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Bcs Mall

Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Klasifikasi: Mall dan Department Store
Alamat: Jalan Bunga Raya, Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29442, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 778 7435000
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Sashimi (04/06/2018 16:43)
A good place to shop for cheap clothes. Hundreds of clothes shops but don't expect any really good quality ones. What you pay is what you get. Went to a salon to wash hair which was 2 SGD. Super cheap and worth. Would've spent more time here if my dad could walk more. One thing is hard to find large clothing.

Maya Asmara (22/05/2018 13:25)
I like that it's not too crowded. A lot of choices for restaurant and clothing. Easy to reach.

Audrey Sun (10/05/2018 20:40)
One of the Malls that I will be sure to visit whenever I visit Batam.
As a frequent traveler to Batam.
I strongly recommend: A2 food court. (Right beside bus shopping mall)
If you are here, do go to: The Smith for nice desserts and cakes/Mille Crepes.
Other Malls you should visit: Nagoya Hill

Daniel Hendri (04/05/2018 17:33)
Good mall to do shopping and eating. But prices are rather targetted towards tourists who have higher purchasing power and less for locals.
The Nom Nom Thai tea is a must try

Key Vin (03/05/2018 12:27)
One of the most popular shopping mall in Batam Island. But the stores inside mainly sell clothes & accessories. On the fourth four can find a lot of restaurants and on the fifth floor there are cinema & karaoke centre.

Kam On sian (10/04/2018 10:25)
The best, ada 1 toko namanya toko Huge's cocok banget untuk kita2 yang berukuran lebih. Saya pakai baju ukuran XL celana saya ukuran 32. Dan ternyata saya hanya pakai ukuran paling kecil di toko Huge's ini. Untuk atasan tersedia sampai 6xl, untuk celana tersedia ukuran paling besar no44. Pokoknya borong deh, semua nya bagus2. Happy shopping

E. Nugroho (08/04/2018 14:59)
One of the crowded mall in Batam. Lots of shops, lots of restaurants. The supermarket on the ground floor is one of the cheapest in Batam, and store unique items. I would say this is the second after Nagoya Hill mall which is the biggest mall.

nor riszuan (30/03/2018 15:17)
Good place to makan. Nearest to the port. Malaysian food to Indonesian food. There is even wendy restaurant there

威榮 (18/03/2018 00:37)
Interesting place for finding a lot of clothes.. You will never out of choices for finding a new style whether its shoes or shirt even pants.. Never out of date.. And also have a lot of unique culinary here such as korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine also.. Very suitable for family enjoying their weekends

benua nusantara (20/02/2018 17:23)
There's always something going on at BCS.

Batam City Square is a deceptively large shopping mall offering a wide variety of goods.

The basement area is dedicated mostly to mobile phones and accessories with several small hubs plying for your trade. What is very useful here is that BCS is wheel chair friendly as there is access for wheel chairs from the basement car park via conveyer escalators and lifts.

There is a very popular supermarket for groceries on the 1st floor as well as bakery and a specialist cake stall.

The first floor also has an atrium area where there's always something going on. The noise tough does tend to be a little too much at times.

For the most part BCS caters for those looking for smaller shops. Watches, hand bags and clothes make up a major part of what's on offer but with so many smaller retailers there's a bargain around every corner.

Kimberly Chan (15/12/2017 19:14)
BETTER THAN NAGOYA MALL! Things are cheaper, more up to date and food and massage is really cheaper in this part if Batam! BSC mall is a great place to buy kids clothes.

Darius Walker (08/12/2017 20:50)
Nice mall, good variety of shops, fairly organized structure. Would have gotten more stars but for a single linguist tourist it was a bit hard to communicate. That however is my fault.

Debby Yuni anita andri (02/12/2017 09:59)
Bcs has a lot of good fashion store and restaurant. I enjoyed here. And their park area also good.

Sahan Dissanayake (29/11/2017 14:43)
Good variety of shops here, mostly clothes, shoes and accessories, upper floors houses many cafes with TOP CLASS COFFEE (Yes! Top class, I mean, really good coffee) food is nice too BUT in almost all the cafes and restaurants the service is annoyingly SLOW! Don't be surprised if it takes 30 mins to serve you one dish!

Tan William (21/11/2017 10:20)
Big mall with wide range of stuffs available for all walks of life here. If you're buying toys for your kids, you'll appreciate a couple of toy shops that specialize in that, and stocks stuffs like dolls, models, electric-powered cars, just to name a few - basically it's big haven for kids to go crazy. 🤣

The lower ground is full of adult electronic gadgets - mobile phones, sim cards, phone accessories, while the ground floor has a supermarket (they call it Hypermart), money changers, small eateries, miscellaneous shops, that I find the layout similar to other popular malls in town.

Shops right outside opposite the mall are mostly eateries and money changers, generally the mall and surroundings is popular with many people all time round. And there's a huge food court (a2 food court) nearby that offers a wide variety of street food housed under 1 area.

aries sulaiman (01/10/2017 21:39)
good places.. good food.. good market... what you need is here..

