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Holiday 88 Pekanbaru

Pekanbaru, Riau
Alamat: Jalan Sultan Syarif Qasim No.120, Kota Tinggi, LimaPuluh, Rintis, LimaPuluh, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28112, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 761 33138

Komentar :

Oka Ahmad (04/06/2018 14:43)
Gak mampir ke bioskop nya sih, cuman mkn Malam dibelakang gedung bioskop nya itu.. namanya pujasera... Makan seafood gt....lengkap kok, aneka seafood ada, Chinese food jg ada, tongseng kambing pun ada, mantap lah... Cuman porsi nasi nya aza yg dikit bgt, heheh

Rara Annisa (19/05/2018 03:53)
Standard for watching movies but bad service

Yuliza Husnizar (05/05/2018 16:07)
I used to like watching movie here but now the picture quality of this theater is bad. The chairs are not well maintained & the air conditioner does not work properly.

HSD MANJUNATH (20/04/2018 15:29)
Nice place to spent time

Imam Andika (16/04/2018 10:50)
Biasa aja

BOBBILI RAJAKUMAR (11/12/2017 01:26)
Nice place for hang out, taste of food good

EmmY tJia (06/11/2017 03:07)
One of the first cinema in town .... Been renovated nicely

ocha maosawati (12/09/2017 02:26)
Crowded. but they services are good. fast on ordering foods and bavarage

aulia hasanah (05/09/2017 00:50)
Good teater outside mall. Have a foodcourt in the back. And musholla too

Timothy Jevon LIEANDER (18/08/2017 06:01)
Old and smelly cinema, even though it is suitable for those with limited budget..

Tengku Hendry (26/07/2017 13:55)
udah nyaman sekarang nntn disini bareng teman qtau keluarga.. nice

JUSUP Shen (16/07/2017 08:02)
A lot n very variety food.. good place for drinking

abdullah zein (10/07/2017 12:26)
Great place for watching movie

Lily Liurency (09/07/2017 07:13)
Food court 88 TOP for food lovers

Edi Sutoto (22/03/2017 12:22)
Not Recomended

Reuben Blackie (16/03/2017 04:34)
Good place for different types of food in pekanbaru

Febri Anggriawan Widodo (06/03/2017 11:43)
We can watch movies and also have dinner. :)

Rahmawaty Eka Putri (26/02/2017 15:33)
Cheapest ticket will you get to watch movie here. Private parking for its building. Only 3 rooms. There are midnight movie also

wibenson huang (10/02/2017 08:12)
Much much better after renovated

Mohammad (19/08/2016 04:25)
A cheap cinema for college students in this area. There is a nice food court behind this cinema for light beer drinking.

Milianto Kwan (05/12/2016 02:04)

Hadiyan Farid (27/07/2016 11:21)
Murah nyaman

Ahmad Yudi Fevrianto (02/07/2016 02:16)
Great for movie Or just hanging around enjoying local foods

Hamdi Hillman (28/06/2016 10:06)
Best for budget concern theatre

Gidion Livingson (11/06/2016 14:55)
Fair prices, Cozy Cinema, good choices for watching favorite movies with friends or soulmate

wildan hadi putra (07/06/2016 12:41)
Like this place so much. A cheaper way to watch a movie with a good quality

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