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Jatinangor Town Square

Sumedang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Raya Jatinangor No.150, Cikeruh, Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat 45363, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 22 87920001
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Antoni Andromeda (29/05/2018 10:26)
The one and only mall at Jatinangor. Neither big nor small, just perfect for city of its size.

giee (21/05/2018 14:45)
The only mall in the district,they have a good gym tho'

Bima Yoga (14/04/2018 11:53)
Rame praja euy

Mey Lee (11/04/2018 05:25)
You can find any kind of food here.. pokoe komplit plit²

Ramdan Hidayat (11/03/2018 00:40)
The one and only mall in Jatinangor. Not too bad shopping mall because it has cinema, kind of food & beverages store, groceries, fashion and more

Rafi Daniswara (04/03/2018 05:00)
The only mall in jatinangor. Not bad, they got XXI theater on the top floor. JCo, Breadtalk etc.

Eric Yakub (22/02/2018 04:41)
I am here for a meeting, they have everything in here, fashion, groceries, and equipment for babies, Cinema, also food court. They manage the area so well

triyanto prabowo (10/12/2017 03:51)
The one and only shopping mall in Jatinangor so far. It will save your effort to go to Bandung just for shopping mall, it also has cineplex with very affordable price. You can get your basic needs here, but not kinda fancy or prestigious place for hang out.

Ramdhan Suseto (13/12/2017 15:52)
Tempatnya bagus, enak dan toko dengan brand terjangkau. Biasa disebut "jatos". Atm center agak sulit karna ga diberbagai tempat dan parkiran bakal antri kalo mau tutup, yang biasa nyalip hati2 digebukin.

Andi Winata (07/12/2017 15:07)
A Shopping and hang out place located in education town of Jatinangor. For years this town well-known as a second student town beside Yogyakarta. There are Universitas Padjadjaran, Ikopin, and ITB addresed here. The students from all provinces and cities in Indonesia continuing their education in this town, so it helps the city to survive. The locals serve all necessity this students so they're prospering each other.
This Jatinangor Town Square located precisely in the side of the main street Bandung-Sumedang. There are many tenants inside it. Fashion, food, cafe, movie theatre, etc.

George Inaldo (27/11/2017 03:54)
A good place located at the outskirt of the regency.

Just too crowded nor too busy during weekends or holidays, specially after end of each month.
But only few people and very quite at normal daytime.

Unfotunately, parking services is not properly managed, specially during busy days.

Sriwinarni Arni (14/11/2017 11:33)
Its the only mall available in Jatinangor region. So we are left with no other option.
There are good places like breadtalk, dcost, pizza hut, kfc, richeese factory, no mcd but it has a foodcourt with plenty yet limited choices of food.

Dyah Kusbiantari (25/09/2017 08:40)
Nice place to shop and window shopping... I found cute dresses with low price

Denaldy Nataniel (24/09/2017 02:38)
The only mall jatinangor has, what can you expect? It's got everything student needs from decent culinary (kfc, pizza hut, even upnormal), entertainment (Cinema 21), school supplies, cheaper alternative for shopping (pojok busana) and other stuffs. It's not perfect, and closes early (9 PM) but then again, what choices do we have?

Ismi Ayu Syiyami (06/09/2017 18:44)
The one and only mall in Jatinangor. The place is quite wide. There are so many shops like Sport station,, Breadtalk, KFC, Richeese, Pizza hut, Amanda Brownies shop, XXI cinema and other clothes and accessories shops. This mall is good for hangout with friends. Students who study in Unpad, ITB Sumedang Ikopin, IPDN and UIN Bandung usually come to this place for hangout or maybe for an entertaining activity

Kharits Maulana (05/09/2017 12:43)
For mall in such a place this place is great. You'll find a lot of college student spend their time here

dar oytak (05/09/2017 07:07)
This place get mostly everything that you may need. But the minus point about this place is accessibility (elevator and lift)

Fitriani jati rahmania (17/07/2017 15:17)
This mall has a lot of popular store such as sport station, guardian, watson, d'cost, chattime,, kfc, ect

Sylvia Rini Handayani (03/07/2017 15:08)
Okay for quick bite, quick shop, quick hangout. There is good warung behind it..near the pinewood apartment building.

