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Tjong A Fie Mansion

Tebing Tinggi, Sumatera Utara
Alamat: Jalan Jendral Ahmad Yani No.105, Kesawan, Medan Barat, Kesawan, Medan Bar., Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20236, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 813-7516-0031
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Nelson Yap (20/05/2018 07:20)
This is the only attraction in Medan, and it turned out to be excellent! The tour guide speaks English and shared many interesting history about the Tjong family and the mansion.

We spent a little over an hour to go through most parts of mansion.

jimmy sallan (17/05/2018 05:02)
Many old n vintage tools used in back then are still in good shape n well maintenance... the architecture n interior of the house resembling how the wealthy chinese family live their evryday life... loved it... admire it very much

Betty Veronika (12/05/2018 16:51)
The museum is located near Kesawan area and Merdeka walk. It's also can be reached by walk from The Cathedral in Medan.

The museum tells the story of a successful businessman life of a Chinese descent who imigrated to Indonesia in colonial era.

Jovi (14/02/2018 01:38)
Really love this historical building. it rich with a completely unique and touching story. the mansion it self is full of art and cultural ornament both from west and east esp Asia.
3 US dollar for the entrance. Lovely! everyone must visit this historical building.

Frederick Frederickson (08/02/2018 00:41)
A beautiful place to see circa 1900 mansion with a touch of Chinese, Malay and European culture. The downside is the management are not very hospitable if visitors take a lot of photos, and visitors are only allowed 40 minutes to linger inside, a bit too rush for people who appreciate culture and history, or maybe they were not happy that we took photos at the places. It was low season I see no point in rushing us out. The tour guides were friendly, but the management were not hospitable.

In term of management of the historic site, sometimes I see sign boards that distract view of the beautiful hall and other places. The cleaner's broom and dustpan was left at the museum's exhibition room, something that would never happen in first class museum. Rules such as 40 minutes visiting time should be listed out on papers or upfront that way everything is clear before entrance.

In summary, a beautiful place but management can be improved a lot to make it international standard.

man s. (06/02/2018 14:08)
A very informative and faithfully renovated mansion that's worth a visit. We were impressed by how photogenic this mansion is. All the antique furnitures and household amenities are lovingly displayed. We opted to take our own pacing touring this mansion but was told that usually a guided tour lasted only 40 minutes so we were encouraged to leave the premise after spending nearly an hour roaming the mansion on our own pace. Definitely a must for visitors in Medan looking for cultural activities to partake in.

Dai Tsuki (18/01/2018 11:20)
It's a beautiful place to visit and learn about the history of the acculturation of Malay and Chinese culture in North Sumatera by Tjong A Fie. Entrance fee is IDR 35K and it includes a free tour, guided by a bilingual guide. First you may have a tour, and then if you wish, you may roam around in the permitted area and take some pictures. Note that some areas of the house are not to be photographed nor accessed. The guides may also be on break during lunch time so coming before noon or around 2 pm is recommended.

Johann Arifin (06/12/2017 17:15)
A great place to learn the history of Tjong A Fie and his legacy in Medan. This mansion is actually the original house where he stayed, so most of the items in displayed are original. And some of them dated till the 1900s! There are a few people that works as the tour guide, and they are very knowledgable about the place. The place is very clean and very well preserved, considering that it is very old. The ceiling arts are still visible and the original wooden floor are still intact. This is the perfect place to learn history of Medan and Tjong A Fie itself. Note that there are no parking space available and parking is only available in the street. The street may get crowded so finding a parking space can be quite challenging.

Irlando Moggi Prakoso (14/11/2017 04:22)
Such a good architecture..and you can still see the building still in a good condition even it's built around 1800s

Randy Chandra (12/11/2017 16:46)
A historic place owned by the wealthiest person in Medan at the start of 20th century. Interesting historical background and well maintained house. Recommended!

Prabowo Sri Hayuningrat (24/09/2017 08:07)
Cool viewing experience. The building is still well preserved, but the furniture is not. The guided tour gives you a glimpse to Tjong A Fie's life.

rizky hermawan (29/08/2017 16:06)
Tjong A Fie Mansion, it's a-must-visit place for the chinese-malay-colonialism architectural history in Medan. Built in 1895 by the richest chinese in Sumatra at his time and also appointed-honorary-officer of the Chinese Empire, Tjong A Fie. This great man gave lots of his contribution for the Sultanate of Deli and Medan City at the early time. Great historic place, great place for photography.

Eloi Artau (26/08/2017 13:59)
Not worth at all. Most of the furniture is not oroginal, but fake and the house itself is bad kept. Quite a deception after the reviews seen.

Ramlee Tamin (09/08/2017 04:45)
Many things had been said about it so I just send in the photos and a little info.
Built in 1895 a year before the first Olympics and completed in 1900.
Entry fee 35,000Rp. 40 minutes. No bags.
Photography disallowed at the altar.
Tjong quoted: There on the earth where I stand I hold the sky, success and glory consist in not what I have gotten but in what I have given.

Jiří Hruška (23/07/2017 00:55)
Amazing place! Absolutely MUST TO VISIT when in Medan just for a while. We stayed at Kesawan Hotel, which is just few meters from Mansion. The Maimon Palace looks like house of some poor Sultan compare to this mansion. Really worth to see. Only one minus.. I just wanted to go to hotel for a while for something and than come back, but the ticket seller didn't allow me re-enter to mansion and just say that time inside the house limited for 40 minutes.. What I think isn't true..

