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Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali

Tabanan, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Elephant Safari Park Banjar Desa Taro Tegallalang, Taro, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 361 8988888
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Monday: Open 24 hours
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Komentar :

Michael Ludlam (02/06/2018 15:34)
It's great what these guys are doing here for the Sumatran elephant species. 4 stars because having a ride on an elephant is exceptionally higher in price than just entry which was by far a good enough experience. If riding the elephants around is so good for the animals health and wellbeing, encourage it: lower the price.

Vicky Hokin (23/05/2018 10:46)
While I enjoyed my few days at the Lodge, the accommodation, staff and food was great, I was disappointed to find that items sold in the Mason Gift Shop were prohibited by Australian Customs. I presumed (wrongly!) that an Australian-owned business would know the law. I know the adage "buyer beware" applies, however it was a shame that $AU 18 worth of goods I bought for my niece went straight into the bin when I passed through Customs. I even asked the staff in the Gift Shop and they said "it's OK". As the Custom Officer said, the owner got his money, that's all most of them are concerned about. Very disappointing!!

Rodney Wagner (13/05/2018 02:19)
Loved it. Got to feed and interact with the elephants. Went on 30 minute ride and saw an elephant show. Even got soaked with water by one to my wife's enjoyment. Highly recommended. One of the highlights of my trip to Bali.

Kiky Tse (11/05/2018 06:39)
I really didn't know what to expect visiting the lodge/ park. We check in quite late in the afternoon and the whole itinerary has been put together for us and we are showed our room. The customer service was out of this world, Lenny showed us everything in our room and had a general chit chat. She was lovely! Clean and 5 star and it felt like a bungalow with a really cool roof. Outside our window were elephants, i just kept saying how cool! Our room was the lowest cost one and i didn't expect our view to be so awesome. The next day was seriously a highlight, bathing, riding and feeding elephants is something i'll remember forever! And to know the standards and the way the keepers look after the elephants your mind is at peace. The dinner was also amazing, 3 course meal and it wasn't too expensive. Highly recommend all to visit!

Jenny Mc (04/05/2018 12:48)
An amazing sanctuary for Elephants where you get to hang with these majestic beasts well worth staying there for the ultimate experience. . My family will treasure our memories and photos forever.

Tom LaGree (29/04/2018 07:57)
If you’re looking for a place that treats the elephants well.. go no further.

Also.. it was a great experience from start to finish. We go to know the 29 year old Patty the elephant (first mother of the safari) like she was my kin.

Also.. side note, bring a change of clothes. They have very nice facilities but you bath with the elephants and that includes a plethora of feces. Great for the skin though

stephen campbell (27/04/2018 23:26)
The room was nice and well appointed. The bed was hard and we were never asked if we wanted a roll away bed for our son. We were given an itenerary on check in however it would have been nice to be given options not set times. The most disappointing part though was the fact that even though the brochures offered free transfers to Ubud - we were forced to pay for our transfer on check out because “transfers are only for in house guests” - I wasn’t the only person who made the mistake seeing 4 people also ask the morning we checked out. This was quite misleading and pretty disappointing given the cost of the accommodation and the level of service provided by front office staff. Having said that the staff within the park were beyond polite and the elephant handlers we spoke to were forthcoming with information and stories which was lovely. Overall not sure I would stay the night again but will visit the park again.

Shelby Smith (18/03/2018 06:10)
WESTERNERS- Any place that allows you to ride an elephant is HORRIBLE. Please do your research into the elephant tourism industry. This place is NOT a "Sanctuary", if you want to see what a real elephant Sanctuary is google it and go to Cambodia, where YOU WOULD NEVER RIDE AN ELEPHANT, but you could care for them. PLEASE BE MORE RESPONSIBLE TRAVELERS.

