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Gedhe Kauman Mosque

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Alun-Alun Keraton, Jl. Kauman, Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55132, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 274 373622

Komentar :

ghufron zaida (20/05/2018 06:18)
has unique architecture that is different from other mosques in general. The characteristic of the building is acculturated between Islam and Javanese Culture. Its is the Oldest Mosque in Yogyakarta where is located to the west of the North Alun-Alun of Kraton Yogyakarta


Johanes Jenito (10/05/2018 22:50)
One of the famous Jogja's heritage for all the time. It nearby the Royal Palace and northern big round-about

Angga N (26/03/2018 05:33)
Peaceful and beautiful historical mosque to pray. Just near the sultanate palace.

sigit aribowo (22/03/2018 11:19)
Historical mosque for Yogyakarta. It is located near Yogyakarta palace and north alun alun

Aska Wismari (27/01/2018 18:10)
Masjid Kauman Kraton (heritage) is comfortable place to moslem's pray/sholat.... you will see the unique and classic architecture... and peace be upon you

jian hao (25/12/2017 05:35)
Historical mosque in the middle of yogyakarta city, close to the sultanese palace and alun-alun lor

Andi Muhlis (24/12/2017 14:39)
Huge praying hall with thick and smooth carpet. You can also enjoy the surroundings. Located very close to the Sultanate Palace. A lot of religious and cultural events happen in this place if you come in the right time.
The mosque is historically connected to the Sultanate power and also the birthplace of Islamic movement known as Muhammadiyah.

Hidayah Sunar (19/08/2017 06:04)
A really nice place to both praying and having historical visit. The only one thing I don't really enjoy is how we should pass a small pool to enter and exit the rest room and wudlu/washing area.

AG (09/08/2017 14:19)
Awesome mosque that located on the west of Alun-alun Utara Kraton Jogjakarta. This mosque is unique, huge, and also has many activity. To enter this place, you need to go through a quite big plaza. This place is recommended to be visited.

Mas Dinnu (07/07/2017 17:43)
the biggest and historical mosque in Jogjakarta... Near the palace and north alun alun (town square in javanese language)

cis antono (06/07/2017 13:14)
A big mosque in keraton area. Nice architecture. Would like to visit again..

meja kursi (26/06/2017 06:49)
The main mosque of kraton yogyakarta...located on north west of kraton yogyakarta

Pertam Indonesia (09/06/2017 06:55)
A historic place and also an outstanding mosque in Jogja. Must see!

Ramlee Tamin (31/05/2017 02:23)
Historical mosque built in 1773.
The craftsmanship is very unique.
Just wonder how people carry those timber in one long piece those days.
Slightly dark in the praying areas.

Prayogo Kukuh R (28/04/2017 02:25)
A famous historical mosque in Yogyakarta since colonialism period. Although some section was renovated, it still keep the authenticity

Atjep Irwanto (21/04/2017 13:34)
Very old mosque in the center of palace, almost 4 century old. Love the architecture, it's religious javanese and lots of javanese symbols

Eres Gambiranom (07/03/2017 00:50)
Tradisional mosque belonging to the palace

Dwi Diksa (08/01/2017 03:47)
Alhamdulillah I went to this beautiful Masjid and I performed shalat there. I felt so good. Alhamdulillah

Achmad Fanani Muharromi (03/01/2017 16:36)
One of the islamic historical places in Jogja. Located near North Alun-alun of Keraton Yogyakarta.

Iqbal Prawira (09/12/2016 21:55)
The old mosque and also heritage from Yogyakarta Hadiningrat

Rendra Budi Hutama (21/08/2016 14:55)
It's slightly hidden from outside because it's closed by wall and many temporary food stalls. Great old mosque with it's Javanese architecture. There are indoor area and open air area(terrace). The indoor area had been served by AC Fan.

Last time went here, I found someone stated his new faith to Allah. It was seen by many people who visiting this mosque, at the end they all pray for him. A very touching moment.

Nurul Abidah (06/06/2016 07:46)
Pray hard. Study hard. Sleep hard,also.
Ramadhan at Masjid Gedhe Kauman.

Zakiyah Arrohmah (05/09/2016 19:53)
pak parkirnya galak

Aan Yulianto (02/06/2016 05:12)
Masjid kuno yang keren.. kalo magrip sama isya habis azan langsung iqomah

Yon Harrison (06/05/2016 04:25)
One of the most beautiful and historical mosque in Indonesia.

Heero K (12/01/2016 19:32)

Siswanto Agus (30/11/2015 15:36)
We must just worship Allah SWT and ask to Him , in order to we are liked by Him, so we will be entered to the Heaven and avoided from the hell.

Romadhon Hanafi (02/05/2015 11:21)
Sholat jamaahnya sangat khusu'. Bacaan jahr imamnya enak didengar. Sholatnya tidak tergesa- gesa. Sayang kode posnya salah. Seharusnya 55122. Majlis ta'limnya seminggu penuh, kecuali hari Rabu yang kosong. Sholat jamaah lima waktu di relsy radio masjid (SAKA FM 107,7)
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