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The Practice

Tabanan, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.94, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 812-3670-2160
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Komentar :

Tristan Pollock (17/05/2018 05:50)
The most beautiful yoga space I’ve ever seen. From beginner to advanced, the classes were very well taught. Excited to keep coming back and enjoying that post-flow peppermint tea.

Sarah Albert (06/05/2018 07:44)
There is something really special happening at The Practice. Not only is the studio professional and welcoming, the teachers are unique and advanced. I won’t lie, I ebbed and flowed between liking an disliking instructors during my classes, but I always left feeling inspired and renewed with spirit. This is NOT your average yoga studio. I commend the teachers on their vast knowledge of Ayurveda, anatomy, energy and flow. This is a practice of dedicationlooking beyond the poses, and deeply challenging!!

Hayden Smith (28/04/2018 09:11)
After going to the Practice 4 times and buying a package of vouchers, I, unfortunately, was injured and unable to do yoga. As I'm leaving Bali, I still had some passes left and asked if I could use them as some form of credit towards the store so that I could rep their gear back home in the yoga community. Surprisingly, they were quite rude and said nope, not possible. I was hoping they could figure out some form of credit, but now I guess I don't want to rep them at all. What a waste and disappointment.
On the other hand, the yoga is fine, pretty commercialized and large class sizes but still okay! There are a couple good instructors that know what they're doing. I would recommend checking out some other places as well before you jump right in.

Julio Monzon (27/03/2018 10:59)
Place is so Zen. From the top notch instructors to the great tea offered at the end of class 🤙

Maura Sayegh (23/02/2018 00:52)
The yoga studio and the room where we practice is really very beautiful. However, the classes are more expensive than others around Bali and to be honest, the class I took was not that great. It’s a very average place but having been to yoga studios in ubud, seminyak, kuta and others in canggu, I would suggest going to another one. Not to mention, over hearing the teacher gossiping about someone from their community, right in the main area where everyone waits, before class was very off putting and kind of ruined the vibe for me and my partner. Very negative vibe. Maybe another teacher would be better but I won’t risk paying the expensive drop in to potentially be disappointed again!

Karine Siu (04/01/2018 04:11)
Beautiful place to practice in! Loved the session with Octavio and the free meditation circle was a truly wonderful experience.

Annelies Engel (02/01/2018 12:42)
Great atmosphere in a beautiful setting. Especially the evening classes were great. When you love yoga, you should go there at least once.

Tom Smith (24/09/2017 04:05)
An incredible facility!

Wonderful staff great you upon arrival.

The most important thing? The instruction. I attended a Moon Hatha class with Nik. I was blown away by the class. There might have been 29 other people in this class, but I felt like I was the only person in the room. One of the best yoga experiences I have had.

Returned 2 evenings later for a complimentary movie....I didn't want to leave.

Anna Anqi Li (16/11/2017 13:18)
Only good for Instagram and Canggu hipsters. The Hatha moon class with Keli was one of the WORST yoga classes I’ve been to in my life (amongst ~200 classes). There is zero transition, no flow, everyone’s bones are cracking with each new movement/pose cuz nobody’s body is warmed up yet. Drop in class is about $14 CAD which honestly is a waste of money but probably goes to the beautifully built bamboo facility and all the nice mats and props etc. I’m super disappointed in the quality of the teacher, wow, even the breathing techniques are done terribly. Just overall HORRIBLE. It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching traditional yoga or modern yoga, you need good yoga teachers and Keli was not one. I don’t usually write reviews but this need to be shared: AVOID AT ALL COST.

PS mosquitoes are everywhere around 6:30pm and despite spraying my entire body multiple times I got 8 bites on my ankle, has nothing to do with the class itself but that was the last straw.

Richard Gormley (18/10/2017 03:30)
Dropped in for a yin class with Keli and it was an incredible experience. Will definitely return for more classes or a YTT.

Cabriere Jordaan (09/09/2017 12:03)
Wonderful yoga studio. Attended a great yin class and free Tuesday presentation here. Felt so welcome!

Roser F. (31/08/2017 15:24)
Really enjoyed practicing yoga here. The studio is stunning, and the teacher (Karina) is an amazing teacher. A must when in Canggu!