Leigh James (18/03/2018 04:00)
Just did the morning day trip with ride and lunch included. Very much western prices. The elephants were beautiful but as other reviewers have said the whole chaining thing, picks etc is sad. Lunch was good, quality and choice. We did it mainly for the kids 9 and 5 who loved it.

Laura Bays (13/03/2018 03:17)
I’ve been meaning to write this review for quite some time and it’s been weighing on me while I’ve put it off. I was so deeply disturbed by the treatment of the elephants here. While the facilities were beautiful, this is a gross abuse of these majestic creatures. We saw bull hooks hacked into their heads to the point of bleeding when the elephant tried to take a step toward the forest. The elephants could not interact as they were chained at the ankle with only a couple feet of freedom and never within reach of another bull. The washing and riding seemed so excessive to please the influx of tourests that the animals seemed depressed and exhausted. And to top it all off, they still perform trick shows as if it were a circus. Make no mistake, this place is no sacturary or refuge, it is a hellish prison for these poor elephants and I’m embarrassed to have financially supported it all. I hope the founder is aware of what it has become, and I pray others will speak out about the abuses they’ve seen here, since we are the only voice these elephants have.

John Whittle (22/02/2018 04:42)
Accommodation fantastic food fantastic interaction with elephants out of this world nothing else like it on the planet. Its a must. Elephants all treated exceptionally trained with praise and food rewards. Absolutely awsome!

kristen Provest (09/02/2018 09:17)
great adventure. It was not a sanctuary as they would like you to believe though and the elephants are never allowed to walk around freely. This is a shame, although it is still a much better life for the elephants than logging in sumatra where they come from. However the experience was great and getting to feed them really special. We did not ride them as i don't like the idea but i didn't see any rough or abusive behaviour from the staff. I would recommend visiting!

Anne Henderson (05/12/2017 03:55)
I adore elephants and always wanted to visit them in a sanctuary where they were loved and well cared for. This is just the place. The whole area is beautiful and the elephants are treated so well. You can just arrive and visit the sanctuary but if you want to ride the elephant you may have to wait for a space. This was not a problem as there is so much to see and do while you wait for your name to be called. They also have a show where the elephants perform little tasks like kicking a football and playing netball! All very entertaining. Our elephant was called Patti and her trainor had been with her for 12 years. He clearly loved her. The ride was through lovely farmland . The restaurant is also very good. Great day out for the whole family.

Dustin Tsu (30/11/2017 23:50)
We had a good time and the kids enjoyed riding on the elephants. Learned a lot about the elephants, although the handlers were a tiny bit rough when the elephants weren't doing as they were supposed to. Mine had a few rough moments where it moved out of the way a bit too quickly, scaring my 3 yr old and the handler immediately brought it back under control. You can feed the elephants, they offer some free food to feed but you can also buy some better fruit for the elephants to eat. They staff is very willing to help you take photos so definitely take advantage of that.

Cynthia Brown (30/11/2017 04:18)
I kept hearing about how bad this hotel was.
I found it was one of the best hotels I've stayed at.
Elephants are well looked after and staff love there elephants they treat them like family.
Nigel Mason the founder of safari park is great bloke down to earth. Easy going.
Best time of mine and my wife's life.

Eloise Hubbard (30/11/2017 03:22)
This was a great day out for the two adults and two teenagers in our party. It was a long drive from the city but the scenery along the way was fantastic - rice paddies, villages, religious ceremonies, craft workshops, etc. When we got there we found the facility to be well designed and maintained and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. It was worth paying the extra price to include an elephant ride and we enjoyed the show, the beautiful gardens and the cafe...and quite possibly the best toilets in Bali!

Ryan Qing (28/11/2017 03:39)
We went to this park to visit with the elephants but we chose not to take a ride on any. We enjoyed seeing the elephants and had a great experience when we were able to feed the elephants. The park claims to be protecting the elephants of Bali and I hope that is what they are doing. Since I don't know the repercussions and the positive and negative impact it would have on the elephants if they were free to roam, I choose not to judge the park. The elephants seemed to be well cared for and in good health.

