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Pancasila City Park

Salatiga, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Ahmad Yani No.100, Kalicacing, Sidomukti, Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah 50724, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Hery Prasetyanto (05/06/2018 10:56)
Sejuk segar teduh

Chloe Tiara (25/04/2018 00:51)
Salatiga's city plaza. Many events were held here, and most likely will be held here. You can come here in the morning and have a jog, and then have breakfast at the many restaurants open around Pancasila. I suggest Soto Pak Warsi, they have freshly made, warm perkedel kentang in the morning.

Cyril Parera (11/04/2018 22:11)
Lapangan Pancasila Salatiga tempat berkumpul atau nongkrong bermacam konunitas di Salatiga.
Terdapat tempat bermain juga saat itu..
Lapangan yang Luas menjadi salah satu tempat bermain bagi anak yang simple..
Terdapat tempat makanan juga di pesisir lapangan yang ingin menikmati kuliner Salatiga silahkan mencoba. Harganya murah meriah..

Farhan Muntaqo (18/01/2018 00:19)
Very good place to dine out with friends. Sellers are all around the park. Many Javanese cuisines are offered here

Indrajaya Sartono (05/01/2018 04:51)
Mornings in this place is best for a walk. It's close to a better running track (kridanggo). There are people who sell food around as well. The cleanliness can be improved.

Atik Harmiyati (05/01/2018 02:52)
Where you can find cross religion understanding. There are mosque and church. Many snack sellers. Frequently used for festival, religious activities, etc.

Agung Cahyo Nugroho (14/12/2017 14:15)
this place is very convenient. parking lot is also quite sufficient. the place is very clean with a nice building design. You can also see clearly the field of Pancasila from here

yustinia kusumastuti (06/12/2017 08:34)
This small place is growing to support the new gens. I was at SAMSAT by 12 pm and as the office took the break, I could hang around for simple lunch and dropped by a petshop to chat.

Wisnu T Hanggoro (21/11/2017 00:38)
This public square is frequently used for public events or festivals. Unfortunately it is not properly ordered and too messy. The local govt ought to renovate it in accordance with its city image as a peaceful place.

Gabrielle NR (28/09/2017 02:57)
A place where peoples can gathering jogging,or just enjoying susu segar with friends...😀 and don't forget to take soto for breakfast..👍👍👏👏

Erwin Hidayat (16/08/2017 00:17)
So often we have fun here. There is a self service restaurant near mosque with cheap price and various kind of meals. Kids typically ride rented bike and mini car in the center square.

Joseph Armstrong (14/08/2017 02:54)
This is a local gathering area for the public. Lots of vendors ING food and toys. Best experience is at night.

Ratno Setiyawan (14/07/2017 10:06)
One of the hub of the city of Salatiga. Faforit for jogging in the morning. There are some food vendors. There is a kid game rental. Some young people like to hang out here until late at night. Often used for official government events such as ceremonies, exhibitions and festivals.

raut bonita (28/06/2017 01:44)
When I was in Brisbane, Australia, I was always reminded of Salatiga city. Today, in turn, the blue sky over this square, along with the fresh smelling grass and tall leafy trees and cool air reminds me of Brisbane. Perfect place to spend mornings with your family.

AG (24/06/2017 03:59)
Perfect place to enjoy the fresh air or just having some talks with friends. It has been upgraded as an icon of Salatiga before to be a comfortable place. You can sit down on several benches, and you can use the wide road to walk around Lapangan Pancasila. On the Northern Side you can find some fountains. The flagpole nowadays is upgraded to the new one.

j3 k (19/06/2017 06:14)
Nice park in the middle of town. A bit touristy and dirty to be rated "great", but there's an open field as well as vendors around the perimeter. Pay a few bucks to pedal an antique looking VW around the field or view one of several current happenings.

Damaraska Arya (08/05/2017 01:17)
Nolice place for gathering or meetUp with friend

Afif Halimi (17/04/2017 07:39)
A place to hang out with family member or friend, good place, variety food

Prima Abadi (17/03/2017 05:57)
Seperti alun2 kota umumnya, mmg ini salah 1 area luar ruang yg menyenangkan bagi keluarga2 utk bertemu

Frans Nico (06/03/2017 11:48)
Perfect place for family experience...

Perdana Sigit Nugroho (23/02/2017 13:40)
Great place to hang out and walk your dog in sunday morning

Fuad Jauhar Zuhri (26/01/2017 03:59)
a good place to spend time with your family or relatives in here in the morning, and Satuday night

Herman A Manoe (19/11/2016 14:22)
First time in Salatiga? If yes, you must come to here.. There so many things to you..

Ryan Afrianto (08/09/2016 14:22)
Alun alun salatiga, PKL tertata mungkin lebih enak dipandang.

Niar Talise (19/08/2016 02:35)
Great place to play fireworks!

Wahid Muhamad Yusuf (03/06/2016 02:20)
Perfect place to jogging and enjoy street food
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