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Mitra Keluarga East Bekasi Hospital

Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Pengasinan, Rawa Semut, Margahayu, Bekasi Tim., Bekasi Timur, Jawa Barat 17113, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 21 89999222
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Khusus Iklan (18/04/2018 06:43)
As of April 2018, this hospital is still CROWDED and EXPENSIVE. And also, although this hospital is already computerized since a long time ago, the service queue is TOO SLOW. BAD ADMINISTRATION. And yes, all patients must PAY FIRST, and to pay we usually have to wait for quite a LONG TIME. The steps for PAYING and TAKING medicines (Pharmacy Unit) also takes a VERY LONG TIME. There are some nearby alternative hospitals other than this, such as the newer Awal Bros Hospital, it is far better than this one.

Ibk Sanjaya (24/03/2018 08:11)
Crowded..long queu for everything..will choose other hospital if possible

Ajeng illastria Rosalina (19/03/2018 12:51)
Super crowded, bad administration scheme, valet is the only bright side

yosua petrus (22/12/2017 18:29)
BIG NO for this hospital!!!!
Dont waste your time and money.

Firman Syahputra (14/12/2017 05:40)
Easy to access on bekasi timur centre town and feel hospitality be here

Matrixs Guardian (03/11/2017 06:45)
Good hospital,good serving..I like being here,buat I don't like if ILL..

Matrixs Guardian (03/11/2017 06:45)
Good hospital,good serving..I like being here,buat I don't like if ILL..

Vergos eaglenick (16/09/2017 09:33)
Good service, good room and nurse very kind

Erry Deodata (02/08/2017 08:46)
Good room and friendly staff

zaenal asikin (29/06/2017 02:33)
Good servis..

purnama 9000 (13/06/2017 06:42)
Have an experience when my beloved wife take an operation on held by dr Andi Dharma.

aji muhajir rizqi (06/06/2017 06:42)
Order ok

Tetty B (04/05/2017 20:39)
My father was admitted on January 2016 for stroke.
While my younger brother has no medical training he communicated with me through Skype and phone daily updating my father's condition.
My father was admitted for a month, at first he received stellar care from both team (physicians and nurses). We spent a lot of money on the first two weeks when my father was at ICU.
After they found out we were a bit low on funds the physicians gave us less stellar attention. Knowing that both my younger brother and I were working on trying to keep my father staying at the hospital and working on the cost, together, they didn't give us a peace of mind. They knew we were trying to find the best care for our Dad and also trying to fund the expenses. Regardless the team at Mitra Keluarga didn't care and didn't try to give us peace of mind and didn't try to comfort us.
Instead physicians kept pushing us to purchase medications that were expensive, and kept telling my younger brother "the what if" situation. At some point one of the doctor suggested us to go and find cheaper hospital and suggested us to move our father to public hospital.
At this point we had spent millions of rupiah and were trying to find the best solution.

It is very sad to see that the Healthcare providers at Mitra Keluarga have no compassion and only care about bringing the profits to the hospital.
They don't live up to their mission and vision. They are not true caregivers at heart.
They don't have compassion for the vulnerable and poor and have no intention to help the community.

They should change their mission and vision "Melayani Dengan Hati" to " Melayani Dengan Hati---if you have money"

Sadly we lost our father on November 2016.

Despite bad experience we had, we would like to thank few of nurses who came to our home and helped my younger brother cared for my Dad.
I will not recommend Mitra Keluarga to friends and family.
I am not quite sure either how compliance are they with their policies and patient safety. As far as I can tell they refused to place my Dad on ICU after they found out that we were low on cash.

They don't put patient's safety first, they are not compliance with their promises as care givers.

Aside of few nurses who were very kind and nice to my father I say thank you to them, but I will not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Trip Ina (22/04/2017 10:56)
Pelayanan nya standar rumah sakit. Ramah, tapi minim senyum :)

Mala Siregar (07/04/2017 11:46)
So bad! Slow service! So many nurses but seems not giving maximum services. My mom as a patient over there in fresia floor, ready to leave room since 12pm. Just waiting for payment process from finance and thats took 6 hours until 6pm. those nurses blame on the finance division and also the insurance but actually they are so slow and useless. Do nothing. They put a blame on insurance which actually after I call insurance the hospital havent put the document until 5pm. After i confirmed to finance, the staff said the nurse just put doc about 16.59 pm which mean 5pm. Sorry, I could say, this hospital have many nurses in each floor but thats seems useless because they put a blame each other and lack of coordination. Please my request for hospital, just hire the good people to serve patient. Thank you.

Yusuf Dewi (23/02/2017 02:23)

Gb Jkt (13/01/2017 02:06)

Benny Budiman (22/11/2016 03:04)
Good and Nice Hospital, highly managed, also expensive.

Rizaldy Muchlis (20/11/2016 05:23)
Good service, but little expensive than standard hospital

Sapto Putro (26/10/2016 10:59)
nice services and well managed administration

nizam alfakhrizy (16/10/2016 02:03)

sonnyde snydez (08/08/2016 08:16)
the street headed this hospital is very crowded

Helon Sitepu (19/06/2016 17:24)
Parkirnya luas

andrex maulana (02/04/2016 10:07)
Bolak balik kesini mulu. Gak ada Rs yg representatif lg di Bekasi Timur.

Yopi Sylvarezqie (17/10/2015 07:20)

Faris Basalamah (26/02/2015 10:10)
Excelent Hospital services

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