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Sambisari Temple

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jalan Candi Sambisari, Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sambisari, Purwomartani, Kalasan, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50

Komentar :

Winda Oetomo (04/05/2018 06:53)
Very nice place to visit in the afternoon or early morning. Good place for taking pictures too.

Budi Noryanto (01/05/2018 04:03)
Candi yg bagus, sangat bersejarah peninggalan leluhur bangsa Indonesia, candi hindu banyak relief dewa siwa, ada bentuk lingga dan yoni. Dilihat dari lokasinya beberapa meter dibawah permukaan tanah, candi ini pernah terkubur di bawah tanah sampai ditemukan seorang petani dan dipugar oleh pemerintah. Sangat direkomendasikan bila berkunjung ke jogja

pras santoso (11/04/2018 13:35)
The temple is in a good shape and very beautifull. The temple is Hindu's. Found for not so long. Go in the early morning when the climate is not to hot. In the morning you can eat breakfast near the temple called soto bathok. It's good and very cheap beff soup javanese style. Great for fill your stomach.

ari kusumawati (01/04/2018 08:54)
This temple has a beautiful view in the morning...c'est magnifique!😘😄

Sumiyati Suseno (23/03/2018 16:17)
Hidden temple, in Sambisari, Kalasan. Most people eager to know the existance. Simple but nice to visit.

Primastuti Satrianto (07/03/2018 03:40)
Candi Sambisari is a good place for studying. It's spacious, leafy, green and ticket only 5.000 IDR. Parking is facilited unwell. Sambisari Temple is located near Soto Bathok.

Abee Sukarna (19/02/2018 08:13)
Been here once. When I came here I only pay for IDR 2K to enter the temple. Morning is the perfect time to come to the temple. It's perfect combination between the Morning Sun and Temple. Magical.

Toto Prayogo (18/02/2018 00:39)
Sambisari temple is a buried temple. Immersed because of the sand from the mountains of Merapi in the past.
The temple is crowded by people around every morning. There are gymnastics, joggers, morning breaks, or just a walk.
I went here never paid the entrance fee, because it came early in the morning.

Noviadi Suryo (24/10/2017 04:00)
One of remaining temple from ancient mataram kingdom. Came here about 5 pm and there were no charge at all. nice spot, not to crowded and clean. The temple small though and there were no guides when i look for one to tell the history of the temple.

suzie is enough (16/10/2017 05:34)
As we went there yesterday, this place has been covered by green grass and made it looked awesome.. Unfortunately i brought my lil daughter, 2 y 8m,and it was a bit difficult to reach the temple, as there were no hand grab on the stairs.. Having acrophobia?? You should avoid those stairs as i did..

azam saifullah (08/10/2017 02:55)
Kind of okay... The temple is not that big, but a okay lookin, has walking paths, but if you're using wheelchair may be difficult to go to the temple...
The entrance ticket also cheap, arround Rp 5000 for locals and Rp 10000 for international tourist... You may not pay the ticket if you're going there in early morning.

Rishon Astungkara (06/10/2017 15:55)
Beautiful temple. Sambisari is a unique temple, because it seems like an underground temple. It's well preserved and clean, but sometimes are very crowded, especially in the evening.
As a Shivaite temple, you can found lingga & yoni inside, and also the relief of Ganesha, Durga Mahisasuramardini, and Agastya. The main temple has some stone bases once used to support for wooden pillar. The temple complex are surrounded by stone walls.

Helmi Nurfuadi (14/08/2017 02:24)
I see it more as a park than a historical site. Since it's closer to the city than any other Candi as well. There's a small museum located near the ticket box.

Anton Laksmana (26/07/2017 16:19)
Hindu temple was built in the 8th century, its one of the evidence that Nusantara, previous name before Indonesia, had already have irrigation system.
Its recommended to visit those who atudy asian history.

nur yuliani (29/06/2017 04:16)
Underground Shiva's temple. So happy it's discovered in 1966
Giant Shiva's lingga on the main temple soround by 8 smaller linggam on every corners. There are 8 of them. Obviously build to praise Lord Shiva

jian hao (28/06/2017 06:42)
Beautiful small temple.. but the street is too narrow for two car

Steve DMG G (15/06/2017 13:42)
Nice little temple, really popular among students and young lovers. Cheap and nice

Ayu Purnama Sari (03/04/2017 23:40)
Love to be here. The environment is clean enough

Piniel Hasibuan (16/03/2017 05:34)
A hindu temple which has good views but lack of parking space or visitor information signs

Vladislav Pokorný (11/01/2017 04:23)
Beautiful small temple. We were the only people there so it was very quiet and peaceful. Found only recently (1966) during construction work, it is restored to beauty. Definitely worth of visiting.

Eko Radityo (22/12/2016 11:30)
Beautiful temple below the ground,beautiful view especially in sunny day,closed to city surrounded by villagers

Ajeng Kusumadewi (30/09/2016 01:43)
I can breathe the fresh air here. The environment is so clean and comfortable..

yudhistira brilianatama (20/09/2016 14:20)
Sambisari is a unique candi. because its bellow the land around

Aruna Bali (12/08/2016 03:28)
Candi Sambisari, located within 12 km east of Yogyakarta (40 minutes) or 4 km before the temple of Prambanan (10 minutes). This temple is very unique because of its location is approximately 6.5 meters below ground level. This temple complex consists of the main temple and 3 accompanying temple surrounded by a stone wall. Green grass that grows regularly in the courtyard of the temple like a beautiful green carpet. For entry into this Hindu temple area, you do not need to pay an expensive tickets. Around the temple there is a building as a place of photos and documentation about the temple

Richard K (06/09/2016 06:04)
One of the best temple with lovely low garden

mario kampes (20/08/2016 03:50)
teduh kalo pagi...

Cornelius Hanin (13/07/2016 14:23)
Another beautiful Hindu temple in Jogja area. You must visit

tabuty Coffee (29/05/2016 14:33)
keren abis

Nurhayati Ana Saputri (17/05/2016 12:16)
Exciting historical place in Jogja

Hannif Andy Al Anshori (14/04/2016 04:56)
Candi dengan taman yang menarik. Di dekat Candi Sambisari, wajib mencicipi kuliner Soto Bathok

Evita Primiari (04/12/2015 04:36)
Nice little temple, quite well preserved. Not much information available about what you are looking at.

Bayu Hernanto (19/10/2015 15:19)
Candi ini bagus dan lumayan terawat, ditemukan oleh seorang petani ketika menggarap sawahnya (ketika mencangkul atau membajak) dan mengenai pucuk candi ini. Setelah digali, didapatlah candi indah ini. Konon kabarnya tertutup tanah ketika erupsi merapi.

Kalo hari minggu atau hari libur lumayan rame.
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