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Fort Rotterdam

Takalar, Sulawesi Selatan
Alamat: Jl. Ujung Pandang, Bulo Gading, Ujung Pandang, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90171, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 411 3621701 bpcbsulsel/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Komentar :

Santi Hati (16/05/2018 02:53)
Free entering but the staff ask us to write our identity n asking some money, but up to you how much u want to give. Many local guide offering help but then u need to pay more. Be wise
Nice place for photoshoot.

Paul Brisk (09/05/2018 09:39)
I thought the best historic place to visit in Makassar. Was lovely at end of day in soft golden light the hour before sunset. Be prepared to be interviewed by and photographed with school kids keen to practice their English.

Aki Baihaki (07/05/2018 01:12)
Not well taken care despite being an important, historical site--and may be the only worth seeing site in the city. Museum collection is poor but quite informative. La Galigo boasts to have 5k collection, we didn't see more than 50 items shown, poorly maintained. Air conditioning not working, hard for visitors and seem to ruin the collection. I'd plant more trees in the compound to ease the heat.

Ayah Abay (22/04/2018 06:01)
Big museum.. nice view from the top front where used to be a cannon... but too close with community at the back.. the stuff is nice, very South Sulawesi centered.. could be better if there is mini theater

Khairul Umam (12/04/2018 00:02)
Well basically they have great collections, great story, and awesome history. But I think they should develop the way they maintained the artefact. But overall it's a good place to have hangout with friends or family.

Feronia Budiman (07/04/2018 01:52)
The place is great. Unfortunately, there's unofficial charges at the front gate (not at the museum entrance). Inside, there's library and art museum which only to be paid once. Not all rooms are open for public. However, the exterior is beautiful, enough to illustrate the original design based from its' renovation. Information of the history are not much found, especially in English.

Wan Suraya Wan Nik (30/03/2018 06:44)
I just passed dis place on my way to an Intl cnfrence at UNHAS. Plan to take dis place in but just not enough time. Heard n read dat its a historical place but has since been converted into a museum cum a walk around place of history with upgradings here n there. Variety of food can b bought outside for d hawker style or inside with a more upscale eateries.

Fadhil Katsuragi (15/03/2018 04:29)
Good place for those who enjoy ancient ruin kind of places. A very historic place for Indonesian. But the facilities are lacking and the place need some touch-ups here and there.

Ilham Najib (09/03/2018 06:15)
Nice view strolling around here in the afternoon. Well maintained, quiet place, and historical.
The gate keeper will ask you to fill the guest book and ask for a small amount of money for maintaining the place (I hope so)

Ayi Prima (07/03/2018 15:18)
One of my favorite place in town. Beautiful view, well maintained, and clean (except when there's an occasion sometimes it gets dirty). Free entrance to the fort, but you have to pay if you want to go inside the La Galigo museum.

Suci Rahmadani Artika (26/01/2018 05:38)
Good view. Good environment. This place just need some sunshadow spot, so it will not too hot in the noon. Nice place and historical. Good job!

Sigit Prasetyo (02/11/2017 00:10)
Bintang lima untuk sejarahnya dan bintang tiga untuk konservasinya. Tiga kali datang ke sini, tempat ini terbuka untuk umum (catat di buku pengunjung), tanpa bayar (kecuali museum berisi beberapa artefak kebudayaan Sulsel) namun biasa dimintakan tips sebelum masuk benteng. Hampir semua ruang bisa dimasuki, ada beberapa ruang digunakan sebagai kantor, beberapa bagian seharusnya bisa diperbaiki. Sayang sekali tidak ada informasi sejarah yang bisa dibaca oleh pengunjung, harus baca sendiri sebelum berkunjung.

Rendra Hertiadhi (27/10/2017 01:10)
A well preserved historical building from precolonial era. An icon of Makassar. There are good guides to walk you around and tell the story.

Andi Efhy (24/10/2017 03:23)
This is place so beautiful, u can do your share such a thing, knowing the history of South Sulawesi at museum, take a picture and u can have relaxed.

samwinaldi junaib (13/10/2017 07:31)
Fort Rotterdam is historical place in Makassar that you must visit.

Fort Rotterdam has museum inside.

There is a paint gallery that you can talk to the painter dan buy their painting

In past time port rotterdam its function ever been become a school (PGRI)

Adnan Rahadian (24/09/2017 02:48)
Historical fort from colonial era, had been through many restoration, good for tourism destination, recreational activities, photo session or meeting place. There are many culinary options around it too.

Fitriani A. Dalay (23/08/2017 01:35)
Fort Rotterdam / Benteng Rotterdam dikenal dengan nama lain Benteng Pannyua atau Benteng Penyu karena bentuknya yang menyerupai Penyu yang menuju ke laut. Jika anda pengunjung lokal, langsung saja masuk ke dalam benteng tanpa perlu singgah ke pos penjagaan di depan gerbang. Fort Rotterdam sangat asik untuk menjadi tempat piknik bersama keluarga dan komunitas karena rumputnya terawat dan tempat yang lumayan bersih. Tempat ini kerap menjadi tempat kumpul komunitas-komunitas di Makassar dan menggelar event komunitas karena taman yang cukup luas dapat menampung kurang lebih dua ribuan orang. Anda bisa berbaring di rumput, bahkan mengajar anak anda belajar berjalan pertama kali. Atmosfer yang menyenangkan dan suasana yang nyaman karena menjadi satu-satunya ruang publik di Makassar yang dirawat dengan cukup baik.
Di dalamnya juga terdapat museum dengan barang-barang bersejarah seperti pakaian adat seperti baju bodo, mata uang dulu dan lain-lain. Sayangnya tidak terlalu terawat dengan baik karena terlihat berdebu, dengan ruangan agak gelap. Namun rekomendasi terbaik jika ke tempat ini adalah mengitari bangunannya hingga ke atas dan menikmati view kota Makassar yang mengarah ke laut dari atas benteng. Atau sekadar piknik dan ngobrol panjang lebar dengan teman.

