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Syamsudin Noor International Airport

Banjarbaru, Kalimantan Selatan
Alamat: Landasan Ulin Utara, Liang Anggang, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan 70724, Indonesia
Rating: 3.70
Telp: +62 511 705251

Komentar :

Arina Wida Imania (24/05/2018 00:25)
Clean airport, not so crowded. We can buy souvenirs in 2nd and 3th floor. But have bad service because my luggage are broke here

urban planner (21/05/2018 21:24)
...standard comfort for national need more information outside for the things, that can not carried into the cabin, must be in to the baggage, and things do not allowed ...

This airport is lack of information label...

It's better, if the transportation from the airport to anywhere available in many option, like bus, other public transports, taxi with argo meter better....
Now the option only taxi but the price is settle at the first by location for drop purpose only....

didi supriyadi (12/04/2018 09:42)
the idea to put tradisional dayak dancer is good

Ansell June (16/03/2018 07:11)
Baggage claim is SLOW AF, too much Taxi Driver offering their services on the pickup zone (which is very annoying), the parking space is way too small. But at least it had an improvement than 7 years ago.

Kitri Widaretna (26/01/2018 22:06)
Cute airport, Clean and Chick. However need more space in front of departure and arrival gates to make all guests feel comfortable. Please use airport official taxi upon arrival instead of order on-line to avoid conflicts.

Widya WW (08/01/2018 03:12)
Officials should be able to give secure feelings to visitors that has options to use transportation, especially online transportation.

Jack Dawsk (22/10/2017 03:17)
Local taxi cartels operate here. Don' t order online taxi or face the consequences. Saw a couple of tourists being intimidated by locals. poor sods.

luis endrayana (04/12/2017 05:38)
There is such improvement than couple years ago, but yet it's still messy especially in baggage claim area.

Ming Wijono (02/12/2017 21:36)
This airport is owned by The Military (The Air Force of Indonesia). Luggage scanning and Security Checkpoints are done by personnels with Military-like Uniform.

bayu akbar (30/10/2017 16:40)
Quite good airport, need to be upgraded...bigger and more comfortable..

Leonard Craig (29/10/2017 12:41)
Taxi cartel monopoly the taxis here so the price are quite high. Their driver are rude and driving carelessly. They wouldn't turn on the ac , they turn on their cigarette instead. What a shame for an international airport. Expect the worst when you come here.

Aislie Anantama Septiawan (24/07/2017 15:02)
One & only airport at banjarmasin, it's standart but not clean enough

Riyad Filza (18/07/2017 11:57)
The overwhelmed terminal building needs much improvements. There are no aerobridges. The apron located too far away from the terminal building. The airplanes parked in the remote apron and passengers must be transported by bus. Overall, the Banjarmasin airport is far left behind Balikpapan airport and Pontianak airport, the two major airports in Indonesian Borneo Island.

maya rizki fauzia (30/06/2017 14:11)
Syamsudin Noor is one of the busiest airport in Kalimantan (after Sepinggan in Balikpapan). However, in terms of facilities, it is lagging behind Sepinggan.
The airport needs some more improvement (I understand there have been improvements and Angkasa Pura is improving the airport). Their buses are new and therefore, cleaner.
Departure room is now a lot more spacious, cleaner and has wi-fi. There is a coffee shop and some stores there on the second floor. If your departure gate is on the first floor, expect nothing but rows of chairs.
Their arrival room has new conveyor belts and more strollers
Parking may be challenging and people should learn what pick-up and drop-off areas really are. Most people spent too much time in these areas to mount and take out their luggages

Ratna Ervan (01/05/2017 10:08)
It is just a small airport with a standard service. The good thing is it provides many souvenir stores in the waiting room for passengers who didn't have much time to buy souvenirs while visiting Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru or Martapura. There are also some cafes to have meals and drinks.

Another important thing is the toilets are clean enough.

Kurnia Darmawan (24/04/2017 08:58)
More look like a train station, no delay info, very slow ground service and we keep boarding by bus service.. embarassing

Muhammad Fadhilah (05/04/2017 17:21)
It's good airport for an national flight

Ari Hidayat Alda (28/03/2017 07:47)
Need improvement for the parking area, the rest is fine for me

Azizah Ramadhani (19/03/2017 11:43)
This airport need to improve everything faster - bigger runaway, bigger luggage room, bigger terminal building, etc. Come on guys, Banjarmasin is one of old city in Indonesia! Masa masih gapunya bandara besar?? ;(

Pawin Fahpinyo (28/12/2016 05:34)
A small and below standard airport. Nothing much to do beside landing and take off.

Oksidian Tafly (09/10/2016 11:23)
Small, overcrowded airport. But I think it's getting better with its larger parking space and other renovations.

Radhea Permata Dewi (12/07/2016 09:18)
Small international airport. It is getting better day by day. It was horrible with no parking park, but now it is very well-structured, although this airport need more improvement.

Francisco Daniel Christopher (24/02/2016 10:51)
One of overcapacity airport in Indonesia. Seriously, AP2 need clear up problems about the new terminal land. But I appreciate the temporary arrival terminal. The other issue is luggage pick up take ages. The ground staffs need work faster.

Setyo Anggoro (24/10/2016 03:21)
Lumayan utk sebuah bndara diluar jawa (wlaupun masih kalah jauh sma medan).. Bnyak tempat mkan street food dgn menu yg beraneka ragam.. Ada dunkin jg.. Not bad laah..

wahyu prihandono (11/08/2016 12:13)
Simple airport, clean but lack of trash bin.

eky adhiputra (09/08/2016 08:00)
Mantapp, kalimantan selatan

Zain Radhy (16/07/2016 05:51)
Udah gede

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