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Meotel Purwokerto

Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan DR. Soeparno Selatan No. 1, Arcawinangun, Purwokerto Timur, Arcawinangun, Purwokerto Tim., Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah 53123, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 281 7771157

Komentar :

Apita Susilo (10/05/2018 10:06)
Its a nice place for a rest around Purwokerto City.. Retro unique concept, low budget and many facility, must try feels experient traditional food @ukafe for breakfast

salma tsab (15/04/2018 14:50)
Budget hotel with vintage style. Spending one night with family. But room too small. Thank's meotel

Harry (02/04/2018 06:50)
One of the best hotel in town.
Located at the central of the city.
The important point of this place is the only one unique theme hotel in Purwokerto.
This place is thematic hotel.

Every guest rooms has a different theme,
and every room has theme also.
So many Photo spot here, very instagramable. Highly recommended.

Ayu Dewi (11/03/2018 06:31)
Good location and unique interior design. The room is a relatively small and the bathroom wall is 50% transparent. Swimming pool is not closely attached with the hotel building which make us difficult to change clothes in the hotel room after swimming.

wibi aulia harsum (30/12/2017 01:38)
Was there for 3 days on a high holiday season. The price was 3 times than normal. The room was a bit smelly, some of the pillows’ covers were not changed, the floor was dirty and I could find some trash like chewing gum and plastics on the floor. I have never had this experience in any other hotel before.

I was going to give ONE STAR to this hotel but the friendliness of the staff changed my mind. They were also so helpful that i could change the room quite swiftly after I complained.

Gema Satria (19/12/2017 17:20)
Actually a good relatively new hotel. BUT the room is too small for two people. Even smaller to perform prayers for muslim. The shower got blurry glass partition WITH THE BEDROOM which was too awkward for me and my office mate. We decided to buy present wraps and stick it on the glass to cover it.

I put four stars because it has nice swimming pools (for adult and kids) and a workout corner. Very nice for a budget hotel. 5 stars can be given if they put covers for the bathroom glass partition.

Rano Agiansyah (10/12/2017 06:45)
Saya menginap di hotel ini pada hari jumat tanggal 8 desember 2017. Budget hotel yg nyaman. Baru kali ini nemu hotel yang ada gulingnya. Makanannya juga enak. Sayangnya sewaktu sarapan saya kecewa dengan staff live cooking yang "bohong" dengan bilang kalau ingin omelet/telur mata sapi harus antri lama. Padahal saat itu kompor untuk masak telur mati dan tidak ada kegiatan memasak telur. Kemudian saya tanya kepada staf yang berbeda dan dijelaskan bahwa apabila ingin omelet/telur mata sapi akan dikenakan biaya tambahan dengan alasan pihak hotel sudah menyediakan menu mendoan. Padahal menu protein ini sudah jadi menu "wajib" bagi hotel bintang 3 keatas. Semoga pelayanannya dapat diperbaiki.

rizki susetiadi (10/12/2017 02:13)
The most instagramable hotel in purwokerto. Its retropolis concept give me a unique experience stay at purwokerto. Less than a mile. Love its pool, ambience and location. Food variety need an upgrade and expand to latest food trend.

Harry (29/11/2017 19:06)
One of the best hotel in town.
The only one unique theme hotel in Purwokerto.
Instagramable, highly recommended.

Antok Frans (21/11/2017 13:07) hotel (Dafam group) in Purwokerto, with "unique" concept, no formal uniform for all staffs and so "Ngapak Style". Small and efficient rooms, but it seems that there is no service lift, so all staffs, including room boy and others have to share in guest lift during Nov 10 - 12, 2017, 1 of 2 guest lift was under service....

Sarah Hamanda (09/11/2017 05:16)
I love the hotel very much! It has retro style interior design. It also has so many unique spots for taking picture. It offers a good service. The receptionist are very welcome and friendly.

Daniel Chandra Suparman (23/09/2017 13:35)
Worth the price! Clean and comfort.

Shinta U (17/09/2017 09:12)
Best hotel in Purwokerto with lovely stuff and very nice bakmi goreng. And best retro interior design!

Januar Abadi (13/09/2017 05:35)
Unique hotel... Love it so much 😍

Dimas Pribadi (25/07/2017 08:01)
Room rates are fair, room was clean, but has thin wall so you can hear quite hard when the neighbour is taking shower, the food served in the resto were below standard to my opinion

Dede Yanuarez (12/07/2017 09:25)
Nice hotel with retro style. Love it

rudi widiyanto (16/06/2017 20:39)
Retro style hotel, free pick up to train station, large parking space, warm staff

Rifianto Suryawan (16/05/2017 05:19)
Hotel with unique retro style, good service, and accessible from nearby station.

Azizah Syiami M (21/04/2017 14:20)
Vintage retro hotel in the heart of the city, very practical and easily accessible!

Rita Fauziah (28/03/2017 08:39)
Cheap, cozy, cute...

liem kikie (15/02/2017 08:19)
Hotel with retro theme, so funky and cozy

iftinan zuhry (05/01/2017 12:06)
I enjoyed my night here. Very very cheap hotel looking fabulous as well! I swear this hotel is photogenic in every single sides :D located in strategic place, makes me feel easy to go to anywhere in Purwokerto. AND they have VERY VERYYYYYY FRIENDLY STAFFs! This hotel even serves good foooods! The only thing that kinda disappoints me is, the bathroom. Everything's good for the interior in my bedroom & bathroom, but the "wall" this hotel uses for the bathroom is awful because my siblings saw me bathing there (transparent). x

Wiida Putri (05/01/2017 07:16)
New hotel, good place, good breakfast

Gigin Ginanjar (27/11/2016 11:59)
Cheap hotel trying to look chic

Anton C. Hermawan (20/08/2016 08:38)
Artistic hotel & Ukafe with retro concept

Denny Noveriandi (21/11/2016 12:31)
Masih gress & baru jadi. Terasa bersih, nyaman, dan desainnya keren. Lokasi strategis dekat dgn GOR Purwokerto, banyak jajanan. Blom bisa review resto nya

Robiansyah Jibril (20/11/2016 22:26)
Sempit ruangannya

Danang Sucahyo (06/11/2016 01:56)
Bersih, bagus dan pelayanan ramah

Anton C. Hermawan (20/08/2016 08:38)
Artistic hotel & Ukafe with retro concept

Yeremia Maamea (31/07/2016 10:09)
Apa ngapak!!!

Yeremia Maamea (31/07/2016 10:09)
Apa ngapak!!!

Riki Ai Fu Ni (22/07/2016 16:22)
good concept hotel in purwokerto
retro hotel

Moritz Taslim (12/07/2016 07:47)
lokasi bagus

Farano Gunawan, ROMO (09/07/2016 15:57)
Lovely retro concept in Purwokerto

Farano Gunawan, ROMO (09/07/2016 15:57)
Lovely retro concept in Purwokerto

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