Archie Pollock (27/09/2017 05:29)
After paying about 300,000 to enter, I expected there to be more to do that didn't cost more. There was no show during the time I was there, and I wasn't comfortable with the idea of the elephant carrying me for a ride.

In the end I watched the elephants cool off in the pool, then had an ice cream and got something in the gift shop before heading home. In total 40mins spent here.

Also, $90 for a few brush strokes on canvas made by the elephants? Seems a bit silly to charge so much. Would have been a nice gift otherwise.

The elephants did seem well looked after which was good to see and why I decided to go here instead of a zoo.

George Naugle (26/09/2017 03:52)
Great place to visit. The elephants are well cared for and trained. Wonderful experiencing interacting and feeding the elephants.
A must see in Bali.

Clémence Morel (09/09/2017 00:35)
The elephants make it all and we had a wonderful time and a very unique experience washing them and bathing with them. We also really appreciated the elephant painting gift, loved it!
The room and the food were not up to the standards expected from a luxury hotel and the price/night in a (very) standard room.
You pay a ridiculous amount of money for one night to be amongst the tourists all day and never feel like you are NOT a regular guest. We will not recommend to stay at the lodge but rather to come to the park for the day as you get to do the exact same activities for way cheaper.

Jade Winder (30/07/2017 12:35)
I can't believe people this day and age think it's okay to ride elephants. None of what occurs at this place is okay. Do you see an elephant chained to a tree in the wild? Do you see them dancing, painting, putting flower crowns on humans in the wild?

Places like this need to stop being supported. Let's leave the feeding, the bathing and the overall care of these beautiful creatures to the trained professionals.

My comment won't do much, but I hope it opens people's eyes.

Heather Ferguson (28/06/2017 10:40)
Elephants were so well taken care of loved by the staff.

They are free without chains at all times, except while eating as the runts get bullied if they aren't each given their own protected food portions. Beautiful place.

John Tindall (24/06/2017 01:25)
It was great at first, we gave baths to the elephants. But as soon as we were told to ride the elephants, we quickly asked to leave the premises. No one should be riding elephants. They were also carrying their pic axe to control the elephants. It was traumatizing enough for these creatures to be forced to have humans ride but to have them in a safari where we thought they'd be free to just witness them happy - instead we witnessed them tied down to the ground, separated and were ready for rides....

Gemma Evans (19/06/2017 13:44)
The guides know a lot about the elephants and work on a reward basis with them. You are able to feed the elephants and also the food in the restaurant is amazing. Tomorrow we are bathing the elephants and swimming with them, cant wait. Also the accommodation is beautiful and clean

Tiece Edwards (12/06/2017 16:25)
I really enjoyed my overnight stay in the park. The staff were very welcoming and the elephant encounters were fantastic. My only feedback would be to provide some evening entertainment for guests or at least have an evening shuttle that allows guests to go and explore `UBUD after dinner as the park got very quiet in the evening.

John Arcus (28/05/2017 09:07)
Absolutely fabulous experience of a life time. Recommend inexpensive overnight stay. Elephants well cared for, very contented and engaging. Safety paramount. Staff generous, knowledgeable and mahouts very tuned in. Bathing elephants in the morning, jungle ride and being delivered for dinner on elephant were memorable experiences. Five star accommodation. Beautiful park. Great experience, great cause and very inspiring.

Deanne (03/05/2017 05:06)
So very sad to see he elephants chained up for hours on end.. poked with a sharp looking stick to be involved in games.. trainers sitting on their heads and ALLOWING guests to ride them? This is the furthest thing from a sanctuary!!! Let the elephants free please!!

