Direktori Lokasi di Indonesia

Surabaya Gubeng

Pasuruan, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Stasiun Gubeng, Pacar Keling, Tambaksari, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60272, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Muhammad Fahri Priambudi (21/05/2018 00:49)
Medium-sized station in central Surabaya. They have a lot automated ticketing machine to cut the queue on conventional ticket booth.

Actually Gubeng station deserve better reviews. What a shame, I can't give that because the water in the urinal and the sink flowed very little, so the toilet outside the waiting room was very smelly.

I noticed some of Local Guides here also complained about smelly and low running water toilets. I think that the management must take this matter seriously.

Hairil Ramadhani (27/04/2018 08:39)
Great service,
Humble staff
Clean environment
All is well
Everything is good
Difable access
Music Everytime

Stefanus Bernhard Fego Djene (27/04/2018 01:55)
Gubeng station is one of modern train station in surabaya, it's not like an old train station back in 90's...the station is well maintained and well cleaned..well, maybe the public toilet is not as clean as you expected but it's a public toilet anyway with almost 1000 people/day that using it...well it' s good experience that now adays you can enjoy the using train to travel around java.. 👍👍👍

Jefri Tamba (11/04/2018 14:56)
A walk through the main hall will take you back in time. The station is a beautiful landmark just to stare up and see the old fashion simple celestial painting. Look for the whispering hall and test it out. Go down stairs and enjoy one if the finer food-food courts you've ever been in. There are also all types shops and a small one room train museum / gift shop. I wouldn't put it as a must see Surabaya City but if you're going by that way, check it out, have a snack and rest your feet.

Muhammad Jaka Septa Priatna (02/04/2018 15:30)
A not-big-enough railway station for such a big city like Surabaya. Talking about facility, this station has self check-in machines for those who have booked the ticket. They work properly. The boarding procedure is well organized. Great work for that. One thing that should be paid attention is the cleanliness of the toilet. It will make people a lil bit uncomfortable when seeing dirts or smelling odors.

Prita Amelia (24/03/2018 20:53)
Like a train station generally.
Quite good, but it seems need a little repair here.
Hopefully, the chair in seating / waiting place are added. So, all people can sit there.

IGA Lokita Purnamika Utami (25/02/2018 00:46)
the train stasion has facilities but not good and comfortable enough. It has a check-in counter to get a boarding pass. The counter has a self check in machine with indonesian instruction, get an officer if you have problem with the language. it has toilet, food stals, departure gate, clothes store, groceries and a small waiting space with very limited seats. most passengers are standing while waiting

Akak Ela (24/11/2017 15:25)
The biggest train station in East Java with better facilities than other train stations in East Java. There are officers around who will help you! It is always crowded so be aware of any strangers in the station. There are check in machines provided to print you boarding pass.

Steph (19/12/2017 07:28)
The most crowded train station in east java! There are a lot of officers around, so if you need help, you can just ask them about what you need help with. It has a lot seating and quite clean restroom. I found no trouble when getting around here. The problem is, i don't know whether the officers who stand by around can speak english, so it's a hassle for the foreigners.

yosef haryanto (05/12/2017 06:31)
Going to madiun and return froom surabaya. Havr a wonderful experience

kartika alamsyah (06/11/2017 16:21)
Nice and clean station, clean restroom and prayer room, many cafes and convenient stores, it also has live music from local acoustic guitar player, very entertaining.

fadlan el yudith (27/10/2017 09:44)
Services and facilities are getting better. You should arrive 1 hour before of departure. Ticket reservation available 7 days before departure time

Andrian Pribadi (21/09/2017 07:18)
At corner of St Gubeng, a cozy spot to enjoy kopi nusantara (jes jes kedai kopi)

Reezky Pradata (07/09/2017 22:30)
Clean enough. Food everywhere. Doesnt have many seat. This station has to part : the old Gubeng & the new gubeng.

Moh. Khatibul Umam (07/09/2017 05:19)
Nice place. It has good facilities. I usually enjoy at every I am visiting the station 👍😍

Syamsya Mansyur (03/09/2017 14:30)
I just love the live music at the waiting area. Please make the toilet larger especially the one close to the mushalla.

