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Plaza Ambarrukmo

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 80, Caturtunggal, Depok, Kecamatan Depok, Ambarukmo, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 274 4331000
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Prisilla Alvini Sulivan (22/05/2018 17:25)
Plg senang ke mall amplaz ini.. suasananya mnt saya plg cozy,wlopun salah satu mall lama di jogja.. tp lokasi perbelanjaannya plg nyaman dilihat..makanan dan tokonya jg ckp lengkap...

Teguh Iman Maulana (09/05/2018 23:36)
One of the best shopping mall in Jogjakarta. You can find nearly everything. Good for having dinner. Usually crowded during the weekends.

sunil dahal (29/04/2018 01:59)
Nice place for shopping. It has all types of stores specially Carrefour has the a lot of groceries items and others home necessities goods as well. Many fashion shops as well as book shop. Furniture as well can buy. Large parking place until the top of the building. And there is a beautiful masjis on the top of the building. Lovely place.

Georges Younes (09/04/2018 06:47)
As far as shopping malls go, this is a good one. There is a large number of shops that offer local and international goods, many at reasonable prices. There is a large collection of restaurants and food counters offering local and international fare, some at extremely reasonable prices. The mall is hugely popular with locals, especially on weekends. If you don't want to shop and haggle on the streets of Yogyakarta, this mall may be the answer.

Rosa Tanlain (19/03/2018 08:24)
I'm a big fan of this mall. Compare to the other malls in Yogyakarta., this mall offers you a offers a well-rounded collection of shops that mostly cater to the modern lifestyle with many national and international luxury brands. With its great selection of restaurants, it is a favourite go-to place for lunch

Karola Sylar (15/03/2018 01:04)
I think this is the best mall in Jogja. The parking lot is enough, there are lots of clean restrooms and chairs to take a rest. The tenants are also good. Not too big but not too small.

Nathanael Santoso (14/03/2018 08:32)
Very clean Mall. Looks big n luxury. Lots of good eating place and hangout place. There is a cinema and supermarket. Layout wise is very easy to navigate. Not many parking spot on weekend but there are other parking spots outside the mall

VRH (12/03/2018 11:01)
One of the best malls in Jogja. It is huge with broad alleys to walk on between stores. They provide benches also near each escalator for you to sit down after shopping. The shops are really various from retail fashion, electronics, accessories, cinema, even they have supermarket on the lowest ground. On the top floor are dedicated solely for the restaurants and cafes. It is usually crowded even on weekdays. The developer also own the hotel next to it, it is a good option for you if you visit the city.
Unfortunately, the road to the mall is just a regular road, not broad and the mall usually creates the traffic jam effect on the surrounding area. Bringing car here is fine but you need to be patient since the road can be packed by vehicles. It is quite difficult also to find a parking spot. You'll end up on the roof parking lot if they run out of empty space. Yet the variety of stores provide a good destination for you and your family.

alex ander (05/03/2018 14:14)
Great place for shopping. You can find almost anything here, fashion, foods, books and daily needs. There are branded boutique, food court, supermarket, and cinema. Easy to reach from airport area. Plenty parking spots are available. Usually crowded, even during weekdays.

Nessa Sarun (09/11/2017 10:49)
A lot of new retailers that are eye catching, very much contributed for people to go there such as pull & bear (the latest), cotton on, hardware, some good haircut place also place to shop for home like ace & informa. Good for young kids too. I love food shops they offer now. A moving forward mall despite being one of the mall pioneers

rizki bhaskara (18/10/2017 19:44)
One of the most complete shopping mall in Yogyakarta, quite small but compact. The parking building is supporting the main function very well. Outdoor plaza is very well designed, you can just sit and chit chat there.

Yuna Yunarsih (26/09/2017 11:48)
Amazing place for spending time. If you are going to watch film, there is a cinema there and after that you can eat in the restaurants also maybe shopping in the mall of Ambarrukmo Plaza. Perhaps, if you need accommodation there is hotel whose is called Royal Ambarrukmo. Nice choice to go there

Lanoke Intan Paradita (24/09/2017 07:07)
Typical mall. Various shops, huge place that you may even need a map inside. And common problem: dirty toilets. The best thing from this place is the mosque (rooftop). It's the best praying facilities from all malls in Yogyakarta. It's a mosque, not only a prayer room. Well-kept cleanliness and they even provide rukuh (a special cloth for female Muslim to pray).

Regina (14/09/2017 12:00)
it's a really cool place. you wanna hang out? go there. wanna grocery shop? everything cheap is there. wanna go into shopaholic mode? it accomodates your needs too.

budhi surya ramadhana (30/08/2017 07:01)
Never been quiet and always held monthly event. But sometimes the tenants moved to other place/floor. Keep up the good work!

Ivan Affandi (29/08/2017 23:45)
Probably the biggest and the most famous shoping mall in the city of Jogjakarta. Located in Jl. Solo and is easily accessible. You will most likely spend quite a long time to find place for a car park. Many restos, fastfood and cafes, fashion and electronic stores. Hotels and tourism places are located not far from the mall and they also like to visit it during holiday seasons. Nothing extraordinary but people knows how to get there, so it is one of the best and easy meeting place with old friends.

bagus painting (07/08/2017 03:01)
The biggest mall in Yogyakarta, Elegant and so convenient to visit, Foods and Beverages in incredibly restaurants, Fancy Clothes, Cinema, Electronic shop, Bookstores, all is spoiling you and satisfied.. Absolutely adorable to visit.. 😊☺😉

Satria Sadasiwa (05/08/2017 09:37)
Usually just to drink some coffee here. The mall is big, nice ambience, not to crowded right now, although (for me) the basement (parking space) is little bit spooky, i am not sure why. But, overall still it is a nice mall in this city.

