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Mataram Mall

Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat
Alamat: Komp Aphm Cilinaya, Jl. Pejanggik, Cakranegara Barat, Mataram, Cakranegara Bar., Cakranegara, Kota Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83121, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 370 629908
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

jag njaganathan (02/06/2018 07:29)
This is an old mall in mataram lombok,but it has so many tenants that you need,this mall even have a futsal arena upstairs,cinemaxx n richeese will be open soon and have Hero supermarket inside.

Wonder Women (14/05/2018 13:26)
City Shopping Mall
This Mall is good for shooping fashion. Good collection and quality of fashions for Kids, Men and Women, with cheap price. There are KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Mc. Donald, Guardian, breads shop, Appliances, Electronics, Supermarket, Tiara Shoes Shop, unit, cards, and accesories Celluler Phone.
There is unique restaurant that we often visited, named BEGIBUNG. You can bring your kids to play, to ride machine toy animal and train toys.

Sandi Kumara (05/05/2018 13:16)
Mataram mall is the worst mall i ever attend, there is no air cond, people can smoking inside the mall while he is walking around. I will never recommend this mall....

Khairi Habibullah (04/05/2018 06:19)
People can shop here nicely and Begibung resto is available with delicious meals when you are hungry.

luis endrayana (18/04/2018 09:11)
Mall pertama d mataram katanya,, sepiiii
Ga banyak pilihan maupun brand. Food chourtnya kurang, jauh dr kata glamour.
Brand2 kenamaan juga tidak ada.

Masih konsep2 bangunan lama tata ruangnya sepertinya, klo mau jadiin tempat jalan2, nongkrong, kongkow2, sangat kurang disarankan. Bisa dimaklumi..

nanda sakti (09/03/2018 05:50)
A Dying Mall, its in its last breath. I wonder when it will be put on fire (if you know what I mean). Used to be the most popular shopping place, until Epicentrum comes and stole their customer away. Understandable as their standard is much lower than epicentrum. The service offered here is not bad, but obviously not that good. Again, understandable why people stop visiting when theres a much better place to go.

Security isnt guaranteed, there are some cases of stealing. The most known is a case when someone lost their bag of money thats left in their car in the official parking lot (one with tickets). Its filled 80% shopping store, the rest are restaurants, skin care, kids playground, arcade, and futsal field. The entertainment part is subpar and outdated, not to mention that its few in number and variety, makes it abandoned even further. Store variety and brand is too few compared to Lombok Epicentrum Mall. You can find almost everything thats sold here in in LEM but cant the other way around.

The good part is that its price is somewhat competitive. You can come here to compare price of some product especially electronics and smartphone and expect a cheaper one given that you have a good bargaining skill

duido dada (08/03/2018 07:23)
Oldest mall in Mataram. It has the feeling of a market more than a mall. Its small an charming place. In the hero there the prices are higher than in hypermarket but they have a lot of foreign choices.

A few years ago this was the only mall in mataram. Now there are a few.

9Die (24/02/2018 03:28)
it's quite good, and if you want to seeking for cheap game center, you can go to this mall. it's called Fun City. and there are restaurant named Begibung, i really really recommend this restaurant for you

Baik Yuliana Wiranata (22/02/2018 07:50)
Nice place for hang out with your friends or your family. But more than mall it's like traditional market. You will enjoy it

Janies Cahyono (08/11/2017 09:42)
The mall is very quiet and only few visitors. There is a lot of store already closed.

Mohamed Alhashmi (03/11/2017 12:22)
A big mall with 4 levels.
There is kids playground at lvl 4.
The prices are good, some are cheap and some not.
i liked paparoti in the entrance of the mall.

nifri kudo18 (06/10/2017 17:21)
Before lombok epicentrum mall was built, Mataram mall is the only one mall in lombok.
Facilities and access is good enough. Price and quality of things is good

фаируз зуррикй (26/09/2017 19:21)
Well, I'm not a local people in Lombok. But I think this is the oldest Mall in Mataram, I've visited this Mall when i was 15. Which is 4 years ago, and now there are 3 new Malls in Mataram (LCC, LEM, and TransMart)... you'll be missed Mataram Mall.

Jonas G (22/09/2017 08:44)
Very interesting and busy place. You can buy very cheap, also there's a big offer of fake brand clothes :)

Nastassia Bürkert (09/09/2017 08:22)
There is the first really good supermarket I've seen in Indonesia. But nothing more to recommend.