Jess Edkins (01/05/2017 10:26)
My partner and I visited the park today,
I have always been a bit iffy about the wellfear of the animals but today proved that the elephants at this part are treated well and are happy, there were elephants dancing on there own accord in the enclosure they loved being feed all the treats they were getting and they were not forced to do anything! And through the hole day I never saw one distressed elephant, they all looked very happy 😊 The guides were very good and spoke English well, they gave realistic time frames on waits for rides and kept us updated on how long to go, was a great day

Sandika Kartika (28/04/2017 11:47)
Very beautiful park, beautiful scenery, and lovely elephants. Grab them, feed them, bath them and hug the trunk.

Robyn Cliff (12/04/2017 10:27)
Nothing like it for an overnight stay. It made me cry. Just perfect 👌

Krishna Nataraj (06/02/2017 13:43)
Good place to take a child. Elephant rides are an interesting experience (though admittedly might not be to everyones liking or taste).

Elephants looked well cared for. Please note that there are no wild elephants on Bali and these have been rescued or otherwise obtained from captivity and have been brought from Sumatra.

A bit expensive. Expect to spend about 80-100 USD per person including transportation, entry, safari and lunch.

ash halliburton (26/01/2017 00:22)
On first appearances this park is beautiful and the elephants are treated well. What people forget is elephant rides hurt their backs. I noticed a few animals had sores. They were led around alllll day. A few were chained up by the leg.. and whilst they say that's to 'keep them in one place' the elephant was rocking back and forward in distress. Elephants were told to hold flower rings and place them around people's heads for photos... they don't want to. I have pictures of obvious tears in the elephants eyes, sadness. And watched them huddle together. I took my mum there to show her how great it was, she left heartbroken and deeply saddened that as humans/tourists, we feel it's necessary for these animals to entertain us. I've emailed the owner of this resort, am yet to receive a reply.

Can someone please address this, these animals should be roaming free, not an instagram like.

Shane Goodwin (13/12/2016 06:14)
Awesome place on a huge site with plenty of activities. Elephant ride was amazing as was the show. Animals are much better looked after here than in other parks. Definitely worth the trip!

Sandy Valentine-Munn (11/08/2016 06:31)
I love this place. My hubby & I stayed in the accommodation at the park for 5 nights quite a few years back. We have since returned for day trips with various friends on 3 different occasions, we love everything about the park. I found the elephants are very much loved and cared for, the staff and grounds are wonderful and the owner, Nigel very attentive. My hubby Ross and I will be returning at the end of this month with 8 more friends. Well done and keep up the great work Nigel & your team.

Lois Mckiernan (25/07/2016 14:31)
Family of 4- stayed over night ($600) to renew our vows (25yrs) We meet Nigel (the owner).Walked around the park and were hugged by baby elephants -2 elephants arrived at our door and we rode to the restaurant for a wonderful dinner.Had Breakfast overlooking the elephants that r chained overnight for several reasons.We then washed the elephants - an unforgettable experience - rode them in the water and had a t-shirt painted by an elephant - The reason for me submitting this review is because there are several other elephant parks in Bali - ( we were taken to 1 and I told the driver to turn the car around).The elephants at this park each have 1 person assigned to them.We could feed the elephants anytime - the staff take your photos for u - the park is cleaned constantly and I could see no physical evidence of abuse - these animals might not b roaming in paddocks - but they're not being hunted and killed by poachers either.Some might c it as a catch 22. I would never go to a place where the animals r harmed or drugged - After staying here overnight and witnessing the daily chores of the park - the handlers do carry a wooden handle with a steel prod- used to control the animal not to abuse them.Your dealing with an animal and no-one wants to c an animal shot because it trampled someone- I am returning to Bali in a few weeks with a group of friends and this is on our to do list.

Rebecca Pressing (13/11/2016 05:48)
The elephants are chained up and forced to work all day. Forced to give rides and do tricks for human entertainment. It's horrible, inhumane and down right abuse.

Shan A (31/10/2016 19:03)
Fun filled day with the elephants. Must do the Elephant ride. Great service and experience even though it's a bit pricey all things compared.

