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ATOMY is a Korean online shopping Platform Mall similar to Amazon or Alibaba. Today's reality shows that more and more people around the world are turning to ONLINE shopping lifestyle. Especially during this pandemic period.According to the data, online transactions can reach billions of dollars every day. At Atomy, we are not consumers, but consumers equal to Store owners. We connect with consumers around the world as every Atomy member can invite members from any country where Atomy is open. Currently Atomy already exists in 20 countries.AMERICA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, MEXICO, COLOMBIA, UK, RUSSIA, TURKEY, JAPAN, HONG KONG, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA, INDIA, SIGAPORE, PHILIPPINES, INDONESIA, THAILAND, CAMBODIA.Our supermarket is open to consumers all over the world! Remembering that ATOMY products are daily necessities that we usually get from supermarkets every week/month. Health, Beauty, Hair and Body, Lifestyle, Food, Personal Care and more. "Premium Atomy products at affordable prices". All you have to do is buy what you need, which is a part of your spending, from ATOMY Shopping Center.After using Atomy products, we share the benefits of the product based on personal experience with family, relatives, friends, colleagues and others. If we and our team are ATOMY members and we shop at ATOMY Mall, we will receive Velue Points (PV) that will be transferred to Personal PV and Group PV. From this "accumulated PV we will then receive PASSIVE INCOME from ATOMY daily, monthly, promotions and bonuses."MEMBERSHIP FEES FREE -FREE ANNUAL FEES -NO MINIMUM SHOPPING -NO SHUT-OFF POINTS -NO LEVEL LIMITS -ONE ID PV accumulation for the ENTIRE REGION is lifetime.ATOMY GLOBAL SITE
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