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Toba Samosir, Sumatera Utara
Alamat: Danau Toba, Jl. Marihat No.1, Tiga Raja, Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Kabupaten Toba Samosir, Sumatera Utara 21174, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 625 41012
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Justin Chong (25/05/2018 04:34)
Expectations were cut short when we stepped into the room. Accessibility wise, this hotel does not seem to cater to disabled or wheelchair peeps due to its mirage of steps. Furthermore, there is no covered shelter between the room and the lobby. Comfort, beds are awesome I must say, and the air conditioning was stable and quiet. However, the room shared negative aspects too. These aspects include an unclean & stained bathtub, insect infested wardrobe (I actually found a dead cockroach at the Base of the wardrobe).

Laundry receipts and various essentials such as the notepad was found to be not topped up. Apart from a kettle that boils in for 30 mins, a set of Utensils with a missing spoon, and a television that doesn't really produce great sound (due to its connection). WiFi connection is very weak and unsecured. Cigarette smoke can literally impact the next door if smoked inside the room.

Breakfast was unique and a spread of traditional Indonesian cuisine was served. Although I had a hard time finding out what is what, the food felt stale and left a long time outside. For example, flies were observed atop an open dish of Mee Rebus. Orange juice served turned out to be flavoured. Despite all, the ambience was perfect, and feels true to the traditional batak heritage.

Moreover, staff seem to do their best to give service excellence to hotel guest. And that is one of the most important aspect of the hotel - the experience. All in all, Inna Parapat is an average hotel with average amenities, yet does its best to give guests a great experience.

isnasari handayani (21/05/2018 23:50)
This is a government hotel chain, most of their customer came from other govt institution.
The rooms smell no good, wet and a very cheap ac.
Hot water only runs in morning and afternoon only, the details you should check up in front office.
The pillows i was using are full of fungi, and smells wet.
Hotels breakfast is very minimun and too much of local taste, which is not all guest can eat them well.
With a same amount of money better find another hotel, unless you spend taxpayers money.

melvin adrianto (10/05/2018 01:55)
On basic, nice and comfortable bed. If you can afford its better to take the new building.. Great view to Toba Lake, great location and one of the best hotel in Parapat

ryuu koutarou (25/04/2018 05:17)
A very good hotel with a very good views straight to dana toba with adequate fasilities.
Even president of indonesia,jokowi book a room there when he visit danau toba.
Very reccomended

Bona Liong (24/04/2018 10:46)
very good resort... come n enjoyed the miracles of toba lake

Anu Dhillon (09/04/2018 08:50)
Excellent location and service. Lovely views of Lake Toba .Dated decor and interior. Busy /noisy on weekend due to families. Private beach is tiny!

Patrick Joseph daritan (02/04/2018 06:43)
INNA PARAPAT HOTEL is Best Hotel at Parapat Lake Toba , North Sumatera , Indonesia.
The Hotel has a good location, the room are face to the Toba Lake.
Far away from the crowds.
Free WiFi is available within public area.
Must try to stay there.

Garnish Dwinda Utary (16/03/2018 01:20)
This is a great place to stay with a humble employee. It has a very good view to see in front of your room.

Jona Widhagdo Putri (09/03/2018 03:51)
Well maintained Hotel, good place to bring the family and rest before or after crossing over to Samosir Island

Meta Indriyani (17/02/2018 22:00)
One of the best Hotel in Parapat Danu Toba/Lake Toba. Its located 3.5 hrs from Medan. the price is very affordable, 500-600K weekdays and 1900K at national day (quite expensive)

The first impression from the front of hotel was really different with what it really has in the backyard. It got the most beautiful and complete facilities of all. It has manmade beach, boat, restaurant with Lake view to enjoy, gazebo, selfie spot etc.

Its perfect to stay here and spend your holiday!!!

Oemar Ahmad (10/12/2017 12:23)
The best lakeside accomodation you can find to date. There is also street shopping arcade within walking distance and a halal dining place called islam murni.

amelina hamzah (10/12/2017 09:36)
Such a good way to spent holiday, but the services was poor. Too many things i have to pay. Parking, entrance to samosir island (not necessary). Ferry fee is okay but the duration in island was short only hour.

Glitchy Gaming YT (30/10/2017 10:38)
Good room and good services,nice beach ,and beutiful sky

capunkq (14/10/2017 12:02)
Best place to stay in Parapat. Forget all horrible things you hear about this place. Expensive but breakfast and dinner were included in the price.

rizky hermawan (11/10/2017 02:53)
Good service, fast response, friendly staff and of course nice view. I really enjoyed myself staying here.

somala wawan (27/09/2017 23:44)
nic3 view with polite people

Andri Nugraha Sutomo (01/07/2017 10:48)
Here only for visiting the lake toba, not staying. But surely will recommend everyone to stay here, it has a great view of Toba lake.

Bidari Medi Sibuea (30/06/2017 02:07)
Catch the great view of Toba lake just in front of your room.

Choose your room wisely. It will takes more than a minute to reach the restaurant.

Prasetyo Mimboro (26/06/2017 09:41)
spend the night for family holiday, a hotel with great view of Toba lake

Jeffrey Alman (25/05/2017 04:17)
Old hotel. Used to be famous. Needs some renovation. But the scenery are good.

Meyriana Kesuma (15/05/2017 10:22)
I came to this hotel for business, but i walking around this hotel and found several interested places that suit for family, kids and couple to spend the holiday. However they need to make up the room for more guest convenience. I spend 3 days in this hotel and i feel good eventhough i believe this hotel is a gem for Lake Toba tourism.

jay_use (26/04/2017 00:40)
They have a beautiful garden

Ruben Derksen (12/04/2017 15:36)
Honestly.... if u don't have to stay in Parapat, don't. Toilets are western at least though

Nadrate (08/03/2017 22:31)
Great room, great view!

Wahyu Kresna (24/11/2016 16:46)
I love the lake view in front of my window. But the karaoke until midnight is really killing me.

GT 3203 (29/10/2016 01:35)
Get the lake view room, perfect for relaxation.

اومريزا حنافيه (18/08/2016 10:17)
Best place to stay and recreation for your family

danendra arya nugraha (19/07/2016 14:46)
- Nice Lake Toba view from rooms
- near Lake Toba, you can swim, play with water and fishing
- Near shopping district
- Friendly staff

- Lots of closed features like Lake cafe, shop etc
- Restaurant food and service not really good
- bad WiFi connection in room

sup yatno (27/07/2016 07:21)
A Wonderful Place to Relax With Family

Irfansyah Djabbar (11/07/2016 11:40)
Nice place to stay if you are visiting Toba Lake

Jovian Jovian (21/03/2015 14:36)
This is officially worst hotel Ive ever stayed in. Very expensive price for room quality worse than villagers inn.

Forget 3*, this hotel has no wifi, no air con, no tv cable, no hot shower, no deposit box. Heck even the bathroom have no door knob !!!!

Once u stepped in the room, u will feel like being transported to the mid of 80s.. The furnitures ARE THAT OLD. Seriously this is even worse than all the "melati" motel / inn ivr ever stayed.

With the ridiculous price they charge, youd wonder what they do with the money.. Least the can do is buy a new TV for f**k sake..

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