Salimah Hankins (03/06/2016 04:17)
As other reviewers have noted, this is no sanctuary. Elephants are worked extremely hard and poked with hook-like devices (leaving visible marks on their skin) to carry tourists. Your $66 entrance fee for an adult thus contributes not to the conservation but exploitation of these gentle creatures. We asked for, but did not receive, our fee back when we saw the extent of animal mistreatment.

Mariko F (22/05/2016 05:25)
This is no sanctuary. These elephants may have been rescued from the fate of torture in Sumatra, but their new fate is to be a slave to this elephant show. It's terrible. They claim to allow these elephants to "choose" to partake in the painting and basketball... Etc... While the trainers squeeze and pull their ears to force them to participate. While visitors get to take the elephant rides, trainers are sitting on their heads with their feet on the elephants' ears while the elephants are CLEARLY uncomfortable. When the show is over and you get to eat and disgusting buffet, the elephants are shackled to about 4 feet of chains where they eat. The Austrailain owner of the park explains these chains as necessary so the elephants don't steal each other's food or run away....THIS IS NOT A HAPPY HABITAT FOR ELEPHANTS!!!!

He is breeding elephants here as he can no longer "save" them from Sumatra because the Indonesian government has banned bringing elephants over due to the fact that they are money makers and are being mishandled in Indonesia.

If this "SANTCUARY" cared for the elephants and real sanctuaries do, they would RELOCATE them into their normal and humane habitat that they belong to, instead of breeding them, holding them hostage and keeping them here!!! They are not show animals. They are not money makers. This place is breeding elephants to live a life of slavery. To be honest, I'd rather be dead. Which leads me to believe he has done no good for these animals.

Chris Scambler (17/02/2016 15:03)
Elephants in Bali: Please Don’t Pay For Their Suffering

Every year, nearly 3.8 million tourists visit the beautiful island of Bali. Many of them visit attractions and participate in activities that fuel immense animal suffering. When holidaying in Bali, please choose the places you visit and support with caution.

Elephant tourist parks, camps and shows exist in many parts of Asia including Bali. Tourist demand to get close to these iconic animals is fuelling the cruel and abusive treatment of elephants.

Facts about Elephant Attractions in Bali
Elephant training methods which keep the animals in constant compliance are based on fear and pain: Calves are “broken” by removal from their mothers, physical restraint and fear. Adults are forced to perform in a certain way through the abusive use of the bullhook (ankus).
Wild animals are not evolved to endure close proximity with humans. Elephants may not show overt signs of distress, and may to be obediently plodding along, but constant, forced proximity to humans without choice of retreat is extremely stressful for elephants.
Elephants are highly social animals and normally live in close, stable groups. Elephants used for tourism and entertainment usually live in isolation or in unnatural social groupings.
Captive elephants are deprived of the opportunity to perform natural behaviors, as they are either confined, tethered, or under the ankus of the mahout (rider). This creates anxiety and frustration.
Tourist elephants are often overworked and forced to work in the heat of the day with inadequate food, water or rest.
The use of elephants in tourism or for any entertainment encourages the illegal trade in wild-caught elephants. This brings immense suffering to countless animals and compromises elephant conservation efforts.
It is often claimed that tourist elephants are “rescued” or being kept for conservation. The reality is that encouraging human-elephant interactions is contrary to conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Teaching animals to perform inappropriate tricks portrays them to the public in a humiliating manner, instead of showing their natural grace and beauty. And this compromises efforts to promote empathy and respect.

What You Can Do
You can make a difference. Most elephants in captivity are part of tourist-driven businesses. Please don’t pay for the elephants’ suffering.
NEVER go on elephant rides
NEVER visit attractions with elephant shows or performances
NEVER stay in resorts or hotels that have captive elephants
NEVER use tour operators that book elephant rides or tours to elephant camps

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