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Bekasi railway station

Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Pusdiklat Raya No.7, Marga Mulya, Bekasi Utara, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17143, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 03:35)
It was my first time riding the Commuter Line from Jakarta Selatan (Kebayoran Station) to Bekasi Station north, and it was an easy experience. Staff are friendly and helped me get on the right train, and also answered a few other questions I had. The restrooms were also clean, and the direction signs inside are accurate and helpful.

TheWhiteTeam (06/04/2018 05:58)
U can use the KRL here to move to other city

Randy (22/03/2018 09:15)
Bekasi Station (BKS) is a train station located in the city of Bekasi, West Java. The station is at an altitude of 19 meters above sea level. This station serves the commuter in Jabotabek area and as also for the regional train to Cikampek and Purwakarta.

Salty Pancake (26/02/2018 03:24)
Nice station, clean and quiet. Bad news is theres no conven store or vending machine (nope only 1).

Wenny Marentina (14/01/2018 13:27)
Crazy long queue. Better to use e-payment (e.g flaa, emoney, brizzy, etc) dont use comuter line card. The queue was longer than the picture i took. Outside station smell really bad.

triyanto prabowo (01/11/2017 09:32)
one of the busiest station for commuter line to Jakarta. Spacious parking lot for motorbike but still full everyday. This place currently the last station for commuter line from Jakarta before Cikarang station will be operated soon.

triyanto prabowo (01/11/2017 09:32)
one of the busiest station for commuter line to Jakarta. Spacious parking lot for motorbike but still full everyday. This place currently the last station for commuter line from Jakarta before Cikarang station will be operated soon.

kallista kargi (23/10/2017 06:36)
Commuter line is my favorite. Rush hour can make me fly~ i mean its very crowded even can't feel your feet on floor

Alina Putri (01/10/2017 04:10)
You can take a round trip from bekasi to jakarta kota from this station. Upcoming : Commuter Line to Cikarang

Nino C. (18/09/2017 08:36)
This station with 5 line of rail ways (5 perons) is too crowded, from the parking area to the entrance area to the waiting area. Maybe it's because the station is very popular and very helpful for those who are going to Jakarta from Bekasi (and avoiding traffic jam when using other public transportation). The station it self is lack of public eating place, either it's just coffee or snack or small café you won't find them here. Need more improvement on convinience​ such as seating and waiting area (some seating around peron area are made from just an Iron bar/rail way bar). Waiting area also lacking of trash bin.

-Asmin Ciu -wwwGudangCikarangCom (11/09/2017 04:18)
better now than before. better clean, no sales hop on hop off into the train

arif firmansah (31/08/2017 14:04)
Too crowded.. the street is too narrow for the busy station. Parking area also needs to be managed well

gebaskaras (23/08/2017 05:43)
I always here like almost everyday, but this place still doesn't have any significant progress day by day.
- Bad management for parking area

- one of the worst traffic jam in town due to many public transportation (angkot) that stopping by offhandedly,

- no cafe/minimarker in station area (you have to step outside the station)

theresia artantri (14/08/2017 00:39)
Crowded at office hour but better than last year not late anymore

Dian Adriani (27/06/2017 10:37)
Better facilities, especially the toilets and digital information boards, helpfull and informative PT. KAI's employees, so dont worry if you wanna go by train from this station.

Kukuh Prayogo (13/06/2017 01:48)
Its good there's a station of commuter line in Bekasi but unfortunately the location is very crowded. Traffic jam occurs every time and uncontrollable. It's does'nt has vast parking lot

Tirto Wibowo (31/05/2017 22:36)
I wonder why at peak hours theres only 2 lockets opened, long line for ticket on every peak hours

Seto Elkahfi (19/04/2017 01:35)
Modern. Salah satu stasiun yang paling bagus kondisinya.

Parlin Pakpahan (06/03/2017 11:00)

Bekasi Railway Station had been getting so good. Only the less is the junction linking the Bulan-Bulan with the northern ring road Bekasi, where many housing. But this problem can be solved at least in the presence of complex Summarecon connecting with all existing areas in Bekasi.

Train service is now modern and digital world and this is very helpful queue original length becomes shorter.

Indeed the most important in the public service are shortening the service time and I'm sure the public service train in Bekasi will be increase in the future.

Reza Maghraby (09/02/2017 01:03)
The main and vital place for bekasis and bekabro

Rahmatika Lumbardo (06/02/2017 00:32)
Good enough. But at times it is too crowded.

Humada Alfian (18/01/2017 01:55)
1. Toilet near, available and clean
2. Friendly guard
3. Has many ATM and automatic gate system
1. Located on crowded area that's do not accommodate car and motor
2. The line still doesn't has much information

tegartsaputra (25/11/2016 16:02)
It's clean and comfy. Has a good toilet and the platform is large. The diesel locomotives is usually pass through the platform. Like it!

Fransiscus Sales (09/10/2016 15:18)
Clean and have a direction. Have 2 gateway from south and north. Have big parking lot. Still in a development.

Wisnu Agung (03/07/2016 13:37)
Parkir terbatas.

Joddy Krisnadi (15/06/2016 15:20)
Rame stasiunnya

Dwi Aryanto Wibowo (30/05/2016 09:40)
Adem tempatnya

Yofanca Meinofilsa (09/03/2016 07:01)
CIMB, BCA , BNI, Mandiri

Heru Oktrivano (08/12/2015 08:35)
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