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Alun Alun Kidul

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
Alamat: Jl. Alun Alun Kidul, Patehan, Kraton, Patehan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55133, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50

Komentar :

Gilang Kanigara (07/05/2018 04:51)
The place is very lively at night. There are some interesting attractions and food vendors. However, due to its packed nature, sometimes it's hard to find a parking place or even drive around it.

Victor Deka (30/04/2018 04:48)
Enjoy the place for hang out with family and friends. Here, we enjoy street food, street coffee, play traditional game "Egrang" and more. No entrance ticket.

Piniel Hasibuan (26/04/2018 06:39)
Always becoming a tourist magnate with its historic values and the eye catching colourful and bright cabs. You can also find local food at an affordable price here. Prepare small change as there are many beggars.

irishbutik (20/04/2018 11:54)
Nice for a short sightseeing, like 1 hour. Enjoy the crowd while sitting on the grass. And ride the cartoon wheel car around the square. Get cheap street food if you're a bit hungry.

Tommy Irawan (04/04/2018 14:04)
Salah 1 tempat favorite di jogja, baik utk warga lokal dan turis. Disini kita bermain sepeda gowes yang berbentuk replika mobil. Ada juga jajanan khas kota jogja di pinggir alun alun kidul. Dan dua pohon beringin yang menyimpan tanya. Karena banyak orang mencoba melewati dua pohon beringin tersebut dengan ditutup matanya, ada yang berhasil ada juga yang tidak.. akam menjadi sensasi tersendiri untuk anda dan teman liburan anda

Sekar Fitriadzini Istiqomah (19/03/2018 21:57)
The good place to get the true feeling of Yogyakarta. You can enjoy the night view of Alun Alun Kidul riding "Colourful Light Bicycle". And, when you visit in the daylight, don't forget to visit nearest tourist attraction 😊

rieski prihastuti (10/03/2018 14:50)
Place: it is public place, known with two big trees in the center of the field. If you go here you should try to walk from the line of the field with closed eyes to the middle between the trees. You better go here when it is dawn, because you can see crowd here with colorful lamp bicycle that can be ride for 3-6 person. There are rest room in the north, and mosque in the west of the field.

Jakes D (27/02/2018 12:37)
There are many stall here where you buy your (oleh-oleh) - gifts. There are many shirts and other trinkets to choose from.

The open field is a great place to sit and relax.

There are a fair amount of stalls selling various foods including VERY fresh fish, calamari (squid) and other items.

The pricing is very reasonable and there is a lot of food that you get.

The people are very friendly and always willing to help.

acha haritz (08/01/2018 03:50)
One of the square that is alive during the night. You can find many street foods and some street attractions in this place. There is also a famous challenge here in which you have to go through between two big trees that are located at the center of the park. Once you made it, it is believed that you will be lucky enough to get what you've been wishing for. You also can ride unique bicycle that are full pf lights and they have various shapes that will attract your attention.

Melvin Lim (14/11/2017 15:14)
Great place to wind down after a long day. Street bites such as Cilok & various Tempura (fish balls etc.) can be enjoyed while chilling on the mats on the ground in between the stalls.
Iconic LED lit bikes available for rent as well at around RP 40,000 for 1 circle around Jalan Alun Square.

bagus painting (31/10/2017 05:01)
The historical square of Yogyakarta palace in the southern part, it's absolutely artistic area to visit and offered some amazing tourism attractions, such ritual passing through between the bahan tree and riding pedals cars toys with beautiful lamps decorations..and the most traditional culinary of local cuisine..💙🏆💯🥇🙏🌟🆗🆒🆒🆒

Fachri Reza (27/10/2017 17:23)
You can try the "pure heart" game and walk into between of the two banyan trees, use your own eyelids or rent for just 5000 rupiahs. Or, you can in the night rent a quadcycle that fascinates your sight with light plays.

Haidar Arif Atmaja (12/10/2017 15:55)
I loves how this place has a very friendly environment.
At night, especially weekends there are so many people hanging out here.
Be prepared with coins to face the "street musician" coming to your place (if you wants to give them, it's ok if you didn't).
I don't recommend going to this place at day because it is clearly very hot.
The grass didn't quite covers the soil completely, so it'll be wise if you bring something and put it under your butt (this will keep your pants clean).
The most to try thing here is walking through the two trees with your eyes closed.

Ivan Affandi (29/08/2017 23:56)
No other place like this one in Jogjakarta or even Java. A " magical place" known for the two big trees between which one can walk through with eyes closed and found him/herself off-track instead of maintaining a straight path. It is an old square close to Keraton where people just spend time sitting on a tatami and have simple food/drinks or rent a "bicycle-car" or ride on horse or just waiting for sunset.

Meng Li Leong (09/08/2017 01:43)
Nice chilled place where the locals go for late night socialising. Can get busier in the weekends if you want more lively hood. Local shops/drink/good start closing early hours.

AG (08/08/2017 04:59)
This place is awesome and beautiful. You can visit here at the afternoon to enjoy the city of Jogjakarta. This place is strategic and really well known because of two magical banyan trees in the middle of alun-alun. Many people believe that if someone can through the space between two banyan trees with closed eyes, your dream will be come true.

Rosita Noerwardati (16/07/2017 13:04)
It's famous for its sparkling bicycle cars, decorated with colorful lights with various themes. It also offers various food with simple dining tables. A nice place to hangout with friends and family.

Sonny Farlin (08/07/2017 23:44)
When the night is come, this should be one of your listed places to visit in Yogyakarta. You can experience how to walk between two ' historical ' trees. Make sure you close your eyes, and try to pass it. There is a belief " once you could pass the way between the trees, your dream will come true. It sounds easy right? So why don't you come here, and try it. Lots of fun you will find here.

