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Platinum Balikpapan Hotel & Convention Hall

Paser, Kalimantan Timur
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Soekarno Hatta No.28, Batu Ampar, Balikpapan Utara, Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76125, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 542 8830228
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Lely Hendrawan (10/05/2018 11:30)
Cozy hotel and rooms.. but there are some differences between room facilities.
At that time my familiy booked 3 standard rooms. In my room there are no chair (only sofa), in my aunty room there are no notes, in another the air conditioner is not cold. The breakfast is so so.. nothing special or signature dish. I always love the omelets that are in the hotel breakfast..but not in the Platinum tasteless and the fill is a bit.. The security guard is less responsive
Overall i recommended this hotel..just needs a little improvement.

Gibran Hawwari (06/05/2018 08:27)
I think it's a good hotel. This is most suitable for those who had a long trip to Balikpapan from another cities in East Kalimantan. But you have to be careful because the hotel is located in an area which is often crowded by vehicles.

lucyanna (14/04/2018 17:46)
It was a pretty nice hotel with lots of facility. They offer free breakfast, laundry (add. charges), swimming pool, fitness center, saunas, cold and hot pool, spa (add. charges), restaurants, bars, and cafe. The food in the restaurants, called Canton, was really good also. The staffs were friendly and helpful. You can ask for free shuttle from/to the airport and Ewalk shopping mall. Feel free to ask them for the availability.

Muhammad Dimas Ekoprasetyo (13/04/2018 17:32)
Far from city center. Bed is good, and near minimart to buy confectionery. Good for business purpose.

Syandra Wuisan (01/04/2018 01:42)
Cozy loby, comfort room... Good service.

Uun Julyanty (28/03/2018 09:07)
Pros :
Well planned hotel, with a comfy room, spacious parking lot, decent breakfast, cozy lobby, friendly staff and nice pool.
Really enjoy my stay here and surely will comeback for another getaway.

Cons :
The location is much far from downtown crowd. And the hot water setting is a little tricky ( suddenly it can be too hot or too cold even when it set to medium, so need to adjust it for a couple minutes before take a shower). It seldom happens to the tap water too.

Lidiya Rizkhy (24/01/2018 10:09)
The room is cozy (of course, it's a 4 stars hotel), the bathroom is seethrough, but it has a curtain to cover it up. The breakfasts served are really good, there are lot of food variations. I had meeting here and the meeting room are great. The room acoustic are nice and the facilities such screens projector and power terminal are ready to use.

Dinda Faridha (23/11/2017 13:13)
The restaurant served the most delicious veggie stir-fry I ever had. Manager was super friendly too, we feel at home. This hotel now famous for the tallest building in km5.

Alfan Novan (22/10/2017 18:09)
It's a new hotel, the place is great n clean. The workers are so nice. The pool have a nice view.

Aghnan Rahman (24/09/2017 11:29)
Nice hotel with comfortable room and sufficient facilities such as swimming pool and gym. However it's quite far from many POIs in Balikpapan.

roza Samsu I (15/09/2017 23:58)
Nice place for relax and its not far from Port kariangau, ITK or Samarinda. But when afternoon infront off hotel will be crowded. Sometimes very crowded transportation. Because after time work.

agung susetyo (29/08/2017 08:25)
Good hotel.. All facilities is good, minus just far from mall, everything is recommend

Farrah Salim (19/08/2017 01:27)
Nice, cozy, and luxurious.
The food is extra ordinary delicious, and they have kids corner in front of the lobby, that was very useful if you have a toddler who likes to play while waiting.
The pool and gym are great, it has greenery valley view that will freshen up your eyes especially at morning.

Sing Maju Tya 12 (05/07/2017 09:30)
Ok pelsyanan

Ook Heryanto (27/06/2017 08:43)
The hotel is excellent and has a best value..
Improvement on breakfast menu will be a good initiatives.

dani hardani (16/06/2017 06:42)
Quiet , comfort and good food

Joey Chensiuhua (13/06/2017 12:45)
Room big and clean, breakfast are lot of choices and delicious. Fascinating place for family. Instead the location outside Balikpapan and need more time to reach city center. Around hotel there are bread store and mini market.

Nova Penoy (12/04/2017 08:56)
This awesome 😊
Next come back againt

Franky Ding (08/04/2017 20:47)
Nice cozy and classy room, with good hotel rate

Bagus Haryo Kusumaputra (07/04/2017 18:34)
Nice and clean. I can see the city through the window. Love it

Rudy Wong (01/03/2017 07:53)
This is new hotel so everything is smell new n clean

Virgo Riand (19/02/2017 10:39)
Modern & Clean.. Nice Toilet

anggira laurenza (10/01/2017 18:10)
clean & good hotel, good food, good environment. i can see whole city from my room, great view... services is good but however the room services bill must be paid at cash. i have to go down to the restaurant for paying with my credit card.

Agi Prasetiadi (22/12/2016 22:44)
Nice hotel, premium quality, clean, nice, but little bit pricey for breakfast.

Anwar Konggoro (26/10/2016 07:18)
The food... dim sum are great

PasangIklan Spesialis (21/09/2016 14:21)
Cozy place & good location, awesome !

irni ibrahim (26/08/2016 02:35)
The room is big, the hotel is clean, and the price is cheap.

rangga permana (09/08/2016 16:40)
Brand new hotel, clean room, nice bed

MysticalSealGaming (01/07/2016 23:31)
Pretty much an awesome hotel,one of my most favoirite recording spot for YT :D

Hebert A. Gunawan (27/06/2016 07:42)
It's my first time stay at this hotel. And for me personally it's a good hotel.

Kevin Kiddy Hahuly (21/05/2016 21:55)
An awful 4star hotel

adi kumbara (24/04/2016 15:58)

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