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Gracia Spa Resort

Subang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Blok Dawuan, Desa Cikondang, Ciater, Nagrak, Ciater, Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41281, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 260 470905
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Desy Fau (17/05/2018 01:11)
I give 4 stars for the pools. Best time to use the pools is after 6pm. So will cool enough to dip in the hot water. I would think triple time if it is really worthy to book hotel here for the price though.

Alvian Pratama (29/04/2018 05:31)
Get here at night, get chill of the cold air and hot water at the same time. It will be great.

hans purnama (16/04/2018 08:39)
Beautiful resort with natural hot water pool in every room
The hotel and resort is beautiful, surrounded by tea plantation, clean air and fresh. The weather is not as cold (around 20 at night and 24-28) afternoon

The hotel is favorite destination, the 3 big pools open 24 hours, with live music in weekend, plenty of surrounding hotel guess come to soak in the pool. The water are all sulfuric and natural hot /warm, is believed to be good for skin

The room is spacious, but not perfectly clean, bit dusty and old design. Every room/villa has their own private “pool” , non stop running natural hot water.

They have a small waterfall in the hotel area that is maintained by the hotel as well.
Breakfast has quite a fee selections, bit of international dishes and some local dishes.

Not much activities for kids except tea walk and soak in the pool. More suitable for honeymooners.

as for the pool, I usually come at the midnight, the water not quite hot, if you want to take some picture you should come at the day, entrance ticket not expensive include drink (tea), couple, family or colleagues are good too, but you have to take care for your stuff.

Rey Jamin (01/04/2018 15:02)
I only visit the warm water 24 hours pool. Nicely decorated. Doesn’t look cheap. Admission 75K IDR. High enough to maintain “certain” crowd. Food are also “room service” price. In a higher side though.

mel liani (24/03/2018 12:04)
been here several times to this hot water spring....nice place to visit during the night, warm water and breezy wind. they charge 75k on the weekend and you'll get a bottle of tea

Anbarasu Balrasan (18/03/2018 13:55)
Very clean and well designed. Hot spring water just nice as it is not too hot. Just that that some smokers smoke in the pool and no proper enforcement. Saw some renovations going on to make it more spacious.

Fiesta Florida (12/03/2018 06:18)
A very nice and cozy place to stay with ur family.....will have a great food, great hospitallity and grear time....😍😍

Scott Brooks (23/12/2017 05:02)
Gracia Spa Resort has beautiful grounds, lush with natural beauty. We stayed in a villa with our own private hot spring, which was the best part of the stay. But really, that was all that was good about the resort... The food was terrible. Local Indonesian dishes were super salty or lacking traditional flavors and western dishes, like the rib eye steak, were disgusting meat glued processed parts of steak scraps into a perfectly oval shaped "steak". Gross. Breakfast was equally terrible. Oddly enough, this "spa" has no massage services available, so I'm not sure what amenities they thought warranted the spa title. Finally, when you come to a place like this you expect to be able to relax in peace, but the resort leaves their public pools open 24 hours with music blaring the entire time. There's even an paging system that trumpets an odd "do ding ding" tone all hours of the night. We called the office at 1am and asked what was going on and they told us this was for the pool... Thankfully they offered to turn the volume down. But geez, why is it even on at that time in the first place? All in all, there was nothing about this place that deserves the title spa or resort. Besides the well kept grounds, they pretty much just phone in the rest of the amenities, more just going through the motions rather than providing a quality level of service. Considering how expensive the nightly rate is, I wouldn't stay again. Buyer beware, many of the Google ratings are for people visiting the public pools, not staying overnight.

Kresna Dwitomo (05/11/2017 16:26)
I don’t know what’s plus point in this place (except for huge parking space). Let me tell you:
1. The ticket is overpriced for overall quality.
2. I thought it was a hotspring, then when i dipped my feet in the pool, jeez.. my bathroom shower felt better than that. It’s too damn cold for a hotspring.
3. The people who visit mostly not the-type who have respect towards other privacy.

Its a bad experience really, don’t mind wasting your body to come here.

Aulia W (30/10/2017 07:51)
One of my favourite spot to relax and enjoy the night. Weekdays and at midnight are the best time to come

airin soetanto (29/10/2017 11:17)
Hot springs water pools in a jotel/resort area. Got very crowded on Saturday nights especially nearing midnite. Should be very enjoyable on weekdays though

Fauzan Afianto (13/10/2017 08:16)
So far, this is the best place to relax. the atmosphere is cozy, clean, the cleaning bath also do. sadly the water is not hot enough, i have to stay near the water source for the optimal sensation of hot spring.

Baby Gani (25/09/2017 00:57)
If you are looking for a hot water bath in Ciater area that is not Sari Ater and other hot water baths that are popular, I suggest you try to soak in Gracia Spa Hotspring.

Alvian Tjhai (21/08/2017 12:14)
Been a while since the last time I went into hot spring. Good place to chill and relax. Not recommended to stay in the water for more than 30 minutes, gets very cold and VERY dry skin.

uray andro (30/07/2017 13:29)
Less pool but also less people. More garden like area design feels more comfortable than ciater pool. Because the area is lower than ciater so the water is less hot, but perfect for me.

Ayu Kresnady (30/07/2017 09:34)
A nice place for the whole family.. clean and not that crowded. A bit pricy but worth it.

Daniel Nainggolan (05/07/2017 15:57)
One of the best hot spring water swimming pool in Lembang.
Clean place.
I'd recommend you to go here only at night time.

Hafid Last (23/05/2017 06:18)
The place is very nice and modern. You can try the hotspring

Bonnie Wirawan (20/05/2017 18:44)
It's near Tangkuban Perahu. And so far the most comfy place for soak in

Dimas Adrinura (24/04/2017 12:06)
This place can be consider as one of the great place to relax in Bandung. They have 4 hot water pool to chose, well 2 of them is basically for kids so you can choose the other 2. They have place to eat in there too, unfortunately i haven't check the food in there so you guys might consider check it if you hungry in the middle of relaxing with your friends

A. M. Arifin (21/03/2017 09:47)
An exclusive natural hot water spring pool. Open 24 hours. Nice place to go with family without having to rub shoulders with crowds in Cipanas. But yes, it comes with a price.

DONNY Lie (17/03/2017 14:19)
Its an upscale but still affordable hot pool. Its crowded in midnight. Very nice view in afternoon.

Im a repeat visitor to this facility.

Kristina Sodikin (03/02/2017 14:08)
Very nice and cozy place for family and friends...

Poniman Linda Mulijadi (01/02/2017 14:51)
Great place for a hot spring bath... Must try!

Andrew Willis (13/09/2016 20:14)
Charming hot spring resort. Bungalow room offered here and hot spring publicly accessible for a ticket.

Konco Kuncir (12/09/2016 18:42)
Love the hot pool and have decents food with a little bit pricey.

Lucy Tjandra (15/07/2016 11:49)
The pool water is just warm, not as hot as expexted. Cleanliness is good. Very expensive though, 75 thousand during lebaran holiday, 60 thousand regularly

Yoel Kenneth (26/07/2016 22:45)
Not too hot. This place is much cleaner than their neighbor.

Hendriyana Nugraha (23/07/2016 00:29)
Anget kuku

Imanuel Naibaho (16/07/2016 17:09)
Great place. Not too hot tho

Indra Nugraha (03/07/2016 19:09)
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