Nancy Chandra (27/06/2017 19:12)
Best place to hang out with family..better go at night, we can play with neon lit beautiful

Bernadetta Aryanti (24/06/2017 22:09)
Good place for spending the evening here. Make sure to choose healthy food here among variety food we don't know its quality and hygiene.

Kezia Febicalista (05/06/2017 09:23)
Please add the need for common spaces like toilets. But its a great place to see the colonial building, the people are nice, its a cool place to get pics and learn about part of the architecture moreover part of the history of Indonesia. Come visit this place!

nur arief (31/05/2017 08:33)
It's a pretty nice place. Peaceful and quiet at day. Festive and crowded at night.

febri nugroho (26/04/2017 23:20)
A field located behind the royal palace of Yogya. In the middle of the field there are 2 giant banyan trees. Tradition here, if you can walk right through these two banyan trees with your eyes closed, you're a clean-hearted person and your way of life will be smooth. You can believe it or not. In this place you will not be charged, only you can rent a blindfold of 10,000 rupiah.

aulia avis (22/04/2017 17:58)
Refreshing. A garden middle town. Cozy. Come at night. You can play a quadcycle

Hanna Agustina (22/04/2017 14:59)
Open space for quick family gateway. They've got various meals with affordable price. And also various attraction. Unfortunately the traffic quite absurd.

klaudia Xary (08/04/2017 13:28)
Nice open place, actually at night. There's many kind of modified bicycle and well decorated with LED light. You can ride it with your friends.

ahmad saifurrasyid (06/03/2017 01:09)
Nice open space. People love to do their running activities here. Peace and quiet (if you come in the right time)

Vina Sectiana (23/02/2017 10:22)
It's one of the heart of Jogjakarta. A lot of youngster here is spending their time with their friends. Trying to walk between the trees, just sitting and eating corn BBQ. Definitely a must try activities in Jogja
Best time to go: night time.
Warning: Avoid going here by car. It'll be hard to move.

nuravita maharani (20/02/2017 00:03)
This place is suitable to spend weekend with your family, nice here to try "masangin" (walk in between two tree in the center of townsquare)

Bobby Mizutani (16/02/2017 05:05)
Great place to hangout at evening. Try some odong-odong with so many colorful light and music.

Jagbinder Singh (11/02/2017 12:22)
So comfy at night. The feel of real Jogja that you can feel all over the corner of the place

Wiranti Sitoresmi (03/02/2017 14:40)
Great place to hangout. You can try cycling around the alun-alun with your friends. But limited option of food though. Better to visit at night.

Ela Garini (31/12/2016 17:47)
A very crowded tourist place, particulatly during holiday. You can find a lot of street vendor food seller and rent a fully light vehicle here. This has famous known with Masangin tradition among visitor, whereby people trying to straight walking between 2 trees with blindfolded eyes to reach out the center. Local story telling belief that anyone could walk straight to between those 2 trees will be able to reach out the dream

Thya Malinda Basmar (13/09/2016 14:56)
Popular place to jog or workout in the morning and every Sunday. Very crowded at weekend, holidays, and peak season. Many attraction such as toy cars or tandem bike. Many food stalls selling snack, food, beverage. Little bit hard to park for cars when it's started to get crowded at night. Fun thing, you can try 'Masangin' too here. There's myth that if you pray for something and can pass through the twin Beringin trees in the middle of alun-alun with eyes closed your wish will come true.

Yurnalis Simorangkir (13/09/2016 13:49)
Explore the unique of Jogjakarta Castle, rent a Becak Motor only 10.000 rupiah and they will bring you to 4 places that is not so good to visit (from the price we know already) but its ok for first time visitor

Barkah W (09/09/2016 04:05)
It is one city square in Indonesia which its function still run: as a public meeting place. The square still open for public, no fence installed. You can try the mith of two big trees in the center, or you can jog arround it in the morning, or eat the street food, or at night you can paddle the decorated car-bike in fancy neon light. The cars are suitable for young children or new couple wanting to strengthen the bond.

The grass need some trimming. Be careful when stepping into the field, some ground is muddy when wet.

lotré (05/09/2016 03:51)
banyak pengamen nggon lesean, nggone rodo kumuh tor pesing ambunya 😡

Alam Kojay (17/08/2016 15:38)
Rame bener klo malem.... Buat sekedar jalan, angkringan, ato naek sepeda mobil. The challange is, can u walk straight ahead between two banyan tree and pass them with closed eye? Well, godluck..

Foo Joon Sunn (30/05/2016 02:44)
Fun game to play. Walk across the space between the two fenced trees from a distance, blindfolded. Impossible!

Asyam Mulayyan Dary (17/05/2016 16:11)
Nothing special, just a huge park with a gigantous tree at the middle. Its crowded at night, especially during the weekend. You can rent a pedicab to go around the park, or just have a dinner beside the road.

Tiyo Kasogih (05/05/2016 14:52)
Good place to hangout in Jogjakarta. You can eat, play, and sing with your friend. This place open at night. You must try to drive a car, but you must ride like bicycle.

Reza Arlianda (03/04/2016 17:04)
Nothing special actually, just a large park with a bunch of rented odong-odong (pedicab) that jam the steet. But if you are looking for a antrhopology study about yogyakarta citizen behavior in their slumber, this place is a recommended one.

Stephen Schur (10/11/2015 22:58)
I really enjoyed a chicken noodle dish here on those low tables they set out at twilight. It's fun to watch (or drive) the pedal cars with the neon lights. By day, its worth while checking out the craftsmen working the semi-precious stones. You might find something you really like. Very handy to the Trans Jogja stop.
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