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Madakaripura Waterfall

Pasuruan, Kabupaten, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Branggah, Sapih, Lumbang, Sapih, Lumbang, Probolinggo, Jawa Timur 67183, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Kenzie Capoenk (31/05/2018 03:42)
Wow...air terjun di bawah kaki gunung bromo. Kalian bisa menikmati air terjun, sekaligus pemandangan bukit yg cukup indah. It's one of my favourite place. Tapi ingat...u must be carefully if you where there. Karena batu - batu di sungai cukup licin dan jg jgn melakukan hal yang aneh - aneh disini mengingat ini dl ceritanya merupakan salah 1 tempat bersemedi patih gajah mada. Dan tentunya dibalik keindahannya yg Super Wonderfull tempat ini jg menyimpan sesuatu yg magis. Tapi...puas kalo kesini cz creature of god was the best architecture of life

Goh Hui Hua (30/05/2018 08:41)
Come prepared to be drenched. But it is an enjoyable experience walking through the waterfall. Great place to take pictures and experience the waterfall.

Hwee Woon Lim (25/05/2018 01:10)
The fun begins even before you reach the entrance of the park itself - you need to take a motorbike ride to the entrance, so brace yourself! Be prepared to get wet as the way to enter the waterfall is from below it! (You will get a free shower here.) But fret not as there will be locals selling raincoats and waterproof handphone covers for you to take photos there. It'll be a little chilly and the rocks are slippery too, so just be careful. Overall, a beautiful waterfall and interesting experience to go for if you have time to spare on your way to Mt Bromo.

Anas Fauzi (04/05/2018 06:56)
Spectacular place to visit but would be better with professionalism management particularly with parking area.

Farouk Khawaja (01/05/2018 05:59)
Loved the totally unique falls. Beautiful canyon. Don't buy the Pancho's they sell. It's better to get soaked. ;). And yes you will get soaked. Bring waterproof hiking shoes as you'll need it to get around all the rocks at the falls.

Alsmie Alias (24/03/2018 14:20)
A m a z i n g ! ! !
W o n d e r f u l ! ! !
F a n t a s t i c ! ! !
A w e s o m e ! ! !
M u s t V i s i t P l a c e ! ! !

Ganang Aditama (15/03/2018 01:57)
challanging place to visit but you will enjoy the epic way to reach this angle. but we should go back if there is heavy rain up there

Nguyen Huu Anh Vu (27/02/2018 09:10)
Amazing scenery!!!
We go to this waterfall as a short stop before going to Bromo.
Do bring your raincoat as you will walk under the waterfall.

Eunice Chan (14/02/2018 12:09)
Really wonderful experience walking under a waterfall. Really beautiful. My driver dropped me off at a row of stalls where he settled the payment for the ticket entrance and motorbike riders. From there, it's about a 10min motorbike ride, look to your right - the view of the hill and valley is amazing. You will then reach another tentage, one of the riders will get off to be your local guide. It is a 30min walk from there to the waterfall (about 2km). Wear sandals / crocs / water shoes, and bring raincoat. You WILL get wet. Water gets up to your shin in some places.

Withit Kiatthanavanik (09/02/2018 10:26)
Raincoat is essential unless you wanna get refreshingly wet. Really nice view once you got in there. Bring wide angle lens or use panorama mode in your smartphone. I was lucky to get well-skilled in photography. He is very helpful

Rista Sanjaya (10/12/2017 04:35)
Beautiful waterfalls. It is the highest waterfall in entire java island and it has rich historical background. I recommend to visit here early in the morning before other visitors come.

Panupong Yokyongsakul (03/12/2017 12:23)
Giant waterfalls in the deep forest From the entrance, you need to take motorbike and walk to get closer to the waterfalls.

Rizaldy Hendratta (02/12/2017 22:15)
Recommended for who likes adventure.
Price for this place (for 2 person):
Entry ticket for car 8k
Ojek 2 bike 2 times 40k
Entry ticket for person 22k
Tour guide, they can take a good photo +-20k
Raincoat 2, 20k
(exclude gasoline for your vehicle)
From car parking to entry gate 4km
From entry gate to waterfall 2km (if you hear local people said 1km, big wrong)
So prepare physic and mental

Izayu Ibrahim (01/11/2017 07:07)
Waterfall looks like a curtain, so beautiful. However, the path quite slippery and quite dangerous. Not recommended to bring your little one.

Wahyu Widiyantoro (11/10/2017 01:41)
The waterfall is awesome. Track is good. But, the management is poor. Have to take shuttle motorcycle to get to tickets desk, then have to walk to the main start path. Actually we can ride to the main start path by our own vehicle, but we can't by that management.