Anom Gilang Pamungkas (03/08/2017 09:28)
Classic contemporary hotel. However some of it's rooms are pretty creepy. I wouldnt say haunted but some weird stuff is definitely going on. Just remember to ask the receptionists about haunted rooms. And ask to stay the bananas out of it. Service and food is 10/10. But the ghosts is kinda naught and ruining the whole experience.

Katy Parsons (29/06/2017 06:42)
A pleasant mall experience. Upscale by Jogja standards. Is somewhat redundant nowadays compared to several years ago with both Carrefour and Cinema21 both having opened in additional locations.

rubby emir (24/06/2017 03:16)
One of the oldest shopping mall in town, known for its upmarket stocks. Not too big and that's the reason I like it much as I can just simply shop and go.

wisnu e (23/06/2017 21:30)
All in one. Shop eat movie ada masjidnya. Overall nyaman

Alphytodia Pratama (19/06/2017 17:16)
Good place. The new tenants make more good experiences. Many events were held here

Wahyu Riyanjono (28/05/2017 21:08)
Best mall in yogyakarta. Not the largest mall but the most luxurious mall in jogja.
Cons: the parking area is not good.

Rakyan Rachman Bimoseno (10/04/2017 02:11)
A mall that you have to visit when you go to Jogja. It have many food courts and fashion stores. Good place to shop when you are looking for daily goods

Alina Putri (29/03/2017 13:45)
You can find anything you want here. The price is affordable. It has a lot of good place for dining with your loved one.

DH257 (21/03/2017 05:07)
It is an upscale mall that is clean and busy. The surrounding area is typical for Indonesia, slightly dirty and very definitely third world. Locating retailers in the mall, for a foreigner is not simple although the staff try to help. No real bargains and just another upscale mall in a smallish regional city.

dea chinantya (17/03/2017 01:24)
They have a lot of option for clothes shop and restaurant with affordable prices. You can find all you need here. Infront of the mall,there is a bus shelter that you can ride to stroll around the city of Jogjakarta.

Hanin Banurukmi (18/02/2017 17:41)
A good place to spend your free time. There are many famous brands outlet here. The mall is spacious but it will not confuse you. Happy shopping!

Piniel Hasibuan (13/02/2017 12:43)
One of my favourite shopping malls where you can find almost any of your needs. This place has many food stores, fashion stores, movie theatre, book store, drug stores, music store, etc. I love to hangout with friends here due to its perfect location that is in the city centre

Martha Octavia (09/02/2017 11:44)
The best old shopping mall in Jogja. From few years ago until now still crowded! Awesome!

Kana kana (27/01/2017 07:02)
It is a good mall. It's kinda crowded when holiday season. But it's good

Justin Donnelly (07/01/2017 14:20)
Great mall in a good location with plenty of options. Good range of daily shopping through to more upmarket stores good food court options also. Good a/c to beat the heat also.

wing wahyu winarno (12/09/2016 09:49)
One of the favourite mall in Yogyakarta. There are some kiosks selling food, celullar service, toys, accessories, etc. Frequently, this mall also holds business expo with various theme, e.g. automotive, ethnics clothes, books, electronics, etc. Even though it is difficult to find a parking slot during holidays, but still, this mall is a recommended place to spend the day together with the whole family.

rizki susetiadi (31/08/2016 23:38)
Before jogja has this plaza, you can say that jogja has no great modern shopping mall. Its also has first cinema at jogja after long time period there no cinema in town

Theodorus Olwyn (21/08/2016 06:53)
Mallnya biasa sjaa

Rizkan Halal (14/08/2016 04:01)
It's a mall-standard-plaza. It's big building with 5 floors. You'll find many things here. It's almost complete. For instant food, it has J.Co, Dunkin Donuts, KFC and many more. You'll find Gramedia too, if you love reading. Guaranteed.

Runo More (06/08/2016 14:33)
Carrefour on 2 floors with coffee grinder for Excelso beans, but no beer; cinema, wifi and donuts. Not so good place for teens, which is also good.

해패패 (17/06/2016 04:24)
enak bwt halan"

Nico Wiranito (06/06/2016 15:27)
This is the first mall i visited in Jogja. The atmosphere is good. Many brands have an outlet store here. Family friendly mall. The mall design is good, even new malls such as Hartono Mall and Jogja City Mall now open.

Sindy Claudia Sugiman (07/05/2016 01:31)
Departement store, food cort, hyprmarket (carrefour)

leond rafale (01/05/2016 02:46)
Still recomended mall in jogja,always crowded in weekend or holidays,coming soon new tetant Burger King

Lisana Husna (12/04/2016 15:16)
My favorite shopping mall in Yogyakarta.

I don't know why but it has a pleasant atmosphere that I didn't feel in any other malls, like it fits perfectly with Yogyakarta City Slogan : "Yogyakarta Berhati Nyaman" or "Yogyakarta, Comfortable at Heart".

Altough it is technically located at Sleman District :D
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