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favehotel Subang

Subang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Kompleks Ruko Rawabadak, Jl. Kapten Hanafiah, Karanganyar, Kec. Subang, Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41211, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 260 7605161 hotellist/ eng/ 134/ favehotel-subang
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Arvirahman Muis (02/05/2018 06:34)
nice hotel. enjoy my time here.

Leo C (12/04/2018 12:57)
Good hotel in Subang. The bedroom and bathroom are great. But the breakfast need more improvement in food variety and quality.

inti trio bhakti jaya (05/04/2018 06:05)
the room was not properly cleaned. dust everywhere, the tables were sticky. the bedlinen was dirty & the pillows smell bad. the towels were really.... i mean really yucky. i don't think the bathroom floor mat ever being washed. and you can smell cigarette smoke in the room. the hotel shouldn't even get 1 star rating.

Martie Bagaskara (06/03/2018 05:10)
over all good..just breakfast,,not much varian..n taste not good..foreigner cant eat

Tutun Nugraha (19/02/2018 03:10)
A good place to stay for family in the City of Subang, West Java.
Very bright, and nice clean suite-room with good & friendly service.
Wifi on 6th floor suite is much better than on 7th floor suite (very weak). Breakfast need more improvement by 0700 already ran out of eggs and tea.

Jehezkiel Lofani Mengko (09/02/2018 05:07)
Nice hotel at subang..

Friendly staff, clean room, comfort and good breakfast.

Noorahmat Pudyastomo (08/01/2018 00:27)
Staying in Favehotel Subang become a routine now. I saw evidence(s) of improvement everytime I stay...what a good sign of development....congratulation and please stay improve creatively...!!!

Will be nice if you also add some more the facilities. Adding Swimming Pool (outdoor or indoor) will be an amazing added value.

In the future, we wish this hotel to have more variety on foods such as soup, salad and bread, so breakfast will be more interesting for children.

Isa Abdus Salaam (13/08/2017 13:21)
Very good for a 3 star hotel. Staff are friendly, relatively clean and comfortable. Linens, towels at are a little old.

Ridha Rizky Permana (12/08/2017 04:57)
Good room, good foods, excellent service 🤙🤙

roro woelan (29/06/2017 01:22)
For the small city like subang, it's okay. But the food isn't ok for us. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Soenecar Bahari (14/06/2017 05:19)
Reccomend hotel in subang

Eliza Rusali (15/04/2017 13:04)
Not very good but not horrible either. The room i stayed in was not very clean that includes the bathroom. Breakfast was not bad.. but service could be improved. They ran put of most things and take long time to replenish the buffet. On the plus side the bed is comfortable and quite away from the noise.

Heri Hermawan (14/01/2017 05:55)
Its nice hotel to stay at subang.... Great staff especially for Reception....

Christian Rosandry (13/01/2017 14:49)
Low budget hotel.
Rooms very clean and new building.

Room very very very minimalis and the bed not so comfortable.
The breakfast not so yummy.

Recommended if you dont want spent much money for rooms.

Benny Cahyadi Citro (02/01/2017 05:11)
Okay To Sleep. The staff is not responsive when heavy rain. They let special guest to park in the front of Hotel Entry Door so the other car can not stop to let the car passenger come down, and there is no staff hotel help you with the umbrella. In the first place, the hotel not provide doot mat until someone slip and fall down.

Farisa Ulfa (28/12/2016 14:23)
A new building, minimalist yet modern design, clean room and also the bathroom. Worth it.

Lucky Hapsari (18/12/2016 23:22)
Pretty okay for staying a few days. The rooms are clean, with modern-minimalist design, nice employees. It's too bad some things aren't readily available in the room, such as shower caps, cotton buds, electric water heater (I really needed this to make formula for my toddler), that I usually get without having to ask at other similarly rated hotels. Also I got pretty disappointed with how inadequate the service at the restaurant at the time. I went for breakfast at 8 a.m. and almost every table surface was full with dirty dishes. We had to move them ourselves to use the tables, and then, checking the menu, almost everything is gone. Well, then. There went our breakfast.

Rheza Tubaguspandu (27/08/2016 09:32)
Hotel yg tepat bila anda mampir di kota subang

leonard purnawan (20/07/2016 05:10)
Harga sangat terjangkau,tempat bersih,nyaman, tenang, pemandangan alami khas pedesaan terlihat jelas dri lntai 2 keatas..cocok untuk semua anggota keluarga..
Sarapan pagi jga cukup memuaskan,bnyak pilihan,rasa masakan jga cukup enak..
Sangat di rekomendasikan bagi yg transit di daerah subang ini..
Minus kolam renang aja..

Setyo Pujiono (16/07/2016 01:18)
Not recomended...

achmad djamal (10/07/2016 01:50)
Sangat baik lokasinya dekat exit tol

Raymond Godwin (06/07/2016 12:17)
masih beraroma semen, mengingat hotelnya baru sebulan. secara keseluruhan oke. kurang kolam renang.
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