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SJS Plaza Padang

Padang, Sumatera Barat
Alamat: Jl. Jhoni Anwar No.1, Ulak Karang Utara, Kec. Padang Utara, Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat 25173, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 853-7573-5474 sjsplaza
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM

Komentar :

Tri Reski Atsumori (15/06/2019 10:35)
The cheapest convinion store in the city, and in this store you can buy the furniture too

Andy Syamsul Ma'arief (04/06/2019 13:53)
vehicle parking space is less extensive

citra dewi ramlia (03/06/2019 09:45)
Complete electronic equipment do you need

Patrician Rizal (06/04/2019 02:04)
A nice place for shopping and have a good service.

Rahma Calista (05/01/2019 04:59)
I like buy my daylineeds there because the price better than other convinience store

Fadilla Arishadea (12/11/2018 12:24)
supermarket termurah dikota padang menurutku sih ini yaa. tempatnya strategis walau suka macet kalo lagi rame karna keseringan ada diskon minyak goreng tiap weekend, jd suka ga kebagian tempat parkir :(

Rika Rozalinda (11/11/2018 16:31)
Tempat nya di pusat kota,gampang dicari. Barang2 ny lebih murah drpd tempat lain. Dan lumayang lemgkap utk sebuah plaza

Khairul Anwar (24/10/2018 09:11)
A good place to buy everything like big supermarket

boniex hardi (23/07/2018 09:27)
Modern shoping experience,good price,warm greeting and friendly staff.

Indah Etika (26/06/2018 12:22)
Verry good. Just need a larger parking lot. The price offered here is much cheaper compared with others.

Erfan Rifai (09/02/2018 07:42)
a quite big three floors mall, where you can find elelectronic products, among others: drinking water dispencers, refrigerators, freezers, televisions (up to 60 inches of size) made by Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, GEA, etc. there is a floor for furnitures and a floor for house appliances and daily products plus a bakery.

Ferry Dwijaya (01/02/2018 08:59)
Nice place to shop, bit of narrow isle. Completely one stop shopping for consumer goods, furniture, electronics, home appliances

puskopdit sumbarinci (30/12/2017 13:54)
This place is a good choice to keep ur money when u're over charged with Bank's admin fees

Rika Roozeno (27/12/2017 11:39)
My favorite place for groceries shop. Friendly price, staff and parking men. Lately, they're providing fresh veggies, meats and fruits as same price as traditional market, but with hygienic packaging. Just love it!!

Muhammad Yudi (15/12/2017 07:21)
so amazing for shoping , many promo in there, easy acces for every one

Humaira Aisyah (04/12/2017 08:16)
Quite good to buy our needs.

Muhammad Rizki (05/10/2017 16:30)
One stop shopping place!

adam sutan indra (28/09/2017 21:23)
Nice place and friendly staff. Many various stuff with compatible prices

Ogy Winenriandhika (18/09/2017 05:59)
One stop shopping

Raja Vacation (29/07/2017 11:17)
Quick shoping, electronics and furniture. You also can find and buy any kichen utensil

Indra Rozi (09/07/2017 13:04)
Good electronics market

Rifaldi Jonas (27/06/2017 11:09)
Nice Place For Shopping

Heru Onggodinata (16/06/2017 07:24)
Narrow car park spaces. Low variety of stores

Wieky Gusta (29/04/2017 05:34)
Good.. cafe in it... good food n drink...

Munawar chalil (28/04/2017 11:25)

randy adrian dwi putra (16/04/2017 19:25)
cheaper than others

Dendi Gusfiandi (11/01/2017 01:53)

aYu PRaMIta (24/12/2016 02:14)
Hunting2 furniture

Amirullah Ibnu Madi (23/09/2016 12:06)
My favourite place to buy groceries! They offer better deals compare to other shops.

arie ronaldo albertha (09/07/2016 16:44)
cheap groceries, easy to park,

Bambang Eko Nugroho (01/07/2016 12:25)
One place that offers its customers with lots of goods.

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