Niko Panunggal (31/08/2017 02:58)
The first and oldest shopping mall in the town. If you're looking for a one stop shopping without the typical shopping mall crowd of people, this is probably the best place you can find in the town

Timbul Siregar (14/07/2017 11:13)
We were here at 12 july 2017
Building management need to be trained seriously about how to maintenance and modernize this venue.
No catchy food court reserved.
Hero supermarket, kfc, and mac donald are the "anker".
Very dirty Elevator, toilete, and environment.
Water park they call water boom... :(

Its not deserve to be called as mall

Rered Liu (27/06/2017 07:40)
Old and low tire shopping mall, nothing for you if you are a tourist, except a few hiking equipment shops. Lombok Epicentrum Mall is definitely a better choose.

Sam Aranta (21/06/2017 06:50)
Biggest store in Lombok and still have over price, but if you want to explore more it's well worth to get there

Aendy Da Saint (14/06/2017 11:19)
It's still a nice place to go in Mataram. It has Moko Donuts, KFC, McD, and Hero Supermarket.

Adrian Evetts (25/05/2017 08:03)
Mataram Mall is the oldest Mall in Lombok with specialty shops selling quality price ticketed goods of all types. It has 4 floors in an atrium style building all well maintained. No bargaining required. There is a selection of restaurants and cafes, McDonalds, KFC, a large supermarket, a departmental store, white goods, toy shops and electronics plus a range of kiosks on the ground floor etc etc etc. Well worth going to if you are looking to buy almost anything.

Andreas Makus (23/05/2017 07:41)
Quite a disappointing little mall, not much to see or do besides the little shops. McDonalds and KFC are cheap, though.

Silvia Walti (04/05/2017 11:52)
Big shopping mall. Nice store inside for buying fresh vegetables and fruits. They also sell alcohol ;-)

Benedek Nagy (03/04/2017 16:14)
Cheap and easy shopping mall with the only one Mcdonalds in town. If you want to buy something, just go there.. You will find everything

Lukman Hadi (21/03/2017 12:28)
Mataram Mall is the first big supermarket located in the heart of Mataram city. They are so many store in inside with different goods starting from electronic store, T - shirt store, Food and Beverage store, Book store, Rip curl store and so on . ATM was easy to find in inside of the Mall. They open start from 09.30am to 21.00pm. If you stay in Senggigi area just take 30 minute by Car or Scooter and taxi service available in both area. KFC, McDonald's even they are some restaurant serve local food or Lombok food with infinity parking area located in front and back side area, will made you more comfort and this very worthy to visit in order to full fill your's needed.

damayanti ekaningsih (04/03/2017 03:59)
1st shopping mall in NTB, a lot of stuff with reasonable price, especially for the electronics and handphones you can find it more cheaper than the others store sale

Simon S (04/03/2017 03:47)
lot of empty shops, parking site ist a little bit stupid to leave. Shops are not bad though, fixed priced, tons of clothes, you can spend a day here. avoid the toilets, however, not very clean.

Yanuar Arafat (18/02/2017 23:25)
Even almost all tenant have moved to Lombok epicentrum mall or Lombok city centre Mataram mall still one of the best one stop shopping place. The KFC is 24 hours.

Roz Pt (31/10/2016 12:52)
I've shopped at the Mall since 2007..I know where everything is..almost! Admittedly it was not clean in early days..there's been huge restructuring. .what a big difference it's made and I think it's made shopping more pleasant ..people friendly and security is good. Cannot complain about anything. Oh and not short of cafe's..I enjoy a coffee with cake after my shopping, most enjoyable ! Everything I want is there..that includes Hero's.. I rate Mataram Mall as Excellent 😊

Arief Rachman Ashar (22/08/2016 09:40)
Might be the only shopping center in Lombok. It's not well maintained and there's not much to see, but I'm not expecting more. I think the most attractive tenant is the Hero Supermarket in the ground floor. But I guess people are not coming to Lombok to see malls.

Leo Giovanni (20/08/2016 04:36)
Until 2015,it was the only shopping mall in town. The stores on average sell lower-middle class of stuff. There are supermarket,handphone stores,clothing,food stalls.

Maddi Djara (06/08/2016 16:33)
It is Hero that keeps it attractive. To my experience, it has more complete stuff than others. Bag shops on the 4th floor offers good quality bags, with lower price. Other than that, nothing to see.

Ikhlas Putra Jaya (02/06/2016 03:40)
Mall pertama di mataram

Fandi g (17/05/2016 08:16)
It was very famous mall when its age. There are foodcourts, swalayan, matahari, atm center, quite large parking lot. But, there isnt theater.

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