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Archipelago Carita

Pandeglang, Banten
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jalan Raya Carita KM.10, Sukarame, Pandeglang, Sukarame, Carita, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42264, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 253 880888

Komentar :

Ibu Inerly (02/05/2018 00:19)
Modern, clean & nice villas, good for group & family, love the pool with very nice sea view

fajar dadang kurnia (21/04/2018 12:42)
I will not tell, if you want surprise.. Tell the others we love traveling go there 😆

agus pratopo (14/04/2018 11:00)
villa have 3 badrooms and the kitchen blend with family room .teras also quite spacious.view and walkways very nice lots of lounge benches and gazebos.beachable swimming poolside beach.the parking lot inside is quite spacious and safe. in the lobby there is a miniature coral reef salt water pool complete with some funny fishes

Putra Perdana (11/04/2018 23:52)
This is the best villa in Anyer! Everything is perfect and the bed is comfy! I love the villas and the environment design!

We were doing outbound with my college-office. Everyone is happy! This place was clean, neat, the people were nice & kind,

There's minus point for not serving my breakfast since they don't have any restaurant. But they have kitchen in each villa and have numbers from several restaurant nearby to deliver great food!

Tata Z Muttaqien (06/04/2018 04:09)
New hotel, clean and great sceneries. Good for family vacation. Equipped with kithenete and appliances.
Do not expect the open sand of the beach, the beaches access are rocky, but you will enjoy the great swimming pool next to the beach.

You can request also the mihht barbeque to the hotel staff to be prepared. It is very good and the staff were helpful.
But take care with the hotel amenities and kitchen parts as during check out they will charge you if you lost some items even only one spoon :-(

The kids enjoyed the time, there were some activities for kids such as atv riding, water sports and travelling to kratatau mountain with boat at extra costs.
Overall good hotel and worth to try if you travel with group of families.

Suko Riadi (05/01/2018 21:17)
Bali in anyer very nice place for holiday with family and high recommend

Evie Evie (26/12/2017 14:52)
New hotel, and it's my first stay. I'd not recommend hotel room. Size and room facility just like renting a student-room. Water quality is bad, dirty. Located in front of beach but kids can't play on beach.

It'll be my first and last experience...

Yovita Liu (05/12/2017 11:16)
Brand new resort, clean and comfy. Quite high price.. No breakfast include. Self service cook facilities available.

Fika Lestari (23/09/2017 13:28)
Good choice to escape to this place 😁😁

Gita Zuhri (02/08/2017 10:38)
It's clean, well managed and afordable

Yusi Prihandhi (12/06/2017 12:56)
Villa has own beach...

Hendri Hartati (18/04/2017 01:36)
cozy complete recomended for family accomodation

vivi arifiany (04/02/2017 16:56)
Awesome pool n clean villa

Intan Angkawidjaja (18/01/2017 19:21)
Very ideal for large group. Cool pool right by the sea. Well-kept and still clean. The downside is it has too many rules (such as the ridiculous one about not spoiling the bed sheets; I mean, what if I kill a mosquito, of which there are tons!, and it lands on the sheet thus marking it with a tiny speck of blood). Other than that, my family and I will definitely go back.

Hendry Chandra (11/01/2017 17:31)
Lokasi tepi laut. Suasana tenang jadi bisa untuk santai. Tempat tinggal model villa, bisa utk sekeluarga. Sayang ruang tamu tidak ada ac jadi agak panas. Buka jendela malah lalat yg masuk. Selebihnya ok. Thanks.

Jan T (17/06/2016 17:26)
Clean and price reasonably. Great for kids and family gathering have many different types of villas and individual rooms are available too.

Helmut Baltschun (11/03/2015 15:01)

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