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Festival Citylink Bandung

Cimahi, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Peta No.241, Suka Asih, Bojongloa Kaler, Suka Asih, Bojongloa Kaler, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40232, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 22 6128577
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Ismi Ayu Syiyami (16/05/2018 23:14)
The perfect place for refreshing our mind. This mall give you a comfortable, unique and cozy place to eat at food court in 4th floor. We can also see Bandung from the high, it's very beautiful!
The price for the meal is standard. There are so many stores too, like Eiger, Yamaha, body shop,, etc.

Silver Surfer (16/05/2018 04:34)
Nice shopping mall at the south of Bandung... There are two hotels attached to the mall, and quite near from tol gate... its a convinience environment especially for guest who come to Bandung just for leisure time...

Eric Yakub (03/05/2018 09:24)
You will find everything in here. They have a lot of parking space. They usually have weekend activities here

herry cahyadi (02/05/2018 11:26)
Nice room. Clean tidy. Though its quite far from any holiday spot

Shie Fung Siauw (20/04/2018 15:05)
The mall is lively and very crowded in the weekend. If you drive, I suggest you come before 11AM as you might have a hard time looking for a parking spot. You should find what you're looking for over there. Lotte Mart is located at the lowest floor.

Ika Soepardi (06/04/2018 13:44)
I loved to hang out here. It's a big shopping mall, clean, nice place to hangout with friend, meet the client. The foodcourt had large area, we can choose many kind of food with variety of prices.

Bima Setianegara (29/03/2018 08:03)
Familiar tenats and a lot of parking spaces. Suitable for children. But I will like to see the traffic flow better. Because this time really bother me if I want to exit the mall when somebody else want to enter.

Daniel Wijaya (28/03/2018 02:09)
I rarely come here unless have something to do. It was located outside the popular area. Plus side, traffic is low but there is nothing to look other than the mall. Ambient inside is quite relaxing, not too crowded. Parking area for motorcycle quite confusing.

Yonathan Kurniawan (08/03/2018 12:26)
The letter mart was quite big and have a lot of variety item and there is some korean product that can only be found at the lotte mart.. They have cinema.. The cinema wasn't that big but the inclination of the studio is very comfy.. Last but not least they have a huge food court with some of the street snack and variety of small food vendor.. If you looking for something nice they have quite some choice of restaurant that you can go for..

Bee Yay (19/02/2018 22:13)
Probably they have everything in here, home appliances, electronics, books, foods, clothes, toys, anything you or your family members want is available. there's also a cinema on the upper floor so make sure to visit the cinema and enjoy the movie, especially a nice quality Indonesian movie (support Indonesian movie!)
on the lower floor you can find a supermarket so you can also buy groceries here and fill up your kitchen's drawer and refrigerator

Rosmeilan Siagian (26/11/2017 03:17)
One of the reasonable places in town to visit for families. The food & kid's games are my family's most favorite things.

Aditya Saputro (23/11/2017 12:08)
Complete definition of Mall, one stop shopping, entertainment, sport center, and leisure..they also offer free parking for lotte mart shoppers..the location also easy to find..for tourist, there are also have hotel..

David Tan (11/11/2017 12:05)
Best shopping mall. Lots of food and many things to buy. Best place for the family to enjoy every weekend. :)

Sou S (13/10/2017 04:16)
Good shopping centre with the best food court ambience in the city. Parking lot is plentiful (although can still be full during weekends). Definitely recommended.

Ismi Ayu Syiyami (07/10/2017 07:34)
The perfect place for refreshing our mind. This mall give you a comfortable, unique and cozy place to eat at food court in 4th floor. We can also see Banding from the high, it's very beautiful!
The price for the meal is standard. There are so many stores too. Like Eiger, Yamaha, body shop,, etc.

Joel Abednego (18/09/2017 16:23)
Good place to spend your weekends. Got many modern cafes with affordable prices. But not the best place to go shopping.

Rita Purwita (13/09/2017 14:52)
A good ambience shoping mal with big enough mosque for moslem ti pray while doing activity at mal

Vera Agustina (04/09/2017 03:55)
This shopping mall has groceries store, which is become the main attraction of this shopping mall in my opinion. The parking lot is sufficient for car even on weekend.

Winarni 6670 (30/08/2017 21:01)
Easy to access, near highway, plenty parking lots, and easy to park despite its rather curvy entrance for basement / upper parking area. Nice shops and hallways

utami dewi fauzi (15/07/2017 01:18)
This place all in one, you can buy some clothes, watch movie or just hang out and enjoy the view and food

Naomi Chrysantia (30/06/2017 18:14)
A mall with nice foodcourt and lottemart. And now they have a nice large kids playground near the cinema.

Luisa Munster (30/06/2017 01:38)
I love it just because I stayed at the hotel that's connected with the mall. It's easier for us to buy anything we need. And soon the mall will have starbucks.

zakia putri (29/06/2017 10:18)
Favorite place to visit because there is a mosque in there. The cinema really good. Many types of food can choose. The parking area also good

Hengky Budiman (25/06/2017 05:09)
The best mall in south bandung. Has fitness centre, cinemas, and karaoke. Integrated with Harris and Pop Hotel

intelli design (08/05/2017 12:11)
What can I say, shopping food and entertainment in one place. Quite affordable with many variety of choice.

Farisa Ulfa (02/05/2017 13:40)
Looking for a good restaurant with so many menu option? Looking for fashion? Looking for fun game or watching movie? This place provide everything we're looking for :p

Anggi Swastika Wijaya (07/04/2017 12:37)
A good place surrounded by Harris Hotel & Convention, public transportation. You can find middle end fashion and casual food here, cozy cafe and foodcourt with good view and reasonable price.

asuda dinaur (28/03/2017 11:25)
I think it has the second best food court Mall in Bandung. Great view, reasonable prices. Usually crowded with high schoolers on weekdays and familieson weekends. Spacious parking space.

nada afifah (22/03/2017 01:54)
it's a nice place for shopping and hangout.. the place is so cozy. you can find anything you need. book, studio photo, cinema, food court, restaurant, department store. it's a great place for windowshopping too

Romy Hadi (07/03/2017 10:54)
Good place for hangout. A lot of tenant inside this mall and if you need to stay in Bandung, this place also have hotel next to this mall with affordable price.

Ekki Siswanto (27/02/2017 23:01)
One of the best mall in east bandung. Highly recommended for they who loves about korean culture (lotte mart)

Cecep Sihabudin (12/02/2017 09:19)
This mall is very complete. You can Find food court,lottemart,acehardware and cinemas alsa. So it is very com portabel to Spend time here with family

Vicynthia Tjahjadi (10/01/2017 08:32)
There are many things we can do here. We may watch movies, eat some kind of foods and buy apparels. We also may buy our groceries and home furniture needs here below. There is also Yamaha Music School in case if people want to bring their child to learn music.

However, the food from the food court somehow is not delicious enough for me although the price is not expensive.

Jeanne Yonne (03/01/2017 14:25)
Spacious mall & carpark, clean, many variety of stores. There is supermarket, food court with stage for live music, link to Hotel , Cinema, some public seats for old people & disability people. Overall it's comfortable for spending time here.

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