drink.

Fabian H (08/08/2017 13:31)
Wow wow wow Red tuna spicy was outstanding. very delicious food for a good reason and reasonable prices. Be sure to make a reservation

Arne Moens (24/07/2017 13:18)
We had a great meal here. Food was fantastic and the price was the cheapest we had since our arrival. Nice atmosphere and cool people! You'll see us again :)

Joe Taylor (27/06/2017 03:49)
Loved this place for lunch. Food and service are excellent. Highly recommend the tuna tartare and tuna balsamico! Quite crowded so a reservation is recommended.

Paul Oates (19/06/2017 11:36)
Fantastic concept.
Red curry could have been a little more spicy, but the flavor more than made up for that.

Thank you for a great dinner.

Ricardo Pimentel (16/05/2017 08:35)
I am very sad to give this rating because the cause of the restaurant is good. They are part of a non profit organisation that provides health care for kids. Now as to the food, it was the worse so far in Bali. Both fish and chicken was extremely rubbery. It was uneatable. The drinks were good. The price is about twice the normal price as they need income for the foundation. I would have preferred to give 200k to charity and then go eat at a good restaurant. I cannot leave without thinking that the foundation works as a facade for the current rating and expensive meals.

Darragh Cox (06/05/2017 06:08)
Brilliant food! Would highly recommend anyone in Ubud try it at least once. I was blown away. It's also part of a good cause which is a plus.

Clint R (24/04/2017 12:39)
Children's charity meets the place to be... Owner is fun and knows work the crowd - along with his bootleggers arak (Indonesian rice booze).
Waits can be long and the crowd is lively.

Brian Neu (17/04/2017 12:50)
Lovely space. The food and drink were pretty good too.

dulcinea gotbeter (14/03/2017 14:39)
A really great spot. Big portions, food full of flavors, really nice staff, good prices, and also helping for a good cause. Just super busy so make sure you come early or have time to wait for a table. Absolutely recommend it!

Brianne Burnett (01/03/2017 14:37)
Are here twice in two days because it's so good and supports a good cause! So affordable and the chocolate dessert crepe is amazing. Make sure to make reservations and request to sit on the terrace/outdoor seating where it's cooler...inside is unpleasantly hot.

Fred Chittenden Jr. (08/02/2017 01:54)
Great concept and great food! All profits from the restaurant go towards the foundation. The good was fresh and amazing! We had the mahi-mahi and tomato basil and mozzarella salad. A lot of great seafood options here.

Punardeep Chopra (20/01/2017 12:52)
One of the best restaurants I've been to in Bali. The food is exceptional, the service is outstanding, the personal touch can be felt in each dish, and how they make you feel part of the family is amazing. On my to-not-be-missed list in Bali. Fantastic, totally recommended.

Asma Hamdi (29/12/2016 23:55)
Wonderful place!!! Very good food, very big positions and very unique atmosphere and yet profit goes for a good cause too which is helping Balinaise sick people!!! It is the best place I have been in Ubud so far! Trust me well deserved 5 start restaurant!!! Go check it out and you won't regret it!!! Thank you everyone for the great Christmas diner and I will visiting again for sure!!!

Mark Snaper (01/12/2016 14:37)
What a great place!! Just go and you won't be sorry. The not-for-profit idea, and the fact that each meal pays for 2 doctor visits for the people of Bali was amazing. No words can describe this magical restaurant, but numbers can! 10/10. Go and enjoy, you'll thank me later.

Mohit Vatsa (26/11/2016 05:44)
Amazing food and very very reasonable prices. Food was delicious and flavours were amazing. Must visit in Ubud. I wish we had found this place earlier. Avocado salad and papaya salad were great to start with. Had chicken noodle, tom yum soup and red tuna spicy. All were great.

joey pezaro (23/08/2016 07:01)
Insanely good food for even crazier prices. Taking in to account that eating here literally saves lifes makes it the best food experience I had in 5 weeks Indonesia. Go for the tuna garlic steak complimented with a lemon merenque pie!

Serge NEUMAN (14/07/2016 03:20)
Nice place, good food and great project.

Anthony Javier Torres (09/07/2016 14:02)
As a University of California, Irvine student studying in Bali for the Summer, I had the amazing opportunity to witness firsthand the amazing charity work of the Fair Future Foundation. I can't ever explain in words how amazing their work is. And to think a majority of it is funded by a restaurant with amazing staff and amazing food? Priceless. A definite must visit restaurant here in Ubud.

Lenno G (05/03/2016 01:39)
Lovely location, amazing food, good price, staff in a very good mood

Adam Asbury (28/04/2015 01:40)
Best tuna ever !

lim jinrong (04/01/2015 05:49)
what can beat having good food and doing charity at the same time :)

Florian Hutzler (12/11/2014 06:30)
Best food in Bali so far after almost 2 weeks. Amazing!

陳建勳 (10/11/2014 11:31)
Food is good with fair price. Highly recommend !
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