Kenlynz Chen (26/08/2017 09:36)
Shopping mall that is located Baloi near Nagoya. You can purchase stuff. Such as clothes, bags, accessories,electronics,etc. Cinema, various culinary also can be grabbed here. Pretty good to visit..

joshua hwang (20/08/2017 12:59)
Great for every day necessities, supermarket may be smaller than other places but the prices are much more affordable. Dining options cater to local tastes and are affordable and delectable. Located very near to hotels (a 5 minute walk away). Ambience may not be great as it is a little run down, however, it serves its purpose well.

Wandi Ong (13/08/2017 19:53)
A lot of food n beverage stall to be enjoyed
If you are aikatsu fan. You can try to go to bowling to play it (it's not bowling game. But bowling entertainment place like timezone)

Plenty stuff to buy, and pretty easy to reach
You won't regret it to come to this place

Bonadea Visa (22/07/2017 19:33)
Today is the best day ever. Go to bowling for the 1st time is my favorite part.

Michael Toh K S (22/07/2017 03:45)
Cheap n nice things to find. Great food n entertainment.

Buss Elton Cahya Waisakha Agency (25/06/2017 23:07)
Shopping mall in town, walking distance from hotels, foodcourt, Nite life, ect

Weli Handoyo (16/05/2017 11:16)
I like this mall so elegan. I like so much bistro godiva nasi goreng fish fillet. When i eat that fish, hmmm until close your eye feel every bite that fish fillet at your mouth love so much

Eunike Mariska (06/05/2017 18:34)
Nice place to hang around and nearby shopping place... provides good restaurants and various kind of food place, clothes shop, jeweleries shop, etc..

Thaddeus Cleo (01/05/2017 20:01)
The Mall for hanging out with your friend. You can find electronic, grocery, clothing, shoes, and a lot of culinary stuff. But kinda hard to find a place for your car to park cause its really crowded during weekend. Over all this is a nice place.

Jimi Oktur (07/04/2017 01:21)
Sell much thing here. Best place to hang out with friend. Shopping and doing something nice with friends.

kjell grindhagen (03/04/2017 11:54)
Good place for shopping. Playground for the kids is ok, but so many people smoke inside. No smoking sign.many places. Nobody care. Why this people some work there don't stopped people from smoking where so many kids play. Last Sunday we bring the kids, but we walk away because of all smoke.

Hardi lee (19/03/2017 07:13)
Inadequate parking area during weekend. Stuffs are moderate price. Security recommend to be improved ensure visitor convenience.

Shirley Goh (25/02/2017 10:18)
Shopping for kidswear or toys are good. Tshirts or shoes are cheap too.

Valerie Wong (05/02/2017 18:19)
Personal Opinion - the best mall in Batam City with F&B locations aplenty with great deals for tourists. Karaoke & Movie choices are great as well!

Danial Durrani (01/01/2017 00:00)
Big mall with everything you can find. The cinema is definitely better than what I expected. Food is abundant and will never be a worry. Money changers are located within the mall. Sadly, the karaoke joint near the cinema does not come with a large selection of music choices.

Koh kelen (18/12/2016 08:29)
The best place to shop is the hypermarket.

1) There's one thing that I dislike about is they allowed smoking at any restaurants in this mall. No wonder not many families eating at the mall.
2) The amusement park (air conditioned) at level 4 (I think) smell bad with cigarettes. The poor children and teenagers playing and people smoking inside.

1) a cinema at the top level ticket around S$3.70 each new and clean seats. They DO NOT allowed people to smoke inside (BEST!) due to the season mosquitoes everywhere even inside cinema. advisable to grab a bottle of insect repellent with you fm any supermarket. Even the restaurant/cafe here do not use insecticide they use insect repellent.

Tanlak Tho (04/12/2016 16:05)
All in one place. Be it food, shopping, games, dentist, relaxing with coffee in air condition enviroment bla bla thing is you are allowed to SMOKE!!

jone doe (03/12/2016 11:44)
cheap local mall. everything is almost cheaper here compared to megamall or nagoya hill. but there is something lacking in bcs mall.

Sugandi Lim (22/11/2016 14:15)
Very nice mall, not too far from the harbourbay terminal. Its really nice place to shopping, especially got alot of hot babe here 😂

Anda Chang (07/10/2016 10:18)
A nice mall at Baloi area. Close to many place for cullinary, massage places and hotels.

Samuel Edyson (10/09/2016 21:47)
2nd biggest mall in Batam with lots of fashion and food shops. Recently renovated to cater for more parking, this is the mall you go to for variety of restaurants. Be careful not to leave your belongings in building parking, many cases of lost items after left unattended in cars.

Ahmad Yani (19/08/2016 09:36)
Cozy place near penuin, great spot

Yulistya Wisnu Wardhana (19/08/2016 09:34)
The Most happening mall in Batam, there is supermarket, clothing store, delicious food. The price quite cheap here. Surrounding BCS mall a lot of massage place with special service ^^

Wijoyo Ng (01/07/2016 16:09)
Favorite shopping and jalan jalan place for locals and tourists.

sandy adisutiyono (25/06/2016 05:39)
The bowling center is very nice...they provide mushola for moslem to pray

Jacksen Merson (17/04/2016 14:35)
One of the biggest mall in Batam, with tons of restaurants and huge supermarket inside, making it one of the most complete mall in Batam. Air conditioner is pretty cool and there are always almost an event at the atrium. Overall, it's a must, especially for tourists.

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