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Hamzah Batik Malioboro

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jalan Margo Mulyo No.9, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 274 588524
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

Rumenta Sihombing (06/06/2018 14:22)
Tempat pilihan batik yg menarik karna ruangan terasa sejuk. Pilihan batik sangat banyak dari sisi kualitas batik yg sedang sampai bagus dan dari harga sedang sampai mahal. Jadi pengunjung punya lebih banyak pilihan sesuai kondisinya. Hanya saat hari libur, terlalu banyak pengunjung sehingga kenyamanan berbelanja cukup terganggu.

Nora Rolynda (10/05/2018 05:50)
Went to the cabaret show, amazing! Performance ate great, performers are extremely entertaining, and very pretty. Astonishing. Love it, sooo much! Foods were okay, nothing special, servings are a bit slow, but with a performance that good, who cares if the waiter is a bit slow. We came to enjoy the show anyway.

Bagus Harimawan (05/05/2018 16:13)
A beautiful store, everything about Yogya with a nice touch of Yogya culture and ambience! You will be pampered with the traditional live music welcoming guests.... so relaxing! This is the place to find and shop for various and ranges of local and ethnic handicraft, shirts, painting, etc. The quality of the goods are above average and you can even shipping your purchased items (especially for the big or heavy one) to any location in Indonesia. Bravo Hamzah Batik!

Dhania Puspa (05/05/2018 07:06)
the scent, the atmosphere... oh.. they reflects Yogyakarta as well. it really is, a good place to find various yet traditional souvenirs of Yogyakarta. the price may vary based on the products' quality, so you need to pay more attention before picking any of them. 3 hours was not enough to explore this place, I need my 2nd visit! see you again there!!

Hainur Diana Insani (23/04/2018 14:10)
For the clothes/fabrics sold in the first floor I think they are a bit pricey. But everything displayed on the second floor is wow! I need more than a day to explore it and actually I want to buy them all for my house 😆 because the things in the second floor are unique yet classic. The food and beverages in Raminten Cafe (3rd floor) is also nice, especially the infused water, match with the hot temperature of Yogyakarta

Woeragil Nur Isnaeny (19/04/2018 23:54)
It is a good place for shopping in the city center.. There are many souvenirs, handicrafts, unique things and so many batiks .. Very quitely served with a traditional music. You can also practice how to make batik here..

Creseilla (08/04/2018 13:47)
I always come to this place to buy dupa and essential oil. This place is amazing. It is a really great place to find souvenirs. They sells many kind of unique things that are strongly related to Javanese culture. This place is like an art gallery for me. They have many kind of teas, coffee, and many other traditional drink. It is a recommended place to be visited by tourists. It deserves five stars from me.

Nisya Adhitia (02/04/2018 12:51)
There's 3 floors and each floor had different sections. First floor for clothes dominated made from Batik. Second floor for souvenirs and third floor for special ocasions.

The prices are various but affordable.

There's even live traditional music played there.

Rianthie Hanazk (23/03/2018 00:54)
You can find many kind of good quality batik and souvenir here with any variety prices. You can not bargain, it has fix price, but affordable. Many ancient Javanese cool stuffs in this shop. You can even see the girl is doing painting batik. In the upper floor, they sometimes do Cabaret show.

Davied Lopulalan (21/03/2018 12:13)
What a great place for finding some unique items of traditional Yogyakarta.
Very affordable price, good quality and so much options of many things.

Parking space are a bit difficult to find. Beware of picpockets and avoid peak season for the best experience due to crowded situation inside the store.

Daniel M 13 (27/12/2017 09:25)
This place so perfect have all you need to buy gift to your friends i very like this place, Why?. Because you can find nice all stuff or item from madehand its good and in here have have VOC COIN i like this if i go to

Jogjakarta city i will go to hamza.

Pia A (25/12/2017 10:25)
Palugada. Lu mau apa gw ada 😁
It is like a higher level of Bringharjo market, with selected quality items and aircon space. The crowd on holidays is a bit too packed, but the cashless transaction is what we often look for in shopping.

Fadie Hamzah (10/12/2017 08:59)
You can get traditional clothes motif here.. yaa we call batik. Clothes with traditional motif. You can choice from cheap to high price for your batik here's.

Johan (03/12/2017 00:55)
This place is swarming. Complete choice for batik cloth, accessories, and Yogyakarta uniqueness. You can find local figurine, silver craft, traditional tableware, painting, batik bags, t-shirt, traditional snack, etc. You can smelled frankinsence aroma in the store, listen javanese folksong, and see the process to painting batik.

Fakhrul Hasan (06/11/2017 18:30)
beautifully decorated store. the quality of the products are top class. it is a two storeyed shop. you can buy traditional top quality batik products from here. there are also a lot of ornaments and souvenirs available here.

Yani KD (15/10/2017 05:09)
Ramai dan umpel-umpelan as always. But i got pretty dress with good (cheap) price, which is good.

sherly christiana (23/09/2017 08:42)
Love the place but the offering smell are too strong make me dizzy. But this is the coolest place in malioboro if you want to go one stop shopping

revta fariszy (02/09/2017 01:46)
You should buy your souvenir here instead of bargaining on seller/kiosk at malioboro street, you can find anything they sell here, also you can find some pretty good handmade stuff, best price!

