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Mall SKA

Pekanbaru, Riau
Alamat: Jl. Mangga Suka Jadi, RT.03/RW.03, Delima, Tampan, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28292, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 761 864000 malska.pekanbaru
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Muhammad Nazar (14/10/2018 02:15)
Nice place to hangout with family and friends. Lot of options to shop and located at crowded area and very close to other two malls make this mall interesting to explore.

Riris Nainggolan (11/10/2018 22:48)
Ini mall yang jadi maskotnya Pekanbaru. Dulu paling rame, sekarang karena di sekelilingnya Uda ada mall-mall baru, ga sepadat dulu. Di mall ini ada pertokoan nya kaya Nayoga di Batam, tapi lebih rapi dan sedikit. Parkirannya ada di basement, di sekitaran Pertokoan. Hotel Swiss Belinn juga ada di area Mall SKA. Hypermartnya di UG, Lantai paling atas bermacam Gadget dan berbagai furniture. Dekat sini ada terminal Trans juga.

Yohandytha Viona (09/09/2018 05:31)
as always, ska is one of my fave places to go with friends and family. ska offers you entertainment such as theatre, hangout places, affordable stores and ofc fave snacks and drinks, everything you want in a place.

Al Baithar Muhammad (14/08/2018 08:46)
The best mall in town, the goods that sold in here is complete. You can nearly find anything in here. The place is comfy although little bit crowded especially in the weekend. The palace is clean, and the parking lot is easy to reach and have a lot of capacity although the parking cost increase every 2 hours. The bathroom is clean and there are bathroom in every floor.

Dirna refika (19/07/2018 00:56)
nice and wide place for shopping and hangout. there's cinema 21 here too. this place more likely for young people.
quite good and clean for a shopping mall.
have a wide parking lots too. but the renovation still on going so for some places still ... yeah.
after all.. nice place.

S Triani (29/05/2018 21:24)
Mall ini sudah mulai banyak outlet-outlet yang baru seperti XXI dan premier, mothercare, ada fun & fit juga. Ada miniso. Lumayan lengkap karena dilantai bawah ada hypermart.

Ryca Caroline (12/05/2018 21:15)
So far so good (pakai lah)

Mammalias Pizza (05/05/2018 12:18)
Lengkap, tapi parkirannya agak menyeramkan. Lift tidak sampai ke basemen. Basemen dan lantai dasar cukup ramai karena adanya supermarket dan tempat² hip untuk ngumpul dan ngemil, demikian juga dgn theater, tapi lantai 2-3 sepi dan banyak toko yang kosong atau sedang direnovasi, sehingga terasa lengang (so it's a bit creepy IMO). Mungkin karena sudah terlalu banyak mall baru sehingga mall lama mulai terlupakan. Atau karena sekarang lebih enak belanja online.

Zulfan Irhamni (04/05/2018 10:50)
Mall with style.
Anda bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam menu hidangan disini, mulai dari menu jepang hingga menu lokal/nusantara. Disini juga ada matahari departemen store yang menjual berbagai macam produk pakaian dan sepatu.
Disini juga ada hypermart, supermarket besar yang menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan harian rumah anda.
Terdapat parkir yang luas, atm center, bioskop, arena bermain anak anak, dealer kendaraan bermotor, apotik, perlengkapan olahraga dan sebagainya.
Suasana yang nyaman dan bersih, juga disediakan tempat duduk untuk umum guna melepaskan lelah, beristirahat sejenak.
Mall SKA, Mall with Style

Navyrin Gracelia (04/05/2018 02:44)
It's good place to shop but there's no place to buy accessories for women

Sutikno Gresik (17/03/2018 20:44)
This is not Mall SKA but the big building in front of Mall SKA. Looks like new mall in Pekanbaru.

林伟将David Valentino (17/03/2018 07:23)
After 4 years not coming there made me feel so nostalagic, and this place get bigger.

The bigger the better this place. Seems like not all the part finish. But its still good place to go.

mohammed mozid (01/03/2018 06:45)
As a first time goer I would say it's okay with the location and providings. You would find a lot of cheaper products than a few minutes away from Transmart. Relatively small though it has some world famous brand outlets.

Dicky Priatama (16/02/2018 10:10)
Ciputra mall was my favourite place in town. Now this place becomes my new favourite since it has Cinema XXI inside. For you who wants to watch movies, it's a lil bit tricky to find out. It's located on top floor.

