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Teejay Waterpark

Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Komplek Plaza Asia, Tuguraja, Kec. Cihideung, Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat 46125, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 265 2350025
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Komentar :

indra nugraha (05/06/2019 03:37)
A Good place to hang out with family..

Azka AZIZAH (02/05/2019 04:27)
So crowded even at weekend so I am not able to enjoy the facility and scenery, but actualy it's complete enough for water park lay in Tasikmalaya

Razita Syarafana (25/04/2019 15:42)
Nice so nice...but The price is not affordable for regular circles. Let's share a sense of goodness.🇮🇩

Andrew Ludwigs (12/04/2019 09:01)
It was really good, but something has to be done for the cleaning services.

Tiradah Hasanah (30/12/2018 09:30)
So crowded in the holiday session. The ticket is affordable. There are plenty number of food courts. The facilities are quite good.

Daffa Azhar Maulana (19/09/2018 09:28)
The best water Park in town

Delita Gading (12/07/2018 04:31)
Not a bad place to hang out with my family especially in Tasikmalaya where it can be hard to find a big mall and quite sophisticated waterpark that could compete with one in the big cities. However, the water was too cold even in the sunny day. The most shocking thing is that I could not find ANY toilets with closet or without it (i do not mind) all that I can find was changing rooms and bathrooms (with shower!!), I do not understand why such a big waterpark don't have any toilets in it????? i guess the developer expect us (the visitor) to peeing in the bathroom??? other than that, all is fine my family and I had a good time there. The asia park mall is only about 300 meters away from the waterpark which is very convenient in my opinion.

Nurina (17/06/2018 13:05)
Better waterboom to visit in Tasik. Recommend you to choose this one instead of another new one. Have good memory with this place. Even visited this place within eid fitri holiday. Good place to visit with friends, fam, spouse, whomever you want. The waterboom's in the mall area, it had wide enough parking lot.

Iwok Abqary (19/05/2018 08:38)
The best place to go if you want to bring the whole family to play with water. Teejay is the best water park so far in Tasikmalaya. Just like another waterboom, Teejay is also completed with wave pool, that will bring you a great amusement and feel like you are in the middle of ocean.

Sandi Daebak (13/05/2018 11:18)
Nice place for swag journey 😎

Riri Ratna Surimargani (07/05/2018 06:39)
It's a big area with so many pools, make us playfull for children until adult

Reyhan Maulana (24/03/2018 08:00)
It's good, but not that good...

Hiban Zains (28/01/2018 03:16)
Wonderful place, wonderful vacation... @tasikmalaya west java

Dani Nurdani (17/12/2017 22:55)
Clean, it's beutiful place...

Ezza Fauzy (10/12/2017 12:46)
Fun water park for family and friend

Putri Nuraeni (10/11/2017 04:38)
You'll enjoy here with your friends or family. This comfortable place to playing water

Putri Nuraeni (10/11/2017 04:38)
You'll enjoy here with your friends or family. This comfortable place to playing water

Damval Lusia (03/11/2017 14:57)
Good destination

bara cuda (10/09/2017 01:43)
The place you should visit with your beloved family

rieske rozalia (06/09/2017 18:24)
It's fun place to spend with your kids!

Karina Aprillia (21/08/2017 12:41)
nice pleace

Fahri Fanny (18/08/2017 03:01)
Best it waterpark

poer purwani (01/08/2017 21:59)
Good for family,comfortable

Jerry Gouw (27/06/2017 03:44)
Nice place....

Hadist Abdul (10/04/2017 10:19)
Loved it what a great places to swim and fun

Graham Stone (04/03/2017 06:56)
Just don't go on the weekend if you don't like crowds.

Ranggi Rahman (14/02/2017 09:51)

mina aminah (05/02/2017 17:23)
Tempatnya cukup luas. Terdapat arena kolam ombak,kolam anak, dan kolam untuk berseluncur. Cocok untuk liburan keluarga di akhir pekan

Teten Rahmat (15/01/2017 09:11)
Arena bermain air terbesar se priangan timur.. Lengkap dengan area water boom serta kolam arus, dengan di lengkapi wahana kolam ombak dengan settingan ombak serasa di pantai, desain jerman yang ber kualitas, membuat tee jay water park berbeda dengan water park yang lain

Irwan Senju (10/01/2017 23:52)
Chill out and fun

Sandy Socrates (17/12/2016 22:22)
Ticket is IDR 4K on Sunday and holiday, otherwise it is IDR 3K. Quite okayish place for children. It will be very crowded on weekend and holiday.

Bambang Triyadi (11/07/2016 03:27)
Destinasi wisata keluarga di kota Tasikmalaya. Dengan fasilitas kolam anak, ombak, kolam luncur. fasilitas sewa locker (Rp. 8rb), gazebo (Rp. 30rb/3jam), double ban (Rp. 20rb), single ban (Rp. 15rb), ticket masuk Rp. 50rb/orang (harga khusus lebaran 10 Juli 2016). Buat anak2 yang bisa ditinggalkan berenang, para orang tua bisa jalan2 ke Asia Plaza yang satu area dengan Teejay Waterpark.

edi agus (11/07/2016 00:15)
Lokasi water park di belakang mall asia di Jl. KH. Mustafa Tasik Malaya, mudah dijangkau dari mana saja, tempat yang direferensikan untuk liburan keluarga, aman untuk balita

Humaedi Munawar (07/06/2016 07:08)
Tempat yg asyik untuk liburan keluarga. Ombak buatan. Air mancur. Perosotan dewasa dan anak. Kolam anak2. Mantap untuk keluarga

Milan Komunika (31/05/2016 03:28)
Perpishn kls 6 GRBA 14 Bndng,,!!

Azam Nona (28/05/2016 13:26)
Bagus tempatnya

Riki Fauzi (27/05/2016 03:30)
Tempatnya bagus

Sahrul Aja (23/12/2015 02:59)
Ada kampung saya

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