Melati Laras (22/08/2017 20:27)
The most entertaining cabaret shows in Jogja, only on Friday Night and Saturday Night (if i'm not mistaken) on 7 pm, and they sell so many souvenirs such as batik, and so on. You better visit this place, recommended. 😉

Farizi Fatwa (20/08/2017 14:36)
Famously known as Mirota Batik. Hamzah Batik provides wide range of handcrafted goods, such as batik clothing, wood carving, miniature, and other Javanese-themed goods. They also sell traditional drink, cigarettes and other consumable goods. Quite popular spot for domestic and foreign tourist and make sure you won't miss Hamzah Batik during your visit in Yogyakarta.

Prisma Gita (03/08/2017 16:42)
Go visit Raminten Cabaret every Friday and Saturday night, 7 PM sharp @ 3rd floor of this building. Drag queens and lipsync artists perform super hilarious and entertaining show.

Puty Puar (03/08/2017 09:49)
Really a one stop shopping for souvenir shopping. It has wide selection of batik, tshirts and traditional outfit on the ground floor as well as cigarette. On the second floor there are more knick knacks available for your house or your loved ones. The best thing is: every price is fixed so no hassle to bargain or worry about the scam from Malioboro street vendors.

Ionne Sampouw (01/08/2017 23:11)
Love this place!! When in Jogja try to visit this place. Batiks, ethnics accessories & others traditional stuff you can find here. It's the supermarket of Indonesian handycraft. It was called Mirota Batik then.

Wily Ramadan (30/07/2017 15:37)
One stop shopping. Clothes, Souvenir, all available at affordable price. Very crowded on weekends

Primita M. (08/06/2017 11:38)
This place offers a peculiar ambience that you'll always remember. Wide range of special products. Affordable price. Also nice & friendly shopping attendants. It's a wonderful experience.

Yohana Marpaung (04/06/2017 06:13)
Tempat ini seperti museum buatku, banyak barang-barang etnik yang sangat menarik perhatian. Tersedia pakaian batik dan kulit, obat dan minuman tradisional, kerajinan perak, peralatan dapur, dan lain-lain. Harganya juga bersahabat, dari ribuan hingga jutaan.

gracia leona (30/05/2017 03:18)
since i dont like to bargain, I choose mirota batik to buy souvenirs. they have everything you need, traditional & ethnics clothes (women,men,kids), souvenirs (bags, ornaments, tradittional toys,etc.), regional specialties, and many more. They also provide fitting room and toilets. If you don't want to shop, they had lounge upstairs while waiting for your relatives shop downstairs

Frely Pakan (15/05/2017 13:21)
Best place for souvenir shopping. Fixed price, enabled you to shop without haggling. The item quality is also better than the ones sold at the street

Alfilia Agusta (03/05/2017 21:26)
A place where you can literally find any local souvenir with a reasonably good price. One stop shopping for a non-shopper person like me.

Khairul Anwar (26/04/2017 06:39)
Batik & handicraft one stop shopping with aircond and exact pricing. Their Jamoo is quite a lot of varieties. Enjoy the cabaret dance every Friday & Saturday here. Very entertaining!

Parag Rayakar (31/03/2017 06:09)
fixed price shop.. but prices of many things are inflated.. you will find cheaper stuff in other shops around malioboro... however worth visiting once

Pati Nusiyanto (19/03/2017 08:20)
A very nice place for tourism who want to buy some souvenirs or gifts with a lot of product's choices. Fixed price, so you don't need to bargain.

Mohammad Ma'ruf (10/02/2017 01:56)
Many batik and traditional handicraft are provided here and they all are good. The price also affordable. We can see a women created batik in the first floor.

Kamilia (08/02/2017 19:35)
Best place for buy souvenirs, one stop shopping, anything about javanese culture. feel the good Javanese theme atmosphere.
They accept credit card.

iman prastyo (26/01/2017 14:32)
The best place to buy souvenirs. Fixed price and various option. Very recommend to stop by if you around Malioboro street

Flo Jo (12/01/2017 23:22)
Nice place to buy a good qualtity of batik. The price range is reasonable. Most of the time this place is full of tourist. It has a nice restaurant on the 3rd floor with good quality of food abd reasonable price. It has a cabarette show few times a week at night time.

Vladislav Pokorný (11/01/2017 04:13)
Best place in Yogya to buy your souvenirs and batik. Fixed prices so you won't get cheated. All types of souvenirs you can imagine, good quality merchandise. They accept credit cards.

ずつむ (10/01/2017 10:19)
Lots of collections to see. A good place to buy batik apparels. Their staff are friendly too, so you have nothing to lose here except your money to buy all the stuffs.

Macan Dahan (29/12/2016 11:02)
Extremely popular gallery and souvenir shop offering a variety of art work for every need and mood. Just beware that it often become very crowded, inside and out -- well, perhaps because so many people love it.

Shah Aburrojab (12/12/2016 21:06)
The kind of souvenirs, you name it. You'll find it there. Feel the good atmosphere (Javanese theme) when you shopping. Very recommended for one-stop-souvenir-shopping in Yogyakarta! 🙆
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