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Empire XXI Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jalan Urip Sumoharjo No.104, Klitren, Gondokusuman, Klitren, Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55221, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 274 551021

Komentar :

annisaaputri desihana (23/05/2018 13:57)
Suka banget kalok nonton film disini. Parkir enak, bayar tiket nonton juga murah. Ada Starbucks nya juga. Dan letaknya juga strategis. Tapi, perlu parkiran lebih luas lagi deh kayak nya. Customer semakin bertambah...

Stephane Servin (23/05/2018 07:45)
Good location good service and sound system always updated. Parking way too small but many spaces across the street.
My favorite place to watch in Yogya

don pedro (28/04/2018 19:25)
Cozy place to watch a movie but they have an outdoor motorcycle parking lot. I think it's better if they have an underground parking lot

faizal abidin (10/04/2018 06:32)
Great place to relax and spend time with your friends or family by watch a movie. Parking area in here is pretty big too. There are two parking area for Car. In front of building and in the back of it with two different entrance as well.

Andre Erlangga (08/04/2018 14:18)
Good value for money. Staff are friendly & there's a good variety of new films on. Easy to book online seats via m-tix.

Nuraniza Khalili (04/04/2018 09:44)
Just as expected, the ticket and the food is way cheaper than the ones in Jakarta & Tangerang. And the service's like the usual. Came here last Christmas eve, and the area & parking lot was so packed even until midnight strike. There's Jumanji photo booth in the lobby back then

Aji Muniardhi (01/04/2018 09:20)
Great movie theatre. Roomy waiting space, but small parking area. If you come by car on busy day, parking maybe full.

Mas Kribz (19/03/2018 16:03)
Best place to watching films. Easy place to find. It's so close to street

Andrea Decker (07/03/2018 07:17)
My favorite movie theatre in Yogya! The tickets are cheaper and it isn't located in a giant mall. There's a Starbucks nearby and a delicious, cheap noodle restaurant just behind the building. Highly recommended.

Asteria Agusti Rani (18/02/2018 13:54)
My 1st option for watching movie compared to others in town. It has 6 studios + 1 premiere studio. You can either buy the ticket on the spot or via M-Tix. The snack corner gives good options of snacks and drinks, all of them are tasty. It has Starbucks inside the complex, which is convenient for waiting for the movie to play.

Abd Dzuljalali Wal Ikram (06/11/2017 17:00)
Great movie theater. It has its own building. Separated from the mall as usual.

yandia ayu risma (02/11/2017 03:39)
All good.. 4 stars due to lack of parking area.. Especially for cars.. You have to park your car outside the area and walk to the cinemas..

Shakti Rahadiansyah (29/10/2017 15:32)
A cinema that replacing previous cinema that burn down. Nice settings as XXI standard. Good visual and clear audio. Narrow parking lot. This place always fully with crowd.

Noviadi Suryo (15/10/2017 08:15)
Great movie cinemas in Jogja. Cheap enough but cozy. Have great experience here and not found any minus so far. Awesome (y)

Adam Althusius (26/09/2017 07:34)
In this stand alone building, watching movie is the main attraction. Completed with Starbucks even more attempting.

Another good reason is masjid location easy to reach only one minute walking.

VRH (28/08/2017 04:31)
A great movie getaway. Not as crowded as those in the malls. It has various movie selections. Clean bathrooms, a small cafe and many sitting areas are available

Nugrahani Basundari (25/08/2017 15:23)
cineplex with great quality of picture and sound. comfortable.
There's a small coffee shop in it. Nice place for waiting for the show

Adventure of Life (24/08/2017 03:24)
Can't the staff give smile to all the guests. I like this cinema. I been there for the first time to see the crucifixion on monday. It's not busy day at 5 p.m but if you go at 7 p.m trust me it will be very crowded because they also provide cheaper price. That's why so many people like to hang out to here

Hidayah Sunar (21/08/2017 10:48)
If I want to watch a movie in a cinema without getting distracted by alluring shops in a mall, I will choose this place. It is a nice place with picturesque exterior and comfortable interior. Although it's not the best choice to look for discounted tickets or weekdays promotions.

Zka June (28/06/2017 14:02)
Apik tenan ik bioskop e, aku seneng nonton ning bioskop premiere, sofane empuk, entuk selimut. jos pokoke.

