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Hotel Bali De Anyer

Pandeglang, Banten
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Raya Carita Km. 10, Sukarame, Carita, Sukarame, Carita, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42264, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 253 803288

Komentar :

Ricardo William (02/06/2018 14:45)
Very worth the price. Comfy bed, clean pool right outside our bedroom, and hygienic bathroom with hot water. Only minus is no kid pool, and no breakfast buffet during fasting month. Will definitely stay here again.

Frederick Wulanda (15/04/2018 20:05)
Really worth the price and the facility is great they have a pool

agus pratopo (14/04/2018 09:51)
the swimming pool is clean. a lot of tree and nice garden

Azwar Siregar (04/04/2018 00:01)
Good place to stay, good room and facilities, but not so good with the service.
The breakfast not so much to choose.
Nice swimming pool but less amenities.

Gracia Cita (21/01/2018 13:44)
I would say that it is a Semi private hotel. Because the location is quite distance from the other hotels, but not too far too. The place is comfortable and clean. Pretty new. Got a nice swimming pool. The food is very cheap for hotel standard. But the taste and presentation is totally a hotel standard. And besides the hotel is indomart. Across the hotel is the beach already. We can take banana boat from there. So, i think it is great.

Puspa Cahyono (21/12/2017 09:09)
Just went to the restaurant. The menu is ok, mostly Indonesian food. I ordered omelet, which is egss with cheese and paprika. The dining area is small but cozy.
Nice and clean place. Small hotel with a small pool.

Erwin Prasetyo (22/11/2017 06:08)
Very comfortable and clean rooms, the pool area is very nice, getting to a public beach is a 5 minute trip

Eko Noer noerkholis (09/11/2017 18:48)
Good place for vacation

Jerry Quarry Mentang (14/07/2017 08:34)
Breakfast took one and half hour to be delivered

Daniel Yustianto (11/06/2017 11:26)
Goods ... the otentik traditional food i like it

Ratih Mayyuana (28/05/2017 23:45)
Comfortable and nice place

Asep 86 (13/05/2017 20:01)

Charles Pratana (23/04/2017 23:11)
Great Place & Good Service

Silvia Walti (19/03/2017 16:13)
Nice clean and big rooms. Friendly staff. Its a little bit expensive and the pool would be nicer if they maintain it more often. We liked our stay here.

ria tresnawati (20/02/2017 08:27)
Cozy place

Heldiyan Ramdhan (25/12/2016 09:11)
Good n baby friendly

Tuliv Ruepp (05/10/2016 07:53)
Clean nice place

Jakub Pratama (03/10/2016 21:43)
Best Food & Best Accomodation

Tesla Buwono (25/07/2016 14:24)
Its a very cozy hotel for a reasonable price, they offers activities such as jetskiing and boat riding, it also has a clean swimming pool. The minuses are there is no kettles or coffee and the breakfast doesn't offers much. Its a little bit understaffed by my guess, but its still worth a stay if you visit anyer

Siska Puspita (04/11/2016 07:51)
Nice places

dewi prasasti (26/08/2016 08:22)

Itha Tarigan (10/08/2016 18:56)

sri rejeki anggraeni (22/05/2016 19:17)
Hotelnya bersih,nyaman,tidak bising dan kolam renangnya cukup enak jg.

taufik dwi nur rahmat (07/05/2016 21:22)
Pelayannya ramah, bangunan masih bagus bersih makanannya juga enak. Bisa reservasi lewat traveloka

mas dany (21/12/2015 10:25)
hotel bintang 3 yang baru launching 15 des 2015, suasana masih baru - bersih - interrior modern dan staff profesional dan ramah.
kurangnya tidak berada di bibir pantai dan tidak ada teko pemanas air, jadinya gak bisa bikin sendiri kopi or teh panas ;(.
tapi kolam renangnya bersih dan terawat (mungkin krn masih baru ;-p).. kami sekeluarga menikmatinya..
secara keseluruhan BAIK !!

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