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Sthree Hotel

Nias, Sumatera Utara
Alamat: Ilir, Gunung Sitoli, Gunungsitoli City, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 639 323454

Komentar :

Eric Houten (21/05/2018 14:35)
Good Hotel for staying

juliani wilis (18/05/2018 12:41)
It's good but their receptionist not friendly enough

Febry Ardyana (17/04/2018 00:19)
A nice place to stay for a night or two. They have a common needs: bed, wireless connection, breakfast and that's just about it. It's close to the city centre and the beach. The only down side is that they still renovating, so you can see mess here and there. But, i think they could be better after they finished their renovation. Good place to stay once again, and the breakfast is quite good

Cecep Yoesmadi (15/04/2018 04:50)
Bersih. Listrik sering mati. WiFi putus2. Sarapan lumayan.

Diaz Novariza (10/04/2018 11:10)
Hotel yang terletak di pinggir jalan utama niaa

robby Azhar (01/12/2017 20:19)
Nice place to take a rest

Rinaldo Sitanggang (18/08/2017 15:53)
Hotel design and Interior design is okay, but not completely with key card and telephone in room.

Rusdy S. Nugraha (25/11/2016 00:42)
The hotel is pretty nice. Friendly staff, good decor. But their service, not so much. My room's aircon was broken so i use extra bed in my friend's. I didn't get blanket or pillow, and they cannot provide it because their stock was empty. Breakfast run out quickly and no refill so good luck if you missed it

Thomas Stur (13/10/2016 23:20)
Friendly staff. Laundry takes 3-4 days, urinal balls used in shower make it small rather terrible. It is however the best hotel in the area! Hard to get a room as they are usually booked out. Suggest asking for a Deluxe or VIP room.

Semedi Napitupulu (20/09/2017 19:20)
Selimut terlalu tipis utk ruangan ac. Perlu intercom utk memudahkan komunikasi dgn front office.

Rinald Sitanggang (18/08/2017 15:53)
Hotel design and Interior design is okay, but not completely with key card and telephone in room.

IMJ Indri (26/03/2017 10:09)

rahmat yan (31/01/2017 01:55)
Very good

M e n d r o f a (16/10/2016 15:46)
Good place

Efriaman Harefa (10/05/2016 01:41)
Sthree Hotel

Irwan Telaumbanua (24/09/2016 10:17)
Resto paling nyaman di gunungsitoli. Makanannya sedikit dibatas rata-rata

eic nyarh (05/08/2016 09:42)
kamarnya nyaman, kasurnya empuk, bersih, kamar mandi bersih, makanan cukup enak

Lenny Harefa (26/07/2016 11:46)
Terdapa cafe yang oke buat nongkