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Mason Elephant Park & Lodge

Tabanan, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Elephant Park, Taro, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 361 8988888
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Komentar :

Liam Groseclose (03/06/2018 08:32)
Opted for the "Bathe and Breakfast" and was not disappointed. Mason Tours taxi picked us up at 0630 and we got there around 0720 and we're the first group in the park which really allowed for some good photo ops. Unique experience getting to actually touch and help in the morning baths the elephants get. From reading there's some ethical issues with the elephants, which are from Sumatra at at risk as development encroached on what would be their grazing land. Overall memorable experience and one we won't forget, well worth the price. Breakfast was included and it was a good buffet. Bring an extra set of clothes for after the bathing!

Scott Ferrie (02/06/2018 01:50)
Amazing experience here at mason elephant park, we washed and bathed with the elephants before a trek through the surrounding area and finally hand feeding lots! Fantastic all round would highly recommend.

Lynne Irving (27/05/2018 00:21)
This was a beautiful environment. The gardens and infrastructure were truly magnificent. These animals are all rescue animals from the forests of Sumatra and show no signs of distress. The handlers are fun informative and have an obvious bond with their animals.

Isabel Blanco (19/05/2018 07:08)
Great experience! Excellent to see elephants and to be able to touch them. In general the park is expensive. Good thing is you can feed them for free and also they sell you extra food to feed them.

Caleb Mann (28/02/2018 06:36)
A solid little place, honestly I went there expecting it to be somewhat inhumane but the elephants seemed happy and not at all hurt. There is a museum the moment you walk in showing where they rescue the elephants from and some general facts. Walking a minute or two and you get to the feeding station were you can feed the elephants bamboo for free or spend 5000 rupiah and feed them some fruit. At the same spot you can ride the elephants but I didn't want to as it isn't good for their backs. Twice a day there is an elephant show ( I won't spoil it for you ) and it is fun.

Art by GPHVN (18/02/2018 12:51)
This park is an elephant sancuary where elephants are breed and treated fairly. It was a beautiful place with lovely flora and fauna, small ponds and a gallery and resturant once you enter. The elephants can take pictures with you, smile kneel and eat food. You can take elephant rides with a tour and there is also a elephant show which was a treat! Not into animal tricks but this was heartwarming as the elephants did math, played football and played instruments! Great for kids and educational for adults

Jorge Sandoval (24/01/2018 10:14)
Excellent service from all the staff, including from the cleaner to the guides. Many celebrities and artists have been here and their activities are recommended. the road to safari is long. An approximate of the entire route from the airport area is 6-7 hours. already being there the buffet is traditional bali food. (the drink is not included) the employees always support and are very gentle, no one asks for a tip but they deserve it. Some elephants are chained but in general live well and eat too much. enjoy it.

Shafick Bagus (19/01/2018 12:10)
Amazing morning spent with the elephants. Ahmad the Mahout spent the past 3 years with Pushpah, and they have a great relationship going

Cosmic Harmony (11/11/2017 02:01)
This park is marketed as something completely different to what it really is. The Elephants are not free to themselves in this park. Baby elephant had his feet chained up so close together it couldn't moove. This is not a safari, and unlike the adverts it IS a zoo! I would not recommend bringing your children there to learn about animal cruelty, instead better go to a real sanctuary..

Randy Chong (20/10/2017 12:55)
Great facilities, we'll cared for elephants. I was hesitant to visit at first based on other reviews of the elephants being chained up. After reading park literature, I discovered that Bali has a law that forbids elephants to roam free unless accompanied by their handler. The elephants were genuinely happy and I learned that an elephant has only one handler to maintain a strong bond.

Betsho Mokgatlhe (01/10/2017 04:10)
I wouldn't suggest that you come here if you love elephants. It's honestly not what I expected. They are made to perform tricks and it's a little disheartening.

Frank Handana (25/08/2017 16:10)
Lovely place. Had a nice time. Elephants are treated very good from what I could see

cherie friels (24/08/2017 23:36)
A must do in Bali
These amazing creatures were saved from Sumatra and now taken care of by loving people. It was amazing to share the whole experience of bathing with them, washing them, feeding them then sitting having breakfast watching them in the pool. They are incredible gentle giants

Yves Trussel (20/07/2017 12:39)
Just amazing, I highly recommend staying the night. Getting so close to the elephants, patting them, washing them is amazing. In my opinion they could get rid of the short elephant show, otherwise they are treated really well

Matthew Lloyd (05/07/2017 16:43)
My wife and I had a great time here feeding and riding the elephants. Definitely a must stop if you haven't done this before. We got here first thing in the morning and it was perfect because there was almost no one there.

Henry Lo (02/07/2017 07:05)
Beautiful and clean place where you get to closely interact with the elephants. You get to feed, pat, kiss and sit on the elephants. But very pricey at about Rp430.000/adult.

Sandika Kartika (03/06/2017 11:15)
Travellers first choice. Beautiful park and well trained elephants. Mahoots the elephant guide are very dedicated to their animals. Fulfill your appetites at the restaurant....beautiful and delicious ....

Althea Horn (29/05/2017 04:46)
A lovely place to visit. Well worth the drive up into the hills.
Great staff. Good cafe.

Roger van den Broek (21/05/2017 15:00)
Did a wash the elephants package. It's not cheap.. but it's definitely worth it and a must do if you go to Bali.

Wayan Suardana (19/05/2017 08:39)
So beautiful park and staff...very healty elephant...

Elie Brise (09/01/2017 01:37)
I didnt like the park. The fees entrance are a little high (20US) when you finally realised that you have almost to place no walk free and you need to pay extra fees (like 60US and more) to access​ the park. Also, i was shocked to see all the elephant attached by chain...only 1-2 feet long. Im sensitive so i cry a little. The elephants who are "free" walk its just because they need to carry humans. Otherwise, they are attached with no water, only some food and no space to move. They dont seem to be bad treated, but still... Anyways, was nice to meet my favorite animal up close, but i would had prefer in other circumstances.

Priyankar Sinha (28/12/2016 23:41)
A wonderful place for children to learn and experience elephants.

Nathan Bylett (07/10/2016 07:58)
This is a unique place that will leave you with some great memories. The owners really care about the well-being of the town, their employees and for the elephants BUT the elephants do seem to be chained up for substantial periods of time. Whatever your take on it is, it is something special to be picked up from your room and delivered to dinner under the stars via elephant...

Victor Lavaud (19/08/2016 04:11)
The park is known to treat elephant well. They offer the possibility to ride an elephant, see a show, and play with them. Every elephant is assigned a trainer (mahout) who takes care of hin/her since birth . The show involves elephant kicking soccer balls, spitting water to surprised tourists, painting, dunking,l.
Pleasant experience, even though it is very expensive to enter (around 60€ including the ride).

Ben Munro (24/03/2016 22:12)
Nice place. Most of the guides look to treat their elephant very well. Ours unfortunately was overly eager on the bull hook, so that left a bit of a sour taste in my wifes mouth. The baby elephants looked very well looked after and seemed to interact very well with their mahouts.

Komang Sutanegara (24/11/2016 07:11)
Best elephant safari park

Роман Петров (18/02/2016 08:31)
Too expensive - 20usd is only admission

Jeremy Holm (05/12/2015 10:17)
An expensive but worth it activity. The package with washing and swimming with the elephants gives you a much greater connection with the animals.

Pavel Shyshkouski (26/07/2015 14:18)
This is expensive but it is worth this money in my opinion.
Riding an elephant is the main part of the attraction so don't miss it. It takes around 20 minutes, so it's long enough to be pleased and not to be bored. And it's really exciting.
Elephant show is also interesting to see.
Lunch buffet is not bad. Souvenir shops are very expensive but you can buy real legal ivory there. I don't recommend to buy T-shirts with a photo, they are of low quality.

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