Fathan Rifardi (02/08/2017 01:11)
A good train station in Surabaya. They have a great service, and a comfy place.

andre alim (22/07/2017 23:43)
Great and friendly service.. it's much cleaner than its use to be..

yayanm 1k (09/07/2017 06:15)
Gubeng Baru : clean and neat place, friendly staff, now (y.2017) the waiting seats in front of ticket counter are back. Free and clean toilet, ATMs/convenience/snack/batik store available. New food stalls in north of Gubeng Baru, near motorcycle parking space.

diana hernandari (08/07/2017 02:41)
With additional train in this lebaran..
Good direction. Good greetings
Good service PT. KAI 👍

Arga Brahmaditya (28/06/2017 00:14)
It will be busy on holiday season so be careful with your belongings as it will be jam packed with people. The signage and guideline is visible and clear enough to read for new travellers who have never been there before, and officers are always nearby to provide you help.

Yudianto Joga (19/05/2017 22:12)
A busy station, there is 2 different station here.
Gubeng baru which for executive and bussiness class and Gubeng lama for economy class.
Very good offline and online reservation syatem.
But sometimes we have to wait when officer go to take a rest

Gwendal Charles (11/05/2017 15:29)
Good place for transition. Very good online reservation system with print possibilities in the station. Display the different trains lines and schedules will be a big plus.

Fikri Wicaksana (08/05/2017 05:28)
This station is historical building in Surabaya. Even at early morning around 4 a.m. there's a lot of people queueing to catch train to Banyuwangi.

I suggest to try local snack called Resoles. It's sold outside the station, with tomato sauce and leek. So tasty

maya rizki fauzia (21/04/2017 05:29)
(+)The train station is clean and the staffs are really helpful. It can get really crowded that it is hard to find seat in the waiting room. There are e-ticket machine so people do not have to queue in front of the counter to buy ticket. It accepts cash but you have to make sure that it is in good condition.

(-) There are two sides of the station Gubeng Lama and Gubeng Baru. Therefore, you'd better find information in which part of the station you should board (or get off of) the train. There is no direct access connecting the two so you might miss your train when you get off at the wrong side of the station (For a newbie like me, that is confusing. Ask your yaxi driver. They know which one is which).

Man, the taxi drivers there are really annoying. They refused to use the meter and ask for 50K to get me to my hotel 2.5 kilometer away from the station. It seems impossible to book online taxi to pick you up at the station. So, make sure to bargain

sara toding (26/03/2017 06:15)
I like it because its now clean and neat. The food that in soerabaja cafe is delicious too. They will increase your appetizer even though you're not in good conditions.

Arief Darmawan (25/03/2017 23:25)
Well build train station. Departure always on schedule. Love it

akhmat basori (12/03/2017 09:13)
Great station. Really need to upgrade the sepaker on ticketing area.

Adi Pratama Anwar (24/02/2017 23:25)
Will go a short holiday. Really excited. Very nice dan convenient ticketing service. I'm getting more and more in love with indonesian train...

Erik Tri (22/01/2017 07:56)
The best and largest train station in Surabaya or perhaps in East Java. Dhoho, KRD and Turangga is my favorite Mojokerto-Surabaya train. 😁👍

rahendra ida bagus (03/01/2017 03:29)
Great station to start a wonderful journey in east java, staff are very helpful and have a great care for passenger. Need extra seat for waiting and cleaner rest room services.

Ridlo Dwi Susanto (26/12/2016 12:43)
This station has the most reliability for people who want to get best services, information, and facility for using train transportation

Nathanael Siahaan (25/12/2016 11:47)
Best train station for train lovers, the officer here is very friendly and helpful (when you use Javanese)

Alid Abdul (16/10/2016 01:04)
Crowded as always, biggest train station in Surabaya. There is two exit, old and new. If you want to get city center you must exit at old.

Iwan Syah (14/10/2016 18:00)
There is two way exit.. old gubeng and the new one. Most vehicle parking in new gubeng, because have large park lot

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