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Gereja HKBP Sukabumi

Sukabumi, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Benteng, Warudoyong, Sukabumi City, West Java 43132, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 812-8851-5010

Komentar :

Novia Silalahi (02/06/2020 05:49)
Merupakan salah satu tempat peribadatan umat kristen protestan khususnya bagi suku batak. Dan gedungnya juga merupakan peninggalan sejarah belanda yang punya keistimewaan tersendiri.

Ferdinan Aritonang (03/03/2020 14:24)
Very nice

Anang Suhenda (24/02/2020 03:53)

Falentino Sembiring (05/01/2020 04:21)
Jadwal pagi jam 08.00 dan jadwal siang jam 10.30.. Tuhan memberkati semua..

Sysda Smi192 (26/12/2019 16:32)
Damai sejahtera Allah kiranya yg menyertai kita semua.

Porkas Arnia (20/04/2019 23:35)
Tempat ibadah

Goldenia Agnes (16/09/2018 01:09)
🖒kedepannya da jadwal ibadah sore ya

Nuren Berutu (20/04/2019 23:35)
Tempat ibadah

Mr KomeT #sihutasoit# (03/12/2018 23:47)

mbahdien yz1zeint (05/12/2017 17:09)
Gereja Batak

Gb Jky (05/07/2016 03:48)

A Google User (05/12/2017 17:09)
Gereja Batak

Parlin Pakpahan (03/06/2017 10:49)

Pin that I put to show the real position of Sukabumi HKBP church in Sukabumi Highway coordinates to Cisaat, Cibadak, Cicurug, Parungkuda and Bogor finally approved by google, although still do not include the real name of the street that's Jalan Jenderal Soedirman No. 12.

If the church is in Kelurahan Benteng area, Warudoyong subdistrict, Sukabumi city, west Java. It's true. Which remains wrong is the name of the road that should be Jalan Jenderal Soedirman No. 12. This can be checked and very clearly seen in the HKBP board on the left of the HKBP church porch.

This church is a Dutch Heritage Chapel that has been used as a site and is protected by the provisions of the legislation. Calvinian-style church interior is still 100% pure Dutch heritage, ranging from benevolent benches made of teak wood, pendant lamps in towering church ceilings, minarets for priests, tithes, even very old-fashioned orgels still wearing pipes wind still lies lying in the front balcon facing the pulpit. Although silent but if there are elderly organists from Europe who understand the musical instruments of the European romantic era, certainly these experts will be able to fix this very classic and old-fashioned old orgel.

The front yard of this church is wide enough to park cars and motorcycles. Even if the vehicle will be parked more than parking capacity, this can be overcome immediately by parking the vehicle on the left side of the church which at the back is the residence of the HKBP pastor assigned to the HKBP Sukabumi church. The assignment of the pastor is certainly not permanent but only a change within a certain time set by HKBP headquarters in Pearaja Tarutung, North Sumatra.

What's regrettable is the renovation of the church on the front that actually damages its original image, that's by adding a ceramic tile on the wall and the sign of the cross on the front, so impressed fat and no longer elegant.

The roof of shingles made of ironwood Borneo preserved including the addition of multi-functional space to the right of the church, I think it's indeed a need that can be used for Sunday school and especially to accommodate the spill over of the church in the main part of the church.

The location of the church is not far from the city limits which are all located on the Sukabumi highway to Cisaat, Cibadak, Cicurug, Parungkuda and Bogor.

HKBP church is facing the newly built Nobar Garden by the city government, close to Cipelang bridge and Saripetojo ice factory and can be accessed from any direction in Sukabumi city and once we enter Sukabumi highway then ahead of Cipelang bridge, there is seen a small sign next to the left porch of the church bearing HKBP resort Sukabumi, Jalan Jenderal Soedirman No. 12.

That's the church HKBP Sukabumi which's a historic church of the Dutch heritage and very worth to visit in order to worship and travel history. I suggest it all while giving 5 stars to this classic building.

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