Tessa Fronzaglio (30/08/2017 06:52)
Nothing is more disappointing than when a yoga studio takes itself super seriously, charges a lot of money for a drop-in and then fails to deliver. Attended an "advanced Hatha" this morning and it was low-intermediate at best. Usual Sun Salutations followed by a couple standing poses and a shoulder stand??? Instructor talked too much but really was just using yoga lingo that we learn in our 200 RYT. If you're going to Call this call an advancard class make sure it's an advanced class.

martine mcgrath (20/07/2017 02:34)
Perfect place to do yoga in bali. Big beautiful airy space 👌🏽❤️

Sabrina Bertazzo (07/06/2017 17:36)
What a dreamy space for a yoga school! I truly enjoyed my yin lesson there today and the teacher was amazing. I wish I had more time in Bali to go back, next time! (Price is a bit more expensive than other studios in the area 140k drop in class )

Meena Murugan (13/04/2017 13:22)
Went to a beginners yoga class with jyoti which was fantastic! Although the classes are a little more expensive than others in the area the setting is really beautiful and peaceful

Ashwin Sodhi (06/04/2017 11:55)
Instruction is a joke. Yin yoga is basically an expensive nap. Desk staff is nice and building is pretty, so I guess that's something.

Maurice ter Bogt (09/03/2017 02:42)
Oasis for global travellers going local. I came here as an add-on for my frozen shoulder therapy. Yin yoga gave me the strength and resilience to continue the daily needed practice.

Nina Gonova (13/11/2016 12:35)
I miss this place so much! I used to go there every day while staying in Canggu. It has a wonderful peaceful vibe where yoga classes are taught seriously and with love.

Tanja Nickel (27/09/2016 02:04)
the studio is awesome! it looks so good - is sooo quiet and the teachers are really relaxed and friendly.
But what i don't like is the small choice of classes....

Karen Belle Tenebro (21/08/2016 09:55)
Great location, friendly staff, instructor and guard. Love there workshop. Best yoga center I been. ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍
Going to miss this place.

anna skelton (30/07/2016 20:40)
I couldn't resist going to a class everyday at The Practice whilst I was staying in Canggu. The circular shala overlooking the peaceful rice paddy fields is hard to capture in photos, it is more of a feeling of being hugged and softened round the edges. Yoga can ironically be so rigid sometimes, but in this beautiful space and in safe hands with professional well trained teachers and friendly staff, this has definitely been the best home of yoga and coaching I have ever been to - absolutely stunning!

Miryam Faken (19/08/2016 23:54)
If you want To experience yoga the way it should be thought, THE PRACTICE is the place to be! Genuine teachers, a beautiful Shala (2 actualy), great staff who welome you with your name!
I live around 1,5 drive away (up and down) but its worth every minute from my journey to get to my/the practice!!! Check out the tuesday nights for free events!!!

Joseph Stewart (07/08/2016 12:19)
Stunnig Bamboo Shala - makes a Magic atmosphere to do yoga .. Staff are warm helpful & very friendly .. Showers are a nice touch ..

Gayle Cash (22/05/2016 03:12)
A beautiful new Yoga Centre in Canggu near Echo Beach. The most beautiful Yoga Pavilion plus Teacher Training. Thoroughly enjoyed my classes there, will be back!

Julie Trubkin (09/02/2016 21:05)
A beautiful space, thoughtfully designed to enhance the yoga as much as its fantasy surroundings. On a clear day, mountain peaks are the backdrop for your classes.

Overlooking rice fields and held under a bamboo cathedral-like ceiling, The Practice Bali is kind of the ultimate yoga studio. It really feels like a dream space, a place worth journeying too.

Classes are held in one of two large but still somehow intimate studios. Staff are warm and genuinely welcoming. Teachers are well curated, challenging when necessary and incredibly well-informed as much about the science and anatomy of yoga as they are the mythology and philosophy.

Definitely a must try for both the novice as well as the long term practitioner. Check out the schedule online for an excellent breakdown of class levels should you be unsure about what class to attend.

NOTES: Yoga mats and towels are provided should you not have your own. Arrive early as classes can be very popular (I learned this the hard way!)

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