Akang Ridwan (29/05/2017 07:10)
A good mall concept outside Bandung as capital of West Java, Indonesia. It is located in a distric of several famous university

Feb Bhyan (27/05/2017 13:58)
The place is pretty decent. But unfortunately the parking lot is beyond all. Bring a car or motorcycle, if the rain still have to get rain to the parking lot

Rosa Sundewi (03/05/2017 13:56)
Movies, games, restaurant, shopping store etc are available on jatos also near indonesia top university eg ITB, Unpad, IPDN.

Paramita Effendy (14/04/2017 21:33)
Its look like a small building for mall from outside, but you will be impressed when you start coming in there

Aditya Diveranta (01/04/2017 15:46)
The one and only mall in Jatinangor (which i think enough for such small region like jatinangor). Go here if you want to watch movies (at the cinema), or hangout/window shopping.

Firman Juliansyah (16/03/2017 17:53)
A one stop shopping spot in Jatinangor campus area. It has a cinema and mosque

Agra Ghifari (25/02/2017 10:45)
The only mall in town. Still needs a lot of improvements but it's better than nothing

Deden Wahyu MUSTARI (11/02/2017 10:27)
Suburb area shoping mall but have excellent facilities n good ambience...

billiansyah abdillah (07/02/2017 09:58)
Nice developed town square. it still has to develop more to become a 'super' shopping mall especially in terms of store management and accessibility

Yesaya Ferdinand (04/02/2017 19:02)
It's the only mall in Jatinangor. It's not a high end mall, but it's enough to find things that you might need as a student. Good grocery store, decent cinema, and cool hang out and eating spots.

Imron Anshori (23/10/2016 10:37)
it offers cheap price of wide variety of products you may want. the cinema is good enough,

Tobi Bee (21/10/2016 18:08)
you can find anything u want here, a lunch place, a theatre, or just shopping here. The price is cheap enough and the view is good and its easy to find this mall

Eldo Delamontano (12/10/2016 01:47)
Cinema is good.
Love it due to lion superindo, calais, planet sport and

Arina Aisyal Hanny (19/09/2016 23:41)
It has lots of food stalls and it keep developing. Best mall in town (oh no, it's actually the one and only mall in town).

andiral Purnomo (09/08/2016 14:13)
The only one mall in Sumedang but nice and clean. You can find various cheap fashion.

Mega Mutiara (23/07/2016 15:27)
One and only mall in Jatinangor. There are Bioskop, Food court and a lot of food here. Recommended for People in Jatinangor, Rancaekek, and Sumedang.

Rizhky Azhary (22/07/2016 02:40)
I love it because the mall offers many kind of stuff such as fashions, from low until high priced foods and drinks, books and a box office. A perfect blend and taste for Bandung East university student!

Novia Rahantoknam (17/06/2016 08:48)
It's kinda good for a mall. I'm not really recommended this place for searching stuff like clothes or shoes. But, if you want to buy something to eat, this place are most suitable one in Jatinangor.

Anugerah Agungputranto (30/05/2016 02:53)
The premier shopping centre around the Jatinangor area. Jatos as it is often referred by its customers, offers a comprehensive selection of shops, restaurants, and leisure options. There are a plethora of small kiosk-sized shops that sells products related to clothing and fashion. Plentiful restaurant options are also offered in Jatos, ranging from western-style dishes to local delicacies. There is also a cinema, located on the uppermost floor of the shopping centre.

Parking space is somewhat limited, since all of the parking is located outside. There is also an apartment block located behind Jatos, within the same grounds, therefore extra parking spaces are usually reserved for the apartment tenants.

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