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The Palace of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jalan Rotowijayan Blok No. 1, Panembahan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 622 74373721 en/ destination/ 458/ the-kraton

Komentar :

Fauzan P (21/05/2018 16:08)
This place is the most favourite place that i never came in jogja because the history shows his face even in the walls. You have to through all over the palace, there are lot of performing arts from palace in the several days. Hope you enjoy your tour

Henra Saragih (30/04/2018 11:19)
Must visited place when you are on holiday in Yogjakarta. The best time to visit is in the morning and on weekday.Please wear an appropriate outfit, t-shirts, short pants below your knee is still considerable.

Restu Mustaqim (28/04/2018 22:53)
Simply amazing place. calm and windy. good place to see Yogyakarta heritage. better to visit after opening hours before the many students group come to visit.

stephane le voyageur (18/04/2018 07:37)
I don't know if it because I travel the world and can see marvelous things or because I'm french and every cities or village have dozens of more interesting things but this place has nothing to see. I guess the real palace is more interesting but you can't visit it. Is possible to have access to 3 poors buildings in bad shape and no care of them. I'm so disappointed. Hopefully price is cheap.

Georges Younes (09/04/2018 05:44)
Visit as many of the buildings as possible. There are a few. If you just visit one of the locations, you are bound to be disappointed. The buildings are close to each other. There is no need for transportation unless you mind walking in a less than ideal environment. Manage your expectations and you will have a great time. Avoid comparisons to other palaces, especially those in other countries.

Vipin Chand Sharma (04/04/2018 00:17)
Nice place to roam around, also a some traditional performance which schedule to starts at 11pm. Better to either hire a guide or equip yourself with some home study to understand the story of displayed items.

Kurinta Septi DR (26/03/2018 05:07)
Good place to know about The Palace of Yogyakarta. The ticket was quite cheap both for local people and foreigner. We took a guide to tell us more about the place. He was so helpful. We were happy to visit this place.

Sudeshna Basak (09/03/2018 03:14)
It's not what one expects when it comes to the palace of the monarch but the disappointment melts into sheer joy when one witnesses the performance at the palace. These performances start at 11 am and simply cannot be missed!

Rizky Hermawan (07/03/2018 07:33)
have been in Yogyakarta for years. in it was my first time here, good place. lots of visitor, better go here not during holiday

Daffa Romero (04/02/2018 07:01)
It was great. The actual objects were pretty interesting to look at and take pictures of, and I'm not even a big cultural kinda guy, but the environment was lovely, the people were polite and just generally sweethearts, just wish it was a little bit cleaner. Would recommend. Oh, and tickets are cheap, under a dollar each.

Femmy Yesiana (14/11/2017 03:43)
Jogja selalu membuatku jatuh cinta. Kota ini ngangenin. Ngangenin suasananya, budayanya, makanannya, dll. Keraton adalah hal yg istimewa buatku. Ketika mengunjungi Keraton aku selalu seperti masuk ke keadaan dan suasana masa dulu. Beruntung buat kita yang ada di masa kini masih bisa menikmatinya. Seolah merasakan sejarah secara langsung. Untuk para orang tua yang punya anak "jaman now", please bawalah kesini untuk mengetahui dan merasakan sejarah.

Reneetha Shou (14/10/2017 00:05)
This place is just the front side of the palace. They separate the Sultan's residences. So you won't find much here, this place more like a museum. But it sure have a nice atmosphere here.

You can find the residence gate behind this building. Ask the officer there for the directions. Make sure you ask the officer because so many fake guide around.

Robby Soeyanto (07/10/2017 13:11)
Very nice atmosphere. I love the hospitality of the royal servants. You can visit this historical place in the morning, or better when there are events held in here.

Mhd Shulhan (28/08/2017 06:08)
If you go to this place, instead of just wandering around and taking photo, hire the tour guide. You will learn some history and can ask any question. Priceless.

Lily Devita Sari (27/08/2017 04:08)
I would rather call it a museum. During the tour, I found only memorabilia, old stuffs, pictures once belong to the Sultan and family.
Suppose to be unique and antique. But very little information provided regarding to the rooms/ halls there.
Moreover the Palace management should really consider a serious maintenance to everything that is in for exhibition.

Deepa Chaudhury (16/08/2017 10:49)
Just a part of the palace is open to the public. Tickets are reasonably priced. A guide takes every ticket buyer around and the payment is voluntary there are no fixed rates. As palaces go it's nothing spectacular. But since it connects one to the history of Yogyakarta it becomes a must visit.

AG (09/08/2017 15:15)
This is one of the most well known historical palace in Indonesia and also one of the main tourist destination of Jogjakarta. The place is huge and you can get a tour guide to tell much about the history and the detail of the palace. Here, you can feel the ambience of Jogjakarta, and you can watch several shows here related to the Javanese culture.

bagus painting (03/08/2017 14:17)
Amazing Yogyakarta Palace... Interesting to visit, the real Javanese culture is absolutely strong can feel here, the artistic and unique interior of the buildings, Palace's cultural attractions are best moment to take a look... Let's shot best pics here... Never regret.. 😊☺😉😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯🆗🆗🆗🆗🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kim Corfman (26/06/2017 20:42)
Interesting. Get a guide. If we had walked around on our own, we would have been in and out quickly. The guide provided context and brought a lot of what we saw to life.

Frankly Christober Pamian (24/06/2017 01:23)
One of many place to visit when you in yogyakarta. You can learn javanesse culture here, watch javanesse traditional dance, enjoy the building architecture, and many more.

Beth Copeland (19/06/2017 08:02)
Interesting area. The tour guide was a bit hard to understand but pleasant. I didn't know much about the sultans and their history so it was interesting to see the buildings. If you want to take photos, it's an extra 1000 Rp.