Hana Nurhidayati (28/06/2017 07:29)
Ruang bioskopnya besar dan nyaman. Makanannya lumayan enak. Popcorn nya enak dan banyak. Size medium bisa untuk bertiga. Di sebelahnya ada starbuck kalau mau nunggu film sambil ngopi.

Rofiudin Ali (08/06/2017 03:40)
This is the best place in jogja to watch movie. The place in strategic area, no need to be in mall, easy to find parking spot. The place is clean and luxurious. The price is reasonable , except for weekend :(

alex ander (10/05/2017 16:36)
Nice place to watch movies. Easy access from the city. Cheapest price among other XXI cinemas, only about $2.5 in the weekdays. It has lots of parking area for motorcycles, additional car park is available in the south of the building. It has cinema cafe and Starbucks next door. If you want more cozy choice, the premiere is also available.

Alexander Suryandono (10/05/2017 16:30)
Easy accessible from almost everywhere in the city. Lots of parking area for motorcycle. Additional car park is available in the south of Empire XXI Building. Pretty crowded during weekends and while popular movies are played. Come in the afternoon in the weekdays and you will find less people. M-tix is available if you don't want to queue. Ticket price is the lowest among other XXI cinemas in Yogyakarta. Around $2.5 per movie in the weekdays. Cozy place, there is cinema cafe and starbucks also available.

anggit bahar (25/04/2017 05:16)
Most cozy theatre, although so many another theatre comes, it still has a class and quality. The food and beverage are great too.

Putra Javanian (18/04/2017 21:19)
Let's watch the movie! The place is good. Huge and comfortable plus have a couple good coffee shop!

Khairul Anwar (15/04/2017 17:43)
Large, spacey, easy to access, comfortable and big restrooms. Their choice of movie also updated and great one.

Mohamad Faqih (06/04/2017 15:11)
The cinema is nice, they have a good interior design and enough facility to made us comfort. And they have the best sound system in the town.

Eric Setyo Nugroho (26/03/2017 09:43)
Good place but need an improvement in the parking lot area (in and out) and add some facilities such as mosque

Vien Tanjung (07/02/2017 16:29)
Nice place, but to park your car is very hard. Use a motorcycle is recommended.

Stefani Wardhani (21/01/2017 01:06)
Great place. Make sure you got a space to park your vehicle

Havel Cyrus (07/01/2017 16:15)
There's a starbuck right there so you can order a coffee while waiting for your film.
The place is easily accesible as well

Ayuna Tantra (01/01/2017 10:53)
The comfy place to watch movie when you are in jogja. You can choose to watch in XXI or even in premiere, of course in different cost. If you are hungry, across this place you can find delicious lalapan fried chicken & duck with delicious sambal.
And if you have time, you can strolling around in near shops to look for travel bag n bags.

faruq r. Ali (24/12/2016 09:50)
Good place to see the movie...while waiting for the show you can sit down at the lobby or starbuck. Just go out the main gate.

Ronny Cool (17/09/2016 01:28)
Cocok bgt nonton disini. Jarang rame. And its located beside Starbucks, so we can spend time waiting the movie by hang out in Starbucks.

Agnes Patongloan (28/08/2016 01:21)
Very convenient for me. I always pass it on my way back from office. Since it's on a one way road, plan your route before go there.. One small tips: buy some snacks in a supermarket just across the road and keep it in your bag ;) there is a small tenant of mpek2 palembang inside the supermarket

Evans Andre (23/08/2016 05:47)
Terbesar di Jogja

Leoxane Eirene (09/07/2016 05:24)
Great cinema. Nice food and service. Small parking area and crowded.

ANDRI PRASTA (14/06/2016 07:45)
Bioskop keren

Harry (06/06/2016 00:36)
Movie has stopped few times for a fraction of a second which was really bothering. Other then that good place with decent prices

khafidz naufal (03/05/2016 05:42)
udah ada kafe sama tempat ngopi american branded disini

Loys Bima (03/05/2016 03:24)
Tp mahal XD

jordy Pieper (11/02/2016 06:37)
Good cinema! The service is nice, the prices are fine and the quality of the screens and sound is perfect!
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