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Cafe TELO D9

Salatiga, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Argowiyoto No.8A, Ledok, Argomulyo, Kota Salatiga, Jawa Tengah 50732, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 298 327560
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8AM–10PM
Tuesday: 8AM–10PM
Wednesday: 8AM–10PM
Thursday: 8AM–10PM
Friday: 8AM–10PM
Saturday: 8AM–10PM
Sunday: 8AM–10PM

Komentar :

Naila Najihah (19/05/2018 07:15)
Many traditional foods are offered here
This place is famous among travellers who are looking for the traditional snacks from central java

Harry Koswanto (14/04/2018 12:42)
My first time here and this place is quite packed. They are located in a vicinity of
snacks seller which uses cassava as the main ingredient, and they are famous for that, so expect a good cassava products here.
Not only that they also sell some staple and other snacks to dine in. Its also not too expensive, I would say. I haven't tried it myself as I was there only to get the9o cassava.
The only thing i found rather unpleasant was its limited parking spots and no access for wheelchair. The parking spots only have
10 spaces in front of the cafe but that's just that.

Adelia Geger (14/04/2018 10:29)
Tempatnya penggemar singkong... Aneka olahan singkong ada disini, tp hrs pagi yaa.. Siang dikit udah abis. Ada jg makanan2 eksotis sepeti walang goreng, kripik daun adas (daun dill), dll
Paling terkenal dg singkong kejunya. Untuk oleh2 jauh bisa beli singkong keju yg frozen, nanti tinggal kukus atau goreng sblm dimakan. Tp kalo mo beli dalam jml banyak hrs pinter2 ngerayu waiternya..krn sering dibatasi jml pembeliannya, dibilang abis pdhl msh ada...

ratna kurniawan (04/04/2018 13:37)
Taste enough.. crowded in holiday... The street is narrow.. Can for Two car .but one of car must stoped..

Donny Winardi (01/04/2018 03:17)
The taste of the cassava is different than regular cassava. Trust me ... you have to try this one

Fahrur Rozi (16/03/2018 07:44)
Nice placce, a lot of menu. Worth enough with the price. Recomended

Nur Idayati (15/03/2018 22:27)
This place provides various snacks made of cassava. My fav is the cheese cassava. The texture is crunchy outside and tender inside. The minus point is that you will get difficulty to find parking space every weekend plus the front desk workers are sometimes not friendly.

Nelson John (17/12/2017 09:00)
because it's a nice place to eat with family

Wisnu T Hanggoro (12/12/2017 16:12)
Though the road to reach the location of this resto is not good and narrow, almost every time visiting it I found so many customers taking luxurious cars stopped by and enjoyed the foods. The main course provided there is singkong keju, meaning the fried cassava added by sone cheese.

Yesenia Tirza Remindauw (24/11/2017 21:48)
Cozy place and has good taste of food, especially for cheesy cassava 😘

Veronica Putri (19/11/2017 02:49)
The place to buy by the typical city of salatiga which is not only an outlet but also equipped with a cool cafe used for casual, the menu provided is also delicious, it is proven that this place is always crowded by visitors

Samuel Christian (26/10/2017 01:24)
Cheap price, good food. Fresh made.. traditional taste

Chris Suwandi (25/08/2017 10:32)
Good taste, good price, try to avoid weekend, the place would be so crowded

iwan kurniawan (31/07/2017 03:33)
Delicious. Cheap. Couzy place (if not on holidays)

Nur Agus Salim (18/07/2017 09:10)
It is not bad... Cassava Crispy with nice taste and price

yustinia kusumastuti (02/07/2017 11:01)
It is a nice place to have some bites of snacks,along with the friendly waitresses and waiters. The snacks,mainly from cassava,are yummy. We can have both the frozen cassava and the cooked ones,in a variety of it.

Aya Fana Oase Caesar (01/07/2017 14:47)
Damn so deliciously good. Who came first is the winner tho. Lol

Adam David (30/06/2017 02:00)
This place is tradisional food from Salatiga and being famous because of chese cassava u can buy it fresh or ready to eat

asa sinyo (19/05/2017 02:18)

Dicky Dikman (18/04/2017 08:06)
It's a good place for take a rest while travelling around salatiga city East Java Indonesia

Simon R. Purba (13/02/2017 02:40)
Nice place to stop by. Get rest, taste unique local 'potatos', before proceeding south...

Heri Yanto (08/01/2017 00:48)
Cassava pasta is tasty

Novieta Wibowo (26/12/2016 02:22)
Nice original cheese cassava

Surya Pujoyono (26/07/2016 13:52)
Singkong kejunya: take away & dine in

nur hidayat (28/02/2016 08:25)
Wooow guriiiih

Dodi Dodi (23/08/2016 10:06)
Mengunjungi Singkong Keju D-9, sama saja dengan mengunjungi daya juang dan kreatifitas yang luar biasa yang ditunjukkan oleh Pak Hardadi. Dari singkong yang berharga Rp. 2000/kg bisa diubahnya menjadi berharga berlipat-lipat setelah diolah menjadi makanan 'yang berkelas'.
Singkong Keju D-9 merupakan penganan yang terbuat dari singkong yang diolah dengan berbagai bumbu. Harga singkong frozen Rp 10 ribu/dus (7 ons), singkong original Rp 15 ribu/dus, singkong keju Rp 16 ribu/dus dan singkong keju ceres Rp 17 ribu/dus.
Di rumahnya, yang sekaligus dijadikan restonya, pengunjung juga bisa memesan makanan dan minuman lain.

AG (28/07/2016 16:07)
Singkong kejunya enak banget, enak dimakan bareng teman atau orang tua.

prasaja mukti (14/07/2016 12:20)
Tempat ini menyajikan banyak varian singkong, tempatnya lumayan susah dijangkau karena masuk gang.

Enak buat nongkrong. 👍👍

Dian Wahyu Bima Kuncara (22/11/2015 10:24)
Awalnya agak susah nyari ni tempat.
Begitu ketemu,uwow!
Ada pusat jajanan diantara pemukiman warga.
Parkir cukup lah.

Singkong kejunya enak!
Mampir dah!
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