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Sumba Barat Daya, Nusa Tenggara Timur
Alamat: Jl. Soeharto Tambolaka, Desa Radamata, Kota Tambolaka, Radamata, Kota Tambolaka, Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, Nusa Tenggara Tim., Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 387 2524019 WarungGG
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

John Bunnell (29/06/2018 13:29)
I spent 2 weeks on Sumba. I stayed on Tambolaka on and off. I ate at Gula Gsram almost every evening. The Indonesian food is perfect and not watered down for "tourist" palate. Kambing is excellent. Staff is always there. Cool building. Good toons. Great management. No choice but to eat there. Just go and enjoy.

Adrian Prasetio (28/06/2018 03:54)
The best restaurant in town (well not many is in there tbh). They serve foods from western to locals like fried rice or chicken satay. Nice, cozy place. The owner speaks Indonesian. Lovely dog named Nala (sometime she's around the restaurant).

N. Diana (03/06/2018 00:34)
Drinks are good.
Friendly staff.
Clean bathroom.
Good price for food and drink.
Good wifi connection (the only one place in Tambolaka area which have wifi so far).

Aryantho Putu (24/04/2018 23:46)
We come for dinner for 3 days and love to have other quality resto at Tambolaka soon.

Nathalie Boude (29/03/2018 12:26)
Amazing restaurant in this small town.
The juice are really delicious. The pizzas also.
We had many nice dinners here during our stay

Fariz Fathul Hakim (17/03/2018 09:20)
There aren't many restaurants available in this area yet, but this is a recommended place for someone who wants to have lunch or dinner with an exotic vibe. They serve western and local food. Their pizza are so delicious.

Pearl Bali (11/03/2018 23:44)
Best food of Sumba ! The pizza are amazing, the Indonesian food is cooked without MSG and all is fresh. The staff are well trained and very friendly, we will come back for sure ....

Vinsensius Johni Indra (11/03/2018 11:47)
Nice food (bihun goreng, Cumi crispy, Sayur bunga papaya), cozy place to hangout, price so-so.

Eka Laurensius Sukantio (09/03/2018 10:19)
While the pizza is exellent, the sphagetti we ordered is undercooked. . . We told the waitress, she spoke with someone in the kitchen and did nothing. Drinks come after we finished eating the food.

Natalia Adventry Rambu Kalaiju (25/10/2017 00:11)
Good place,have many foods,like Pizza,Burger,ect..
And good place

Abel Arvin (21/10/2017 13:11)
Good food...good place...good service

Frans Rengrengulu (16/10/2017 01:04)
The menu is OK, but the owner was not that friendly handling complaint and one of the waiter is horrible impolite.

Taya Kadhita (27/08/2017 14:32)
Nice place , good food, not pricey and excellent service

Maylina Meiku (18/08/2017 11:45)
Good food nice place

Troy Kenenbudi Kenenbudi (15/08/2017 16:48)
nice atmosphere,good food!

Gracia Christie (03/07/2017 14:52)
By far my favorite restaurant in Sumba Barat Daya. Offers a wide range of food from Indonesia until Italian. Always come by whenever I go to Tambolaka. Food is good, the restaurant is neat, and the staff are friendly (they also speak english). Located close to the airport. Good for group.

Yuvanti Osmar (02/07/2017 10:03)
It's a cozy place to hang out with friends and have dinner.

Matri Bili (29/06/2017 07:07)
Nice place, serve national and international food...near post office, airport and market

Paul Kalu (27/05/2017 12:01)
Try the steak...and the carbonara

I. Ekoprayitno Rozi (24/03/2017 07:15)
Very nice restaurant...

Linas Ramanauskas (16/01/2017 05:52)
so far best food in Sumba

Bruce Mumford (30/11/2016 05:39)
Not a big choice in this part of Sumba. But here you can get a good coffee and ok food. Location is a bit wrong on Google Maps but just bit nearer the main road. Like everywhere in Indonesia it needs some fans to make it more enjoyable to sit talk and coffee.

Roam Sumba (21/11/2016 03:24)
Gula Garam has filled big gap in the local tourism food market, as there are very few options in Sumba for dinning other than local Warungs where MSG is heavily used. They have a great selection of Indonesian dishes plus western food. They do great pizza and will deliver to your hotel if you don't fee like heading out. While I'm in the Tambolaka area this is the only place I eat. The produce is fresh, the staff are fantastic and they don't use MSG. I would have been there over 20 times and haven't had a bad meal. Its perfectly positioned near the airport to every time I fly in I can get some food before I hit the road down to the stunning coastal area of Lamboya, West Sumba.

Yeremias Malo (24/10/2016 03:57)
Luar biassssaa

Barend Sneller (04/08/2016 10:32)
Top, met WiFi en real Italian pizza instead of the thick American filled crust

Barend Sneller (04/08/2016 10:32)
Top, met WiFi en real Italian pizza instead of the thick American filled crust

Melinda Suwandi (02/08/2016 05:50)
Makanannya enak

Jermy Kewuan (03/06/2016 03:34)
Asyik.. WiFi mantap....

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