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Waroeng SS

Sumedang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Kolonel Ahmad Syam, Sayang, Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat 45363, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 811-251-500 news/ 119/ Waroeng+SS+Jatinangor+Siap+Menginvasi+Lidah+Big+Boss
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 1:00 – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Frida Kurniawati (24/05/2018 11:50)
I've always love to eat at Waroeng SS since when I was living in Yogyakarta. Although the taste can diverge slightly from each outlet to the other, as a whole, the foods are delicious. Today of all the foods I ordered, I was so disappointed that the "jengkol" wasn't cooked rightly so that its bitterness still remained strong.

Novario W. Handayani (16/05/2018 01:37)
Recommended for all "sambal" lovers, they have so many sambal varians. The price are cheap and really worth it.👍

hans purnama (17/04/2018 10:58)
Cheap, delicious, and perfect for sambal enthusiasts. Service is quick and nice, but you will waste time picking the right sambal for you since there are many options to choose. I reccomend the sambal gobal gabul or sambal mangga, and to be safe get 1 sambal each for a person (because some of the sambals there are hotter than others).
Downside is, imho, its far from Bandung. I hope this restaurant opens in Bandung in the near future.

Donny Julius (16/04/2018 10:31)
The best place to eat a wide varieties of sambal. The restaurant specialty is indeed like their name "sambal" because they provide almost all types of sambal. The price is also arguably reasonable either for the foods or the drinks. However, the access is not really easy because you have to go through a pretty much small road (2 lane road) but the parking spaces is enough for the restaurant capacity. Serving time is still acceptable except in peak hours. The atmosphere is like typical "rumah makan sunda".

david granity (04/04/2018 14:23)
Cheap. Taste good. Waiting time sucks. Place Clean enough. Parking available. Recommended

Ramdan Hidayat (11/03/2018 00:42)
With relative low price, the food is so delicious. the place and the service is well managed. The best menu i think is Jamur Crispy!

Imam Faisal Ruslan (25/02/2018 00:34)
You’re going to love every dishes this place has. Affordable price and lovely service.

Hagai Raja (13/02/2018 06:46)
If you like spicy, come here. They have many spicy combination to dance your tongue. But for you who don't, like me, better go to different restaurant

Muhammad Rizaldi Nuraulia (10/12/2017 15:02)
Best food in the Jatinangor area with affordable price for students.

Christian Paulus (05/12/2017 08:29)
been waited too long for our food(arnd45mnts). Food was standart and serve cool. i thought they need to improve the quality. sorry to say but i have to.

billiansyah abdillah (23/11/2017 11:16)
nice food, but if the place is crowded be prepared to wait longer for the food to be served

Dharmawan Raharjo (18/10/2017 09:56)
Cheap but very delicious! Those who like spicy food must try this restaurant! Satisfaction guaranteed to experience real Indonesia food taste.

Fajar Adityo (05/10/2017 11:48)
Tasty food with various spices of your choice. Nice place to have a chat with friends

Besse Fadhilah Nurul Jannah (16/09/2017 05:08)
Its really recommended for all of you who likes spicy food, SS serve every sambal various. You have to come to here!

Iriene Saptowaty (30/08/2017 08:31)
Friendly price, taste good, its take a while to get our order for takeway or dine in

Faisal Arifin (26/08/2017 05:03)
Spicy heaven!
Good selection of sambal and food, cozy place, one of the best cheap restaurant in town.
Service is sure fast, the only drawback is the place is always crowded.
Dont miss sambal mangga and ayam bakar combo, my all time favorite!

Mario Deskarlie (24/08/2017 14:25)
Well, 30+ types of sambal will always poke our curiosity. Nice place for sambal lover. The foods are also nice and affordable. Best for students, to bring family and friend.

Wiwi Widuri (15/08/2017 15:00)
Amazingggggg. The sambal is various. The price is not expensive. And the taste is awesome. Perfect 👍

Herdinand Dimas (08/07/2017 15:52)
The price is reasonable, but it's still needs improvement in the place

Annisa Nur Azizah (27/05/2017 15:39)
The foods are delicious, but slow respon and always waiting list

lusy riadina (17/05/2017 08:45)
Cheap and loveable... you must try it! 😘

Benedict G S (14/05/2017 10:31)
quite good. nice sambal option as a spicy lover

Nindya Nastiti Puspitasari (30/04/2017 23:50)
Great place to eat anything! Especially you, who craving for the spicy food 😂 a lot of menu to choose with an affordable price. Sure will be one of the place you're willing to be back for.

Aldrich 박중훈 (25/04/2017 07:48)
Delicioso and hot sambal in various type. The price is sooooo affordable.

agus sweigear (02/04/2017 11:07)
Always love this restaurant..
Cheap price,. Great taste..

Aldo Muhammad Utomo (15/02/2017 00:21)
Low price, high quality. Especially for people who like "Sambal". You will find many different types of "Sambal" here

Mega Mutiara (03/09/2016 07:12)
Sundanesse food, delicious and cheap. i suggest you to come with family. have big parking area. if you wanna eat in SS you better not to come to this place at 12 pm until 1 pm. because sometimes is always full of people.

Arif Iskandar (23/07/2016 17:15)
So manu food options, relatively cheap price, and exceptional taste.

Tito Prihatomo (11/03/2016 07:07)
Affordable price, delicious taste, great service. Recommended place to eat in Jatinangor.

Yuliana Restu Utami (26/07/2016 12:05)
Usually wait even holiday

de Soleh (23/01/2016 15:23)

Muhammad Irham Ramadhan (05/12/2015 00:06)
Affordable prices, various menus, great taste

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