Miss Fadillah (22/07/2017 05:58)
This mansion belongs to a Hakka merchant name Tjong A fie. He was a very successful businessman and a very rich man in Medan long time ago. This mansion is an embodiment of his wealth, family and history. We have a tour guide while visiting the mansion and he told us the history of Tjong A fie . The mansion is quite big and filled with lots of antiques that has been displayed for tourism purpose.

fransiskus yosep (29/06/2017 09:58)
Nice museum, huge place for old house. I'm very happy with the guide, know history very well. Very informative. Nice people..

Pikuan Susanto (01/06/2017 01:18)
Highly recommended! Eye opening to see how the rich lives in the old days. good architecture too, can learn a few things from this heritage house.

Michelle Liù (13/05/2017 07:18)
This place was just a few minutes walks away from our Hotel Kesawan.
It was a really nice experience visited this place especially when you really can see people migrants and we really could tell where those people come from or what is there really pure in the blood.
Actually we are all a way.
But the most important things is, when we travel or migrate to a place, we really treat or consider ourselves as the local.
And the only way is that do good for the local and make our root go deep.
This is the feeling that this Manson gave me.

Inne Hadiati (12/05/2017 03:38)
A wonderful peranakan heritage building with very detail artistic design. I feel amazed to see the beautiful painted and crafted ceiling. A very worth visit while in Medan.

Yunitasari Trie (06/05/2017 23:58)
The place is well organized .. i like the originality.nonetheless i welcomed by unfriendly staff. She insisted me to follow guide which has started around 15 minutes. Therefore i didn't have whole informations.

travenesia (22/04/2017 19:57)
This place was Tjong A Fie house, He was one of the richest people in the city and a friend of the King of Istana Maimun. Together they built the great industrial city. This house is a museum which tells stories of family lineage. The mansion is an architectural mix of Malay, European, and Tionghoa styles and contains forty rooms.

Evan Soesanto (06/04/2017 11:40)
A very well maintain "private" museum in Medan. Current Ticket price was IDR 35,000 which provide you with super warm tour guide.

Nice mansion, nice history of Medan's chinese public figure.

Nicolas Hafner (02/03/2017 02:16)
One of the few remaining historical sights in Medan and thus probably a must see. Beautiful rooms with high ceilings. The displayed items would need better explanation; also the guide that can be booked predominantly told about the family's illustrious history. Thus the many pictures' story remained unclear.

Lydia Luhur (01/03/2017 09:26)
It was a great mansion back then, but many of their collections has gone. The maintenance is also bad. It was raining when I came there and what's surprised me was no one care about water leaking from the roof.

lian Saragih (13/02/2017 19:53)
Very unique house belong to tjong A fie mansion and very easy to find in Medan.if you visit Medan don't forget to visit it.

Inggita Notosusanto (06/02/2017 03:53)
A terrific site to learn a part of Medan city's early 20th century history - sadly it is endangered as the owner cannot keep up with the maintenance cost. It is a dilemma to hand it over to the government as they haven't showed any success in taking care of heritage site. I wish it could be as dedicated and successful as Penang in its commitment that earned Unesco's Heritage site status.

dea chinantya (05/02/2017 09:47)
Medan is a city where culture acculturation blend nicely and Tjong A Fie Mansion is a place where you can find those acculturation. If you're into history, there is a local guide that you can hire at a special rates. Near Tjong A fie mansion, you can find old restaurant called Tip Top restaurant

Selvi Nur Yuliani (01/01/2017 00:18)
Entrance fee 35k per person. Open at 9.00 am, and during the visit we are accompanied by the tour guide. There is a photo gallery. This place fits for history addict people.

Changsu Siris Woo (24/10/2016 07:31)
One of very few great historic attraction in Medan. Guides are very well informed and knowledgeable to guide you through the mansion. I would suggest anyone visting Medan visit here. Very relaxing and sound place where you could not really find such place like here in Medan.

Achmad Afriadi Trisatya (05/09/2016 08:57)
Must visit museum to Medan, basically is not a museum but a traditional home transformed into museum. So feel like going back to Medan in early 1900s,

Christophe Stevens (11/08/2016 15:58)
Great Influential Chinese's mansion. A must see when wandering around Medan.

William Laksa (09/08/2016 17:03)
One of the Tourist attraction in Medan, Medan doesn't have many good Museum. But You mustn't miss this one. It shows you the Mixed Architecture of many cultures like Malay, Victorian, Chinese(main), English, etc..
Tickets is not too expensive but It worth!
*The other lacking things here is that the Museum is not well-maintained from the owner and Local Government.

Setyo Adi Nugroho (20/07/2016 03:50)
One place to visit when in Medan. Period. Great vibe and a lot of history about Medan itself.

ong dengyu (21/03/2016 02:21)
I like this place because each of the antiques have their own history. And i can see Major Tjong A Fie's contribution to the locals.😁😁😁

William Laksa (12/01/2016 05:42)
Great place as Medan are Lacks of good Museum. You mustn't miss this one. It shows you the Mixed Architecture of many cultures like Malay, Victorian, Chinese(main), English, etc..
Tickets is not too expensive but It worth!
*The other lacking things here is that the Musuem is not well-maintained from the owner and government.

Maharlika Ramdhani (01/01/2016 00:30)
When I was there with a friend, there was no such promised guided tour for us. They asked us just to join the already running tour instead, but the guide seems prefered to ignore us and just focused on the foreign tourists. We, the local tourists, were discriminated :(

Anno Vi (29/12/2015 13:41)
There are many good exhibits. Guide is very eager to share and speaks reasonable english. Beware of mosquitoes, this is a problem everywhere in the city (or even country).

Ridwan Gosal (28/11/2015 05:05)
I love the old Chinese houses. This one looks like the stereotypical Chinese old house but only larger in size. There are plenty of old furnitures, and old photos of the once influential Chinese Medan

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