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Pura Luhur Poten Gunung Bromo

Pasuruan, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Cemorolawang, Ngadisari, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java 67254, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50

Komentar :

Ryan Darusman (02/06/2018 01:08)
Keindahan pura di tengah padang pasir gunung bromo

Aria Dhika Rayendra (28/01/2018 07:35)
Really unique temple that is located below Bromo Volcano. Amazing that it is in really great shape considering the proximity to the volcano.

Kadek Edy Sutrawan Marta Yoga (31/12/2017 04:39)
Rarely sight of temple in sea of sand, just in bromo mountain I can found it. Surely, this place very wonderful and peace. I never forget that place. If you will watching a celebration of ceremony Tengger ethnic group come at Kasada Ceremony at 29 June 2018. You can see Tengger Celebration.

Rio Indrawan (12/11/2017 01:40)
public toilet is bad...we have to walk in the sand with full of horse dirt, they don't take this attraction seriously

Putu Tonsen (20/09/2017 03:14)
This temple has a unique and strong mistique aura. Located right inside the sea of sand of Bromo.

It has an extreme climate. Very cold at night and very hot and dry during the day.

Thousands of visitors come to this place everyday.

aniket nene (01/03/2017 14:00)
This temple, ganpati temple, at the base of the Bromo Volcano, has stood for centuries, witnessing the eruptions of the Bromo Volcano. Silent spectator, yet, the protector of people. Unbelievable !

Yudha Ade Candra (29/09/2017 20:35)
Love this place

Eve Charoline (10/09/2017 14:45)
Amazing temple near the volcano.

Hutahaean Ray (03/08/2017 01:55)
Great Pura in front of Bromo

Deni Kusuma (27/12/2016 04:27)
Amazing place at the desert and mountain

Ari Sudana (09/10/2016 02:26)
Hindu temple on bromo, one place must to visit if you come here

Vinod Kumar (10/06/2016 04:07)
Temple of the local Hindu people. Not religious at all! Desolate and peaceful.

Andreas Weygandt (07/05/2016 13:08)
Unbelievable beautiful. Must see!

Villa Murah Batu (08/07/2016 10:36)
Cocok buat liburan

Way W (05/07/2016 11:46)

Krisna Willy (22/05/2016 03:10)
Sangat indah

Ronald Hindrawan (20/12/2015 17:15)
Bromo - Tengger

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