Sophia K A (10/07/2017 09:22)
It's a place with historical background. You can enjoy sunset here above the ruined fort. Good place to take a selfie

agtifa primadani (20/06/2017 12:33)
Historical place with good preserved building. It was a fine evening when I strolled around accompanied by a local guide. It was also provided many nice spot for photoshoot 😊

tety sianipar (18/06/2017 04:56)
So much envy that Makassar have this such a magnificently historic place. This place is free (they sell ticket inside to get in the museum). But some security guy will ask you "seikhlasnya" only if you look like a tourist. In my case, I left suspicious look and they let me in. Oh, prepare for the crowd. :)

N Firmansyah (06/06/2017 22:30)
Best place to hangout, hunting pics, learn Makassar history, or just enjoying the time. You should be here.

Nuradia Puspawati (06/06/2017 17:25)
The place is full of historical things in its old buildings. But unfortunately it seems unwell-maintained.. One thing that I like from that place is the small-green park at the rooftop at one of the buildings.

ConsLife - F (02/06/2017 15:56)
The best historic tourism place in makassar.. Inside of it, you can see a lot of historic things and also photos.. It's pretty small though but interesting

Kenny Rieuwpassa (01/06/2017 05:07)
this is one of the historical place of makassar, it has 2 museums and both contains the history about makassar and some about the other city of south sulawesi. this place has such a nice view so it's a good location for photoshoot .

Intan Maria (30/05/2017 06:11)
There are some local tour guide that can help visitor explain about this historical site. At the entrance you are ask to give some money as per your will. No entrance fee.

Rizky Akbar (13/04/2017 13:08)
Benteng penuh sejarah

Historical fort

yves frombelgium (05/03/2017 14:35)
A glimpse into the history of makasar, 16th century fort, well maintained site, the museum inside costs 10.000 rupiah for foreigners

Rvstam Gebsy (15/01/2017 10:52)
Well maintain historical place in town, perhaps the remaining one. Fort Rotterdam is a 17th-century fort in Makassar. It's a Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of the Gowa Kingdom.

Yulifar Widodo (10/01/2017 06:39)
Great place to come by if you are into historical things. Cark park needs to be improved tho

Fadhil Ismaiyatim (07/01/2017 15:04)
Perhaps the only historical structure left in the city. There's a museum within the premises. Entry to the grounds is free. Only entry to the museum is chargeable and it's not expensive.

wibisono yamin (11/12/2016 02:45)
Very well maintained site. The fort was built in 1545 (or 1634?) By Dutch government. This site stores lots of historical traces of Makassar and Indonesia's independence struggle against the colonialist, one of them is the prison cell of Pangeran (prince) Diponegoro the leader of javanese war against Dutch in Central Java (1820s) who was then captured and exiled to Makasar until his death in Jan, 1855. Overall this location is worth visiting, even one of the staffs guided me walking around this 3 ha swimming-turtle-shaped stronghold.

Aruna Bali (12/08/2016 05:08)
Explore the city of Makassar - South Sulawasi, take your time to stop at this historic fort. Full of mystery and history of the struggle Indonesian People. The Museums and buildings are still keep maintained. You can ask Local Guide to be with you to explain the Fort Rotterdam

Aruna Bali (12/08/2016 05:08)
Explore the city of Makassar - South Sulawasi, take your time to stop at this historic fort. Full of mystery and history of the struggle Indonesian People. The Museums and buildings are still keep maintained. You can ask Local Guide to be with you to explain the Fort Rotterdam

eky nasuri (10/08/2016 07:23)
Has a large historical meaning in the struggle against the enemy... Too bad the place is not well preserved by the local government...

roy sinaga (13/07/2016 05:07)
The fortress it self is well maintain but the museum is lack of charm and collection, creative and english comunity student manage to get space for weekly gathering inside. Dont expect much, better googling on Tropenmuseum to get story of this charming fortress.

Islam Nassar (10/07/2016 17:55)
Historic castle i like the Indonesian community gatherings being done there.
No ticket needed for entrance.

Muhammad Idrus (18/11/2015 04:35)
Fort Rotterdam is a fort built in Makassar on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It was captured by the Dutch in 1667 and became a center of Dutch colonial power in Sulawesi. Following the Java War (1825–1830), Javanese prince, and now national hero, Diponegoro was imprisoned in the fort following his exile to Makassar in 1830 until his death in 1855.[1] It was also used as a Japanese prisoner of war camp in World War II.

There are several modest museum exhibitions in various rooms in the Fort. Various local publications about South Sulawesi may also be purchased from a bookstore at the Fort

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