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Subang, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani No. 6, Pasirkareumbi, Kecamatan Subang, Karanganyar, Kec. Subang, Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat 41211, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 260 412557

Komentar :

Chris Worn (23/06/2018 10:12)
Comfortable not so good...helpful staff

merita maura (21/06/2018 07:55)
There are so many paintings on the wall. The room was clean, the sheet also clean, but the food was fair.

roro woelan (07/06/2018 04:06)
The room doesn't have any windows so it was clumpsy, humid and dark. The air conditioner is not working too...

asep kurniawan (23/04/2018 11:52)
Nice place, clean, comfortable, easy access. Love it.

lulu nurliana (28/03/2018 07:11)
Wifi ia not good

Yusuf Hidayat (24/03/2018 01:47)
Nice place with low fair.

Bambang Setiadi (28/01/2018 11:19)
Nice room, but poor breakfast menu

dyah ayu (26/01/2018 03:48)
Its such a nice hotel but inside the room i found weird design room because there is a wall like pilar in the middle of that room.

Anna Wonder (24/12/2017 09:24)
The room is too small for superior room, but the OB is quite alright, they are very kind and willing to help.
The parking area is very small and there are not enough space for parking many cars

Johansyah Loethan (24/10/2017 03:19)
Its a Good art hotel for staying and spending time during we are in Subang

Ukky MS (25/09/2017 02:50)
Cozy, good service

Mohammad Birowo Karnan (04/07/2017 19:41)
Cheap and great services

helmi yanuar (20/06/2017 13:33)
Unique and artistic hotel...

Dharendra Wardhana (30/05/2017 14:03)
Standard budget hotel.

Ponco DH Hediarto (04/05/2017 11:42)
Nothing special with the hotel, but one time, i need to check out from the hotek at 4am, they ask if i wanted my breakfast to be served in a box, and they did, at 4am!

Agung Ridwan (01/04/2017 13:49)
cheap n good service

Benny Nugroho (29/03/2017 21:34)
Nice room and service at a 3 stars hotel

lukluk MAWADDAH (09/02/2017 07:31)
Room nya lumayan nyaman.
Menu breakfast nya jga cukup enak.
Tp lokasi nya aj yg kurang cozy krna di ruko.

panggih murdowijatno (16/01/2017 07:24)
Nice hotel

Rommy Firdaus (19/12/2016 01:53)
The staffs are friendly, good location, clean room, the price is acceptable

Panti Asuhan Yatim Bani Salam Bandung (15/12/2016 15:35)

Henrik 333 (21/10/2016 17:38)
Wow, very good service and convenient for guests and travelling, very safe place.

Iif Ariev Rasyidi (17/08/2016 09:58)

ahmad maulana (14/08/2016 19:52)
Strategis. Baik

budi irawan (27/07/2016 03:21)
Hotel yang berada tepat di tengah-tengah kota Subang, lumayan bersih, rate sedikit tinggi di banding hotel sejenis di kota lain, mungkin krn sedikit pilihan hotel di kota ini. Tanpa pilihan menu breakfast

Dhery Tri M (13/07/2016 01:16)
Minus: Tempat makan kurang luas

helmy faisal (09/05/2016 06:30)
Nice for a transit hotel
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