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Front One Hotel Jayapura

Jayapura, Papua
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Kompleks Ruko Jayapura C 39, Jalan Pacific Permai, Bayangkara, Jayapura Utara, Bayangkara, Jayapura Utara, Kota Jayapura, Papua 991112, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 967 535535

Komentar :

Yusuf Setiawan Syukur (17/05/2018 16:03)
Location wise.. not too bad breakfast..

marhatmadi purwanto (06/05/2018 18:46)
Room is smaller for the same price, but the rooftop place is good for viewing during night time.

Muhamad Ari Retiarno (01/05/2018 13:48)
Nice place, view to harbour of Jayapura

Laura Tanujaya (28/04/2018 09:25)
Good location. Bad quality of hotel. I ordered for double bed but they gave me twin bed and insisted i ordered twin. Check in process very long. Laundry not available all time because they use outsource team.

Imanuel Rumkorem (30/01/2018 08:45)
On the top of hotel you'll find a nice pub with beautiful views

Edick Toemenggoeng (18/01/2018 17:49)
The roof is cool. But the hotel is awful. Deluxe room so tiny..unworthed!

nata dhani (14/12/2017 05:21)
The location is good, it is located in downtown Jayapura, just a walk to Yosefa's Bay. But the breakfast food is not quite to my taste, it was rather bland, even though they served Inodonesian Food, maybe they should try serving Papua's original food. But if you go to Jayapura for bussiness trip, i think this hotel will do, plus the price is affordable compared to other syndicated hotel In Jayapura

Panji Ismail Akbar (31/10/2017 14:58)
Good budget hotel. This is new building. I like the sea view from 10 floors. You can find bar at top building.

Archimedes Daely (26/10/2017 19:50)
A new hotel in the heart of Jayapura. Plenty of food option near hotel. Clean enough for you to rest especially if you want to avoid scorching heat at noon. The hotel staffs are not well trained. The waiter has forgotten my order and made me wait for almost one hour.

George Adriaansz (18/11/2017 19:06)
Located on the opposite direction of SwissBell hotel, new building and room, value of money, surrounded by various food courts, top view and restaurant, and strategic location

Agustinus Prabowo (26/10/2017 06:11)
Budget hotel with wondeful view at roof top

Royhul Akbar (28/09/2017 08:29)
Oke lah, rate tinggi view ok

K Nugroho (30/08/2017 07:37)
small but nice hotel

Agus Jippro (29/08/2017 20:19)
Nice view from rooftop.

Livendri Irvarizal (08/07/2017 16:49)

Arief Wicaksono (26/05/2017 10:56)
It has nice rooftop restaurant. My friend said, the room is too small, even for minimalist type of hotel

mr juki (20/05/2017 18:00)
Lumayan menghemat kantong sih...

priyanto naka (15/04/2017 05:26)
Hotelnya bersih, pelayanan bagus

Shaufan Husnika (08/04/2017 17:12)
Prime location....

putry cheny (06/04/2017 20:05)
Pelayanannya luar biasa,nyaman selain itu front one terletak di Propinsi Papua di Indonesia. Memiliki fasilitas yang cukup baik..tempat akses yg sangat mudah keberbagai pusat bisnis..

Leonard Craig (31/03/2017 00:12)
Average hotel located across Swissbell. The room was good enough, but the facilities are minimum. Located in walking distance to banks (Mandiri, BCA, and BNI) and food stall. Just opened in the end of March 2017. A lot of improvement needed

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