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Lembah Anai Waterfall

Tanah Datar, Sumatera Barat
Alamat: Singgalang, Sepuluh Koto, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra 27282, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30

Komentar :

Sigit Hermawan (29/05/2018 15:00)
Oleh penduduk lokal disebut air mancur, bukan air terjun... terletak tepat ditepi jalan dari padang ke bukit tinggi. Konon airnya dapat membuat awet muda...

Betty Veronika (12/05/2018 17:28)
The water is clear blue. And it's really clean because people barely swim or play in the water. People who go to the waterfall usually just to take pictures.

You can enter the waterfall area with tickets just IDR 5.000 for adult and IDR 3.000 for children.

The waterfall area is located by the highway of padang - bukittinggi. So in your way to bukittinggi you can stop by for a while to take some pictures.

Riswandi Sudarso (09/05/2018 00:28)
A view of Lembah Anai Water Fall found in West Sumatera Province - Indonesia. It is located in Lembah Anai area on the way towards padang Panjang, about 2.5 hrs drive upwards from Padang city. Its location that exactly beside the road, make this waterfall can attract tourists.

The source of Lembah Anai waterfall coming from Singgalang Mountain. The clear water flows through the hill to the slope of mountain and then goes to the Lembah Anai Waterfall before goes to the steeply sloping mountain side. From this steeply sloping mountain side , water goes to the dale with the height around 50 metres and create the cauldron where the water fall in.

Sulaiman Sujono (17/04/2018 01:29)
Hato-hati monyet! Bagi pengguna kendaraan pribadi hati-hati di tikungan untuk parkir, perhatikan kendaraan dari arah berlawanan. Pemandangannya bagus memang, sejuk. Udaranya bersih walaupun di pinggir jalan. Untuk pengunjung JANGAN BUANG SAMPAH SEMBARANGAN

duskarnaen (15/04/2018 22:00)
Quite small waterfall, very easy to spot as it is located just near the highway. 10-15 mins to stop and take photos here are recommended.

shaqir .mohd (04/04/2018 04:32)
Nice place to visit if you come to padang. Nice place to shot a picture, but always crowded when come in holiday. Take a guard if you want come this waterfall. The road to come this waterfall also can go to beautifull bukit tinggi

Lita Kusumasari (22/02/2018 22:38)
Located close to street. Just pay Rp5.000 to enter. Climb n down so u can rinse your face. They believe will make u younger. The water is so refreshing. Nice to try. But be careful with ur step cos so rocky.

Contact Tika (03/02/2018 06:11)
This beautiful waterfall located right by the side of the main street. It was only about 60 until 90 minutes drive from Padang on the way to Bukittinggi. Caution: monkeys around the waterfall. Friendly but better not to disturb them.

Okkie Senna (16/11/2017 05:57)
There's a little parking lot on the leftside of the road if you're from Padang or Pariaman. If you want to visit the waterfall area, you pay the ticket about Rp3.000,-/person (est.) and entering from parking lot. I suggest to come with local guide/experienced person if you are foreigner. Not recomendate for person with wheelchair.

Muhammad Rafieiy (10/11/2017 09:42)
You can see the waterfall from the road and railway. Nice scenery around the waterfall too

Elvi Gunawan (08/11/2017 04:29)
so nice .. beautifull... and warm people..

johan arief (21/10/2017 03:16)
You just stop by upon your trip to/from Padang - Bukittinggi and take memorable moment

fikricwardana (26/08/2017 02:02)
Good waterfall however only small place for parking lot.

Ramadhaniel (13/07/2017 07:30)
Nice.. verry beutiful

apaapa arcoepa (05/07/2017 03:20)
Good view, visitor should becareful because the waterfall just right beside the busy street. Car park is very small and narrow.

Haekal Prabowo (25/06/2017 15:01)
Kinda surprising place for a waterfall considering it position which near with trans-district highway. But the waterfall itself is beautiful and quite good and clean for a tourism object.

febri nugroho (24/04/2017 11:02)
Beautiful waterfall. Located right on the edge of a highway Bukit tinggi - Padang. Many monkeys life here.

Juwita Triana (08/04/2017 02:05)
Nice view but places around the waterfall a bit dirty

Ferry Krisnamurti (30/03/2017 16:17)
Easy to find, located in road side

Yuddy Aryadi (27/02/2017 14:34)
Beautiful waterfall

Carol Sim (07/01/2017 04:26)
A huge waterfall by the road side at padang panjang, in between Padang and Bukittinggi. Further down, there is a kid water park by the river. I came during raining season, so the river turns rapids with water gushing out dangerously. Nice picnic area😘😘😘

Amirullah Ibnu Madi (24/09/2016 09:48)
It's located just by the state road connecting West Sumatra to Riau Provinces. Nice view, even if you just look at it from your vehicle.

Hadie AbdRahman (17/09/2016 14:11)
Clean cold Waterfall. Surrounding area is very clean. Small fees to pay before entering this Waterfall.

sonnyde snydez (17/09/2016 00:15)
it's a waterfall road side in Padang - Bukittinggi street.
lack of parking zone, so it'll create traffic when flock of people try to visit it.

Dafid Febrian (29/11/2016 13:14)
West sumatera

Nopri Adi (07/09/2016 02:24)
Lokasi sangat strategis, berada di pinggir jalan lintas Padang-Bukittinggi jadi mudah di jangkau oleh siapapun.

Benrizal Efendi (09/08/2016 05:38)

Edward Sulung (15/07/2016 01:51)

nita mulyaningsih (07/06/2016 10:33)
saya ingin berpesan air terjun itu menyeramkan banyak hantu
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