Tua Parulian (23/08/2017 16:50)
Convenience and one stop shopping place I think that's how I would describe this place. The place is within relatively easy reach and the availability of everything you may need makes it an ideal place to visit. The new movie theater is a nice addition indicating the management''s desire to keep up with the times considering the ever tighter competition facing them. Their shifting concept of offering more upscale culinary based establishments is a case in point. The mall itself is currently going through an expansion that will no doubt invite more high-end brand tenants considering what they have been doing so far. This will of course counter their competitions for the foreseeable future. But what is really necessary in my view and considering the ever tougher competition, a little more novelty innovation and has lasting values in what they offer to their customers is more crucial. But in the meantime, the mall is enjoyable as it is. The ample space to move about, the cleanliness you have come to expect from a mall of certain repute, the availability of household trusted names are enough appeal for a good number of people Surely, some of my favorites are here and certainly it will make me come back again and again for the foreseeable future.

Ananda Rizky (26/11/2017 15:51)
This mall is not bad. You can buy the many kinds of smartphone here. You can also enjoy many kinds of food here. But, this mall is too small anda the design of this mall not good n not bad too. Just medium design i think.

Sandi Putra (22/11/2017 14:19)
Good place to hang out, eat some food or clothe shopping, but limited place to park your car

Ekasari Kurnia (29/10/2017 03:49)
a great place for your family... great place to play.. eat.. shopping

Nursafira Kumaralalita (09/09/2017 00:31)
Biggest mall in Pekanbaru, they said. Still not incomparable with other mall in Jakarta or Surabaya. Pretty good to hang out here.

Rishang Asmadi (03/09/2017 04:49)
Doesn't has handicap people facility. And now too much maintenance on top floor.

Jessica Sobian (29/08/2017 16:13)
My favourite plaxe to shop in Pekanbaru. Just dont come here at saturday night or sunday afternoon. I give 4 stars because the toilet seriously need improvement. They manage to renovate building but not the toilet. Seriously???

Novandi Stefanus (02/07/2017 11:09)
I don't know if this is the biggest shopping mall in town, but among all other malls in this city, this one is big enough.

David Sugianto (02/07/2017 08:18)
Still the biggest mall in Pekanbaru.. Now filled with well known tenants like Cinema XXI, Hypermart, Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Samsonite, Charles and Keith and more coming up soon..

It has the biggest parking capacity so don't be afraid of parking space constraint if you come on weekend or public holiday..

Budi Yanto (29/06/2017 23:33)
It's has a good location, not too crowded tho. Has lot of merchants.

Meidana Pascadinianti (29/06/2017 06:43)
Mall for all umat. Quite complete and the fashion that sell is good.

Ken Liunardy (30/05/2017 14:15)
The biggest mall in far. While it felt slightly worse when compared to Ciputra Seraya, but this place has better food variety than Ciputra.

Gusri Yonaldi (28/04/2017 13:11)
good place to spend your time and money because maimai machine, the building needs renovation

Priyo PN (01/04/2017 02:44)
Weekend spot! Very crowded on weekend. There's a good playground on 3th floor

Imam Sunarko (28/03/2017 02:34)
The most popular mall in pekanbaru . So many food and tenant in there . Almost great

yoesoef kurniawan (26/03/2017 06:55)
JCO is a perfect place to meet with some friends ...excellence environment and good donuts + special drinks

wibenson huang (10/02/2017 08:13)
Great choice of store. Best place to spend money

Efni Indriamirna (07/02/2017 23:36)
Mall concepts lifestyle & fashionable. Many brand international lifestyle & complete food type, from traditional food until international food ready here.

Sukma Merati (21/01/2017 13:19)
Modern shoping mall some phone cells provider offices. Food stalls, hotel.:-)

Andri Rejaldi (20/01/2017 04:36)
Great mall. It is big too.. good place to hangout. Foods, drinks, clothes are serve well here. But it crowded in peak time, hard to find parking lot.. just need XXI cinema here

Prastya Noprianto (08/01/2017 14:26)
It's a good mall for family just need a XXI Cinema to make it perfect. At peak times, you'll be need extra time to find a parking lot (especially if u want to avoid basement area) or for queuing out, let say 15-30mins extra.

Syahrul Nizam (06/10/2016 10:09)
Convenient and comfortable...

Amelia Harry (06/10/2016 06:37)
Love going to Pepper Lunch and Hypermart here! Can't wait for the cinema to open 😊

Harry Krishna (24/09/2016 01:54)
Mall yg lengkap

suta wijaya (12/09/2016 13:26)
BIGGEST MALL in Pekanbaru, but im too worried about new building. they added some building above with cracked mark eksposed :| are it still safe to visit?

Lan Nguyen (16/07/2016 17:20)
Used to have KFC here but it's no longer here. Highlights include Rice Bowl, pan and flip, Starbucks, j. Co, hypermart

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