Fikri Idris (24/09/2017 15:46)
Magnificent place. Need to hire “ojek” to the main entrance. Prepare some rain cover, gopro or phone waterproof cases.

Gea Fitriannisa (10/09/2017 13:12)
Madakaripura is a second highest waterfall in Indonesia and it was the place of Gajah Mada's final meditation. You need to trek about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall. Don't worry, while trekking you will never get bored with the green sceneries!

Muhammad Ifan Bimanto (21/08/2017 13:28)
This waterfall has a unique natural contours, high cliffs oval and then there are several waterfalls in the vicinity. Here is fun, you can pass under the waterfall, when it first came. Then you can proceed to the main waterfall which has a very deep water container underneath. You can swim too, but be sure to be careful. Madakaripura waterfall is a waterfall that has an easy track and can be practically safe. You should try to come here, and enjoy the holiday.

ig: ifanxbima

Bromo Java Travel (14/08/2017 06:06)
Thank You very much for your satisfaction visit Madakaripura Waterfall around Mount Bromo (historical waterfall in East Java, Indonesia)

dwi rahayu Wijayanti (18/07/2017 10:33)
The waterfalls are awesome. The view is great. It can be the next destination after visiting Bromo.

Billy Gema (12/07/2017 04:58)
Really underrated nature spot on east java. One of the most beautiful waterfalls i've ever seen.

Putu Tonsen (18/06/2017 01:21)
Believed to the place where Gajah Mada spent the rest of his life after leaving his position as the most influential person in the Kingdom of Majapahit.

Felix Sames (16/06/2017 14:10)
Beautiful waterfall, you wont regret going here, however the downside is all the local "guides" who seem to preasure you in accepting their services.

Yann Penduff (20/05/2017 15:25)
Great place for an easy trek. You can drive to the base, take a motorcycle ride to the beginning of the trekking route (IDR 15.000 1 way), then hike to the waterfalls. Make sure you bring a raincoat and waterproofing equipment since you will get wet!

Kholilur Rohman (06/05/2017 07:43)
The Great Waterfall in East Java and located in Probolinggo regency

Shanti Abelha (08/02/2017 14:19)
Amazing waterfalls. Be prepared to get soaking wet, as you will literally walk through a waterfall or two to get to the main one.
You will be charged for being taken on a motorbike to the entrance, then a fee to enter the area, and a guide to the actual waterfall. But it's completely worth it.

Anders Forsgren (04/02/2017 17:20)
5 star for the site, but the experience loose 2 stars for the pushy locals who demanded to push services on me that was not needed. (I am one extremely experienced trekker, also in high risk environments.)
The locals ask you take you from the parking to the beginning of the trekking road, and another who were pushy on following us up - not needed at all, I brought full trekking equipment, rainclothing and emergency kit. And they charged me a small fortune for that.
Honestly this ruined the experience for me completely. :(

Choirul M.C.R (11/01/2017 07:22)
Come, visit, and see how wonderful this place is, also you can feel the fresh air and cool water by yourself

Nuzulia MJ (05/01/2017 22:03)
The waterfall is unique and amazing. Can't get enough of it. But walking by foot from the parking lot sure makes you feel exhausted.

ika febry (08/11/2016 03:18)
Madakaripura waterfall is the second highest waterfall in id..but if I may suggest you, it is better for you to go there on summer,because the water will be clean. And dont forget to keep your rubbish.

Bernhard Maschke (31/10/2016 09:59)
Amazing and adventurous hike back to the waterfall, last part gets very wet, when walking the river bed, the views are rewarding

Robby Soeyanto (26/09/2016 14:15)
This waterfall is absolutely gorgeous... A must visit place.

Ayulia Amanda (10/08/2016 16:11)
Madakaripura waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Indonesia. It was a place for meditation of the grand vizier of Gajah Mada. Madakaripura waterfall is still very natural and green. The villagers around Madakaripura waterfall is very friendly and they can be your free guide ya but I suggest you to pay them for their services. Rent a raincoat, only five thousand rupiah. Don't forget to bring clothes 'cause you must pass through small waterfalls and a river. And there is a temple for Hindu who want to pray.

Buya H BOY AL QORIE (28/07/2016 06:32)
Same all situation with Bromo mt.. nice.. great for backpacker

Dewani Intan Asmarani Permana (18/06/2016 12:35)
very nice place to visit, very beauty waterfall to enjoy

sonder island (26/11/2015 04:30)
Very nice place to reach, a flat concrete walk to reach the waterfall. There are many tourists, but I think it's worth the trip as it is very beautiful with many mini waterfalls that you could walk under. You will get wet, so bring a raincoat or you could purchase a disposable one from the vendors for not much cost.

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