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Tol Cipali Rest Area 2 KM 102

Subang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Tol Cipali KM.102, Kaliangsana, Kalijati, Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41271, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

M. Adjidarmo (06/05/2018 08:01)
Rest area located at toll road that provides fuel for both diesel and gasoline engines, food stalls, convenience stores and mosque.

Arham Mauriyat (30/03/2018 01:33)
Still haven't found a truly decent rest area along Cipali. And beware: Not all toilets here are free.

Yan Haryadi (17/01/2018 07:58)
Best rest place before got warm-cold on subang-ciater-lembang

Daris Alfafa (15/01/2018 08:07)
Needs to prepare for potential long weekends such as the Eidul Fitr, the New Year, and the Eidul Adha. I am aware that it is not busy in normal weekdays and weekends, but I just can't believe that they are still not prepared enough to serve the customers in their fifth (give or take) attempt to actually realize that they have to prepare well!

If you happen to look for a rest area on these times (long weekends)... Look elsewhere. I regret coming here. However I'm sure it's going to be fine if you aren't.

Dini Kustyawan (25/12/2017 14:57)
This places sell a pertamax gasoline and offer various meal and drink franchises from upscale one to the local one. Toilet are available at several area but in peak season it may not always clean. Masjid is quite big with open space concept so it not need additional air conditioner. Parking spot it may not enough to cover during peak season..

Julijanta Gunawan (19/12/2017 15:10)
They do sell Dex & DexLite here... however, this is the first time my car MID meter and my phone record were both shown different fuel intake (between distance/total refuel). Usually, it around the same number, maybe just different by 0,x liter.

I am might be wrong though. :)

roy primera (17/10/2017 01:57)
This place has a mosque, gas station and several place to eat & drink. Pull over here if you need some rest. Safe travels ✌

A 6 USM Moen (01/10/2017 02:04)
A great place to rest after a long journey.. With complete facilities,eating houses and a mosque that is big..

Heni Laponda (28/08/2017 08:45)
Rest areanya besar.. tuapii puanasee tetep hot bgt

Gary Jurgen (27/07/2017 15:52)
A better rest area in CIPALI toll road. Nice place to take a rest and relax for a while

Gilang Wentar Rahardja (06/07/2017 07:39)
The best rest on Cipali Highway.. KFC and Starbuck are available here..

Christida Harapan (26/06/2017 19:18)
Good spot to rest after out from jakarta, all facilites are good and wide parking lot, but the food price at some place are too much. Need to choose which Rdsrauran you feel afforded

piki android (20/06/2017 16:47)
Tempat nya sekarang lebih bagus dan lebih rapi di banding tahun lalu. Good place to rest

Doddy Arifianto (20/06/2017 08:31)
Good rest area. Complete services, including food n beverage. N great mosque.

Daniel Jensen (30/05/2017 07:19)
Location is great in terms of being in the middle of Cirebon - Jakarta. Though one star deducted for not being fully developed yet.

Yenni Widjaja (08/04/2017 23:39)
You have to stop here... especially at starbucks.. hahaha

Arnold Wisbowo (03/04/2017 13:40)
Starbucks, KFC, Minimart and fuel station and the best is easy parking

arief sigitta (24/03/2017 11:49)
Kfc and starbukcs is here. Best rest area in cipali.

Young Jin Kim (06/02/2017 07:13)
CFC and starbucks is availavle- masjid is also there. Huge parking place, and great place to chill and stop by in the middle of your journey :)

Faisal Sir (02/02/2017 16:26)
Nice place for rest. Beatiful mosque.

Imron Arifianto (21/01/2017 06:21)
Big rest area, with a lot food tenant here. The mosque is quite big, also the parking area

Ewan Fadjar (17/01/2017 16:28)
Clean praying area. Lots of parking space. Good options for food

farell desman (09/01/2017 13:17)
The mosque building is quite comfortable. Many traditional restaurants ala Cirebon are there. We also can see many trees as a good view around that place

Iwan Hartanto (23/08/2016 15:32)
Lumayan lah

Java Web Media (08/07/2016 02:35)
Great toll road. There are some rest areas along this road.

You should use one of them if you are tired.

jendoltelulas adeniumduasatu (16/06/2016 14:07)
Jauhhhh dari rumah

otim amresa (13/06/2016 09:43)
Pernah lewat..

Bayu Pawitra Brodjonegoro (25/12/2015 10:30)
On peak season it gets really crowded. But with good big food court, plenty of options, and drive thru KFC as well as simpang Raya restaurant, this place is very good!
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