Christoph Huber (14/05/2017 16:45)
Don't waste you money and time. They have a few old pics hanging on the wall and traditional cloth on mannequins. Had to pay extra for photo permit, but there was really nothing interesting to take a photo of as you can see from the attached pic.

Delima Rokhayati (04/05/2017 21:40)
I visited this place several times since i was still a kid until now, to accompany my friends. I wish they do something with the display. Some update will be nice. Some short english translation in the item's description will definitely nice. Tour guide still be able to do their work to explain more depth.

Steffy Marcella Fransisca (22/04/2017 10:31)
Historical place
There is a batik museum, painting galery, traditional music like gamelan, gong, photo of the Kings, etc.
The "abdi dalem" are so friendly, they will explain patiently about the history

Ardian Perdana Putra (09/04/2017 04:14)
Yesterday I found an interesting fact that I am still have inheritance from the royal family of Keraton Yogyakarta Hadiningrat. I hope someday I'll have a chance to visit this palace.

Rudthapol Sirichoompun (04/04/2017 11:58)
A nice historical place to visit. Still a place where Sultan lived but in private area. Worth a visit if you interested in Javanese and Yogyakarta history. There're also traditional performance in the main court.

Suyono Kurniawan (25/03/2017 03:29)
Palace of Yogyakarta. Usually crowded. Very nice place to visit when in Yogya. A must visit. They provide a guided tour. Very reasonable entrance fee.

ahsin shiddieqiy (14/03/2017 22:40)
The palace of Sultan Yogyakarta, still functional until now, you can go here with affordable prices, and there's a guide tour too

Viktoriia Vlasenko (22/02/2017 19:49)
A must see in Jogyakarta - but I am used to European and Turkish palaces, and this one is nothing like that)) and if you are a white tourist - be prepared to be asked to make a pic with you 😂😂😂 and not only here, but all over Java

Kosmas Mahendra (12/02/2017 17:10)
The palace. Here you can learn much about the history of Ngayogjokarto Hadiningrat (a kingdom that represent the city itself).

Dwi Diksa (08/01/2017 03:56)
I enjoyed much when exploring this place, but sadly I came one hour before it's closed.

Selondjor Vibes (29/12/2016 06:28)
Visited in sunday morning you can show the traditional dance performance. The palace of yogyakarta still alive nowaday, we can look up the Sultan and the palace activities here. so not only just a heritage building but living heritage building. You can directly having conversation with abdi dalem, you will find a happyness and wise value from java people.

If we inside the palace, yes we saw the high value about the culture. But you just need walk a minute outside than got the paradox. What I mean Yogyakarta as a city grow fast and forgot the real value that their had, for examples too many hotels than the tree, too many giant mall than promoting traditional market.

Lets have the culture adventure with a different view #visitJogja

Fajar Ali (05/09/2016 02:20)
Came here at 10 am with my friend, it's a bit hot weather indeed. You'll find unique statues in it. Heard gamelan music in the entrance, and attracted me. It has different atmosphere when you hear it, it's a gentle rhythm. And I just start to think that this whole place is sacred.

andi pananrang (24/08/2016 01:50)
Such an amazing place, full of cultures and antique things of Jogja. You can learn about history and culture about Jogja. Dont miss this

Rendra Budi Hutama (21/08/2016 15:49)
The entrance for tourist visitor is on behind the main building. The entrance fee was very cheap, and for you who bring camera, you just need to pay additional cost 1k only. There are also nice guide available who ready to explain you about all parts of this Palace.

Palace Military and Batik museum are so interesting. Palace maids(abdi dalem) also very friendly, don't be shy to talk with them. It will be fun.

Overall, it must visit place for someone who ever goes to Jogja.

Test Test (02/08/2016 04:27)
An important historical place. Mataram has a rich history. Too bad the guide was very bad. A guided tour seems to be included with the entrance, or at least the guide does not give us a choice. If after the palace tour he wants to take you to the so-called Batik school, know that it is a shop that tries to play on your sympathy to buy batik art. It can be annoying.

loulou herman (21/07/2016 10:11)
Make sure you're actually at the right entrance when going to the sultan's palace. You can also enter another part but there you can only see a courtyard which isn't impressive at all. The palace is pretty nice, especially the 'small museum' about batik interested me. If you go out the palace, people will probably ask you if you want to see a puppet maker: do it! It's very interesting, you don't have to pay entrance or anything.

Eriksson Lie (17/06/2016 07:11)
History pieces of Yogyakarta, a must visit for those who like to know more about Indonesia's History, especially Yogyakarta. Nicely preserve Museum, doesnt look boring.

Yohanes Rio (30/05/2016 20:54)
It's the sultan's palace, good ethnic atmosphere of javanese. The symbol of harmony in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta). If we want to learn the history of early Yogyakarta Hadiningrat kingdom, this is the place you must visit.

Valeriy Shatilov (12/04/2016 08:55)
If you like to see some historical places, this one is a must see. Fun and twisted architecture, pool. Atmospheric place, had fun exploring it

Satya Manggala Pragolapati (02/04/2016 15:43)
An interesting and must visit place around the center of Yogyakarta. You'll gain a lot of knowledges about Javanese traditional culture. There are many guides stand outside and inside of this palace, but the ones work inside or known as abdi dalem are much cheaper to use. The guiding fee is around Rp 50.000,00, but you may pay less if you use the abdi dalem's guide.

Basilius Prabawa Brodjonegoro (20/02/2016 16:05)
If you like culture you'll appreciate the place, but otherwise move along. It's a palace but we can only get into the courtyard. There are small museums inside too.
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