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Masjid Raya Unpad Jatinangor (Balé Aweuhan)

Sumedang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Km. 21, Jalan Raya Bandung Sumedang, Hegarmanah, Jatinangor, Hegarmanah, Sumedang, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat 45363, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Rabella Mufti (31/05/2018 09:39)
Peaceful place :)

riz fari (24/12/2017 01:34)
This mosque is like a home for me, they give us free food sometimes.

Muhammad Rizaldi Nuraulia (10/12/2017 15:15)
One of big mosque in Jatinangor and also have a basement place to studying or discussing with friends. But don't forget to pray if you hear Adzan.

Mo Azzam (04/12/2017 10:47)
Good place for Muslim to doing prayer and this new unique mosque

Fikri Erfizal (18/11/2017 07:33)
Wonderful Masjid. Very nice place to pray,. Clean and big. A lot of parking space

Aditya Diveranta (19/02/2017 12:54)
One big mosque that intent to be a centre for islamic activity in Universitas Padjadjaran college students. It has unique yet modern architecture, but for some point idk why the facilities like toilet got really broken not really long from the date when it's builded.

Cholid Alid (18/10/2017 16:12)
Mosque with unique architecture, i hope Unpad will reinnovate it soon

Dhifan H (07/09/2017 12:37)
Nice Mosque

muhammad takwani (22/06/2017 13:53)

Furka Idfi Masanggom (20/01/2017 00:19)

Nancahya Alam Guneanto (11/01/2017 13:07)
one of the guard is annoying

Riezal Ilham (07/01/2017 17:58)
A mosque with unique architecture

Ahmad Syah (12/10/2016 11:09)
Has a unique and modern architecture, a place that is very comfortable for praying, and an excelent place for using wifi. The basement is oftenly used by almost all college students for discussion and meeting. But, the basement ceiling is leaking during the rain.

Fadil Sube (25/11/2016 17:11)
Arsitekturnya unik dan suasananya sejuk, tempat wudhu luas dan terdapat tempat penyimpanan alas kaki. Mantaplah untuk beribadah

Benrizal Efendi (07/08/2016 12:42)
Masjidnya megahh

cevi taufik (07/07/2016 17:01)
Tempatna lalega.

Ridho James (14/05/2016 04:15)

Mohamad Noor Rizal (21/03/2016 06:24)
Bentuk bangunannya unik, namun tampak kurang kokoh

Rani Valeris Inskazilla (09/01/2016 06:25)
Cozy place...

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