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Bandara Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 3

Tangerang, Kabupaten, Banten
Alamat: Bandara Terminal 3, Jl. P2, Pajang, Benda, Tangerang City, Banten 15126, Indonesia
Rating: 3.00

Komentar :

Dr Iyan Darmawan (03/06/2018 15:27)
Very comfy departure hall with various selection of eateries near check-in counters. Parking needs improvement to minimize bottle-necking at entrance. Trolleys should have been provided at every arrival gate ( particularly the most remote gate)

Kasra J. Munara (31/05/2018 08:14)
Huge and spacious. It is a brand new airport. Dedicated to all international flights and all Garuda flights. Since it is huge, one needs to give ample time to walk from the check-in counter to the boarding gate. There are 26 gates. There are running belts but disjointed. There electric baggies but limited, priority only given to families and elderly people.
As you walk along inside to the gate you will find shops, restaurants or cafes.
This terminal is interconnected with Terminal 1 & 2 via monorail and shuttle buses.

yves frombelgium (09/05/2018 09:03)
Big new and shiny airport terminal...there was quite a bit of distance to cover from deboarding till the exit (but it felt good to stretch my legs after the flight anyways)...quite a queue at immigration but luckily the line moved quickly (I guess most nationalities get visa free entry anyways)...easy transport connections with the city centre (I took a DAMRI bus, 40.000 rupiah)

Kusuma Kusuma (03/05/2018 06:37)
Big terminal, lack of facilities. Boarding gates too far, coming out of terminal building from AirAsia to pick up point at multi storey carpark too complicated. For the terminal building inside, it's clean, toilets well maintained. They should have a good food court with varieties. No pharmacy spotted. Toilets at boarding gates too far apart. Need further improvement.

Liliana Susanti (08/04/2018 02:01)
Terminal 3 is a new, nice and spacious airport, Actually quite far from Jakarta but there is a quick railway connection, with trains arriving and departing right underneath the terminal. The terminal is spacious and light, I particularly like the structure of the roof. Security and passport control was quick, and there are plenty of shops to browse. There could be more seating areas πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Marcus Goh (06/04/2018 03:24)
Spacious, airy and modern airport, lots of natural lights. Air conditioning not so cool. On going shops renovation for some time, yet to complete. Immigration counters and security screen staff are trained well. Lots of duty free shops to shop while waiting to board.

Jp Home (01/04/2018 03:14)
You have to be kidding. What kind of idiot designed this terminal? I fly weekly around Asia so I spend a fair amount of time in airports and this is one of the worst. Had to wait after the plane arrives as the corridor (not jetway) was busy with loading another flight....the corridor!!!. Immigration queue a mess with no business line, no kitas line and no sapphire. Then to get to my car and driver I have to exit the airport and go back through security??? Why????? Don't the idiots who designed this airport know that many people in Jakarta use drivers???? Why is the pickup area in the car park?? Very long walks too.
I'll take the old terminal 2 anyway over this place and will deliberately avoid airlines using it.

Tomi Taladin (22/03/2018 19:20)
This is the new terminal. That being said it really nice, but still need work. I like how they arrange the parking.

Keng Hian Lim (25/01/2018 08:48)
Nice new airport. Everything seems to work. Air quality in the building is better. During the day lots of light shines into the building. Very spacious and huge. Since it has recently moved to terminal 3, some taxi drivers might still take you to the old terminal, this mistake could add up to 10 minutes to your journey.

Meta Indriyani (12/12/2017 23:15)
its super futuristic :"
everything modern, comfortable and amazing.
Now its supported by shuttle which connect all terminals.
in Terminal 3 only provide flight from Garuda Indonesia and international flights.

Anto Martanto (01/12/2017 04:17)
The best airport in Indonesia. Very big and crowded.

Eri Cahyono (24/11/2017 13:36)
New terminal of Soekarno International Airport (SHIA). It has new and better interior design and modern facility than terminal 1 and 2 in SHIA. My flight was jn gate 23 and I have to took a walk lil bit far away, but there is a golf car to help you go to your gate. This terminal is provided for Garuda Indonesia Airlines. It is really nice ! πŸ‘πŸ»

Aaah, I really like the design they make for APAR !

Muhammad Azhar Iskandar Zainal (12/11/2017 04:55)
A brand new international airport for the capital city. Well constructed and designed. Still needs few more facilities to be called a world class airport.

Budi Santoso (20/10/2017 15:25)
Considering as the most modern airport in Indonesia. Now is having sky train ready to transfer from terminal 3 to another terminal in Soekarno Hatta airport.

Gerry Rachman (25/09/2017 02:46)
New terminal and good ambience with local content. We proud of that

Dargombes Romadlon (24/09/2017 09:44)
Nice design more confortable, it's still need more improvement to go to the best airport in the world but it's worth it all big effort from our engineering

Darmawan Darmawan (29/07/2017 15:18)
One of the worst airport in term of traffic flow. Get ready to be confused by the confusing sign. Picking passenger is a pain because you have to enter through maze like parking garage. The arrival and departure are also confusing and unclear. Seriously need to rework the flow of people so it's more intuitive to visitors.

Iqbal Triajie (20/07/2017 22:32)
Still a lot of constructions doing, hasn't really ready for normal operations

Zulka Nasution (26/06/2017 21:15)
Very wide... the furthest walk is about a km. I think, architect should avoid this impractical design.

Muhammad Imam Muthahhar (25/06/2017 10:47)
Best terminal in SHIA, especially for Garuda Indonesia flyer.

H Dahlan (06/06/2017 16:08)
Looks and feels very modern. Hopefully it's service and maintenance can keep this place intake for the years to come.

Asriani Purnama (13/05/2017 10:50)
I like the interiors. They provides comfortable chairs as well.

Nico Nathanael (10/05/2017 17:27)
love it very much

Mister Surjadinata (28/04/2017 07:16)
Welldone, see the world class airport here..

Utami Arya (09/01/2017 15:46)
Best airport ever...πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’ŸπŸ’“πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
I love you IndonesianπŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•

Nitha Trissana (12/11/2016 21:47)
Very nice place.

R Fahsa (24/10/2016 11:53)
Brand new, clean but many store still hasn't opened yet

WaiTuck CHONG (22/10/2016 00:40)
Brand new airport, still WIP in certain area, but overall very nice, modern and toilet are clean.

Tesna Rafinari Hasan (13/11/2015 02:14)
best airport in jakarta. period

Nitha Trissana (12/11/2016 21:47)
Very nice place.

R Fahsa (24/10/2016 11:53)
Brand new, clean but many store still hasn't opened yet

WaiTuck CHONG (22/10/2016 00:40)
Brand new airport, still WIP in certain area, but overall very nice, modern and toilet are clean.

Tesna Rafinari Hasan (13/11/2015 02:14)
best airport in jakarta. period

Tesna Rafinari Hasan (13/11/2015 02:14)
best airport in jakarta. period

Arma Abdullah (12/04/2013 08:48)
Tiba di jakarta.

Arma Abdullah (12/04/2013 08:48)
Tiba di jakarta.

Abdul Haris (08/02/2013 14:58)

dhiel hasyim (01/12/2012 05:20)
Udah nyampe

Orest Bilous (01/12/2012 02:21)
Fine for lowcost terminal

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