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Jambuluwuk Batu Resort & Convention Hall

Batu, Jawa Timur
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jalan Trunojoyo No.99, Songgokerto, Batu, Songgokerto, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur 65312, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 341 512999
Web: bookings/ indexpackdetail?propertyId=MjMx&individual=true

Komentar :

Mr 420 (29/05/2018 10:46)
I came here just to look around for like around 30 mins, and i think overall it is a good place, but i think u have to take the stairs if you want to go to the rooms, and it's pretty high. So if u have problem with your feet u might reconsider again if u planned to stay here.

Raara Tiara (15/05/2018 15:44)
Great resort, great services, great view, and good food. Price is a little bit expensive but its clean, cool and comfortable environment.

devinda cahyadi (11/05/2018 23:14)
This is a perfect place for staying for a long time. They have kitchen's cabinet and utensils. They even welcomed you really well! I got cookies as their welcome gift to us

M. Arifin (25/04/2018 23:13)
Excellent services, good view, good staffs, nice place, nice F&B, over all is good, two thumbs up.

Anton illath (21/04/2018 22:37)
Good view, but service level not so good

Airin Levina (19/04/2018 12:07)
Great place to stay, very comfortable with cool environment. Big venue, it's suitable when you have a big event. The food is taste good. It's eassy to find in normal traffic. There are many facilities there such as park, sport area, meeting rooms, etc.

elisabet irma (05/04/2018 02:41)
Love the place, the views, weather and its cozy, a bit pricey but is worth it. But honestly, the old menu is better than the new menu( the foods ). Hopefully they'll bring back the old one :)

Bagus Krisbianto (02/04/2018 14:14)
Great place to stay. Cool environment. Here they provided your basic daily need.

Azk Entertainment (20/03/2018 07:26)
Going out for rides with my friends and having lunch or dinner at a roadside hotel - that's my favourite time-pass.

Srijani Tjakranegara (15/02/2018 14:11)
Hotel's surrounding very nice. Good view from our room. Room not so clean, only bath towel and amenities at bathroom, so after shower got wet everywhere.
Food quiet nice, BF has a lot of choises. Staff not well training, i think.
I ordered crispy fish for dinner, they served at 5.30 and already cool. So sad......

Ria Kristiana Wernicke (23/01/2018 16:02)
Beautiful view, spacious villa. We stayed Mon-Thu, good value during weekdays. Facilities a little bit dated, but still mostly clean. They had 3 pools, the one nearest our 3BR deluxe was not so clean, a bit murky. Restaurant has good food w even better view.

Sandy Kusuma (03/12/2017 12:54)
Great family resort, we could do many different things inside the resort. The food was good, great tasting and cook properly

Crowl Back (27/11/2017 23:12)
A hilly and spacey hotel, so expect to walk a lot. Service is good but I think they should put the price much lower for the same facility or I just didn't appreciate room made from wood that much 😂😂

Agung B. Kristiawan (26/11/2017 20:11)
The most beautiful place that you can see Batu City from here. They also have a wonderful pool where you can swim all the time. I already posted on my YouTube while I was swimming in that time, click here

Panji Laksmana (26/11/2017 05:19)
Nice hotel with super charming employee, but when I stayed there there is one problem in Villa Merauke, the electrical was always short when I tried to charge my battery phone. I was calling maintenance service but didn't solve, so sad. 😫

Ela Garini (26/10/2017 23:26)
So beautiful resort and landscape. Located in the hills area whereby offering a beautiful view of citylights at night. A very clean and well maintained Villa. Absolutely will going back to stay there !

Michael Sheen (25/09/2017 01:15)
Good place good view but overvalue compare to its facilities

Pieter Stephanus (25/08/2017 17:37)
Great scenery, each cottage architecture represents different islands in Indonesia. The plus side is, it has it's own water heater. Hence, no low pressure water, hot, or cold.

Ratna Kristina (18/08/2017 08:08)
As a resort, Jambuluwuk nails it!! Great place with majestic view, great breakfast, good rooms and bathrooms. They even have kitchen and lounge inside their villas!

But you really have to think twice if you want to use it as convention venue... The sound system was bad, the LCD projector was bad, and the banquet service was disappointing..

Irena Maureen (13/08/2017 10:45)
The location is excellent, the services are great.. we asked the shuttle driver and he could answer the questions about the place nicely..

Hendry Irvin (18/07/2017 23:28)
It's a very good resort. I like the view that they offer. Food is just average to be honest.

Dhiajeng Izzah (17/07/2017 08:35)
Nice place to vacation with my family. Nice service too. Very clean and green room.

Aji Priyambodo (07/07/2017 19:04)
Feel the trully Batu City in here, Jambuluwuk Hotel.. Awesome scenery with fresh air in all day long.. Full facilities, really enjoy this!

Alan Tj. (23/06/2017 19:05)
Nice and simple place, they have a fireplace inside the house. Food need to walk pretty far from some villa(s)

Juveno Ongkar (25/05/2017 16:38)
Awesome villa and awesome club house.
Its nice and quiet place. Very private

They also offer flying fox game, pond fishing

Agoeng Soeprijadi (24/04/2017 05:57)
Above avarage for cotage abd resort

Noni Shintyadita (25/03/2017 07:10)
Totally awesome ! Spent 5 days here and got a brand new mind, body and soul. Complete facilities, helpful staffs, wonderful scenery. Wanna come again for next trip.

Anto Prasetyo (20/03/2017 10:29)
Awesome villas with great view. Gets a bit chilli at night. The service was great, but the food was mediocre at best. There were'nt a lot of things to do when you're there so better bring some cards and boardgames.

Muhammad Farizh (28/02/2017 12:31)
Very recomended resort in east java, very class.. maybe next time anymore will be here again.

Mr Zhang (08/12/2016 06:04)
The hotel very old and spooky. Room smell weird of old wooden. Price too expensive.

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