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Lempuyangan Station

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Bausasran, Danurejan, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30

Komentar :

Moh. Khatibul Umam (07/06/2018 19:43)
One of train station in Yogyakarta. Economy class is mostly leaving for from here and I'm more often leaving for from here than from other station. It has good facilities there such as coffee shop, CFC, charging stations, mushala and men's room. You also could get local food here. The station is currently still under development to be better. I like that place! 👍

huhu hani (23/05/2018 14:29)
The facilities getting better but getting crowded! A lot of people come to buy tickets or waiting their train. They should to fix the line for ticketing, because if the line too long, it could be disturb another person who wants to go to entrance gate. Some of staffs are kind and helpful, but the others not. Its hard to buy drinking or anything in station because they do not provide one. There is one mechine to buy ticket online and you can just prepare the money and your booking tickets come. But it cost more because there is admin fee.

Fadjar Daniel (13/05/2018 00:15)
The station pretty clean, the toilet clean.. And there many foodshop and atm inside and outside station. But this station just for economy train.. Executive train didn't stop here..

Syifa Ul Husna (21/04/2018 10:38)
Sometimes I think that the waiting seat is limited. I have to stand long enough to wait for the train. Facilities such as toilet, mosque clean and quite adequate. A lot of places to eat and a coffee shop / café. For people with disabilities is quite facilitated. The parking lot is quite spacious. If such full on the other side of the station there are many parking lots which are cheaper.
Oya You can buy tickets on the spot.

Aditya Novianto (21/04/2018 03:21)
Clean and nice service. The ambience just quite romantic and epic since the architecture is so classic

Koko Pratama Pudja (13/04/2018 06:19)
A big railway station hub that have multiple destination and track. Super crowded and sometimes can be chaos on the exit gate.
Cleanliness is good. There are some cafe and restaurant available.
There are many overnight parking facilities available in the area. You can use it if you ride motorbike and want to securely park for few days.

Khisi Kinanti (09/04/2018 09:19)
It's a very busy train station in Yogyakarta city. My first time here actually, and got to spend 5 hours around as my train got delayed because of an accident. Its not particularly spacious barely enough to accommodate people, but then again its because all trains got delayed. There's praying room, separated for inside and outside visitor. The restroom really need to be cleaned more often and need repair here and there as well

Randy (22/03/2018 09:18)
Lempuyangan Station is a large class train station located in Yogyakarta City, is about 1 km east of the main station of this city, Yogyakarta Tugu Railway Station. The station located at an elevation of +114 meters is included in the Operational Area VI Yogyakarta. This station has eleven lanes with Tracks 3 and 4 as straight tracks.

The station, which was established on March 2, 1872, serves the dismantling of the local economy and railway / commuter train that runs through Yogyakarta. This station along with the longitudinal rail from west to east is in Kecamatan Danurejan. Lempuyangan Station has now also been equipped with a signpost to go to certain space / number of lanes / facilities, route directions along with distance, and monitor screen information of departure and the arrival of trains in realtime which looks like at the airport.

Ricky Santana (16/03/2018 00:16)
It is the second biggest train station in Jogja. The station has improved well although the waiting room is not sufficient enough. It is relatively clean and there are some tenants that sell food and drink with reasonable price. If i am not mistaken, vip trains do not stop here, only in Tugu station (the main train station in Jogja).

Hadiwijaya Sasanadi (07/01/2018 16:13)
One of three train station in Yogyakarta. Lempuyangan Station is smaller compared to Yogyakarta Tugu Central Station. Mostly for economy trains bounds to Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other destination. Some ATMs are also available in the area. You can also park your motorcycles in front of the station, inside houses that has been converted to indoor parking for motorcycles. Lots of food stalls to satisfy your hunger, either inside the station or in front of the station. Recommended!

Abiel Christian (07/12/2017 13:12)
Crowded? Of course. This one is an economic only station after all. Clean enough for a crowded place.

triyanto prabowo (03/12/2017 13:48)
Main train station for economy class long trip train in Yogyakarta. The place is well maintained, has spacious parking lot for car and motorcycle, has food stalls, minimarket, ATM, and prayer room. The toilet also clean and proper, lately the management made some improvement.

juuda rochmana (29/11/2017 15:02)
Oh I love Yogyakarta, brings back memories.
If u want ti stay near Lempuyangan station. Just walk for about 4 minutes to west, then turn left. There is hotel named Sky Hotel Jogja. It was a nice place.

Okkie Senna (12/11/2017 13:51)
The station is clean, there's place for printing ticket, the service is good. Unfortunately this station is always crowded, and also many vehicles and public transpotations comes for delivering or pick up passengers. The parking area is limited. FYI this station serves economy/business class train only.

Ardita Indah Wulandari (11/10/2017 14:28)
A station in Yogyakarta. All economy class will stop here. Clean toilet. And also have a lot chair to sit (if you want to wait the train).

Riza Fauzi (28/09/2017 14:10)
Service, building, cleanliness, safety getting better than was. The staffs helpful and friendly, often drop guests whose had excursion to Bromo mount at this train station.

Awang Pradipa (18/09/2017 01:52)
Economic train station. Comfort place to wait for the train. Parking area need to be improved

Andi Yuni Wiranto (12/09/2017 12:34)
This train stations always busy days to days but always improve their services. Parking area and waiting area wider than before and also clean.
And their service more professional and fast response.

sesar rahmat hidayat (27/07/2017 13:15)
This station is crowded by economic class. Suitable for travelling with low cost.

Bella Zadithya (23/07/2017 07:23)
They add waiting seat outside the station. They also have decent information TV. Small but clean, it has convenient store, CFC, and other food/snacks option. Try the ROTI MARYAM Salman. It's delicious!

Yulian Purnama (07/07/2017 10:09)
Always improving from year to year. I feel so much comfy now. They have ticket printer, more seat, convenience store, and more clean.

But they have to work on the parking lot, it's to tight. And also the street in front of the station, too crowded

shinta amalia (21/05/2017 01:25)
It's a nice station. It's easy to reached since it's only 10 minutes driving from the town center. Small but located strategic place. It has complete facilities, clean toilet, Self-ticketing machine, atm, charging corners, canteen with local delicacies, fast food, minimarket, cafe small souvenir shops, motorbike parking. Many helpful porters and also motorbike rentals and drivers.

Vina Sectiana (14/05/2017 02:15)
Train station dedicated for economy train. Very basic and simple but easy to navigate inside (since its not big). however the road in front of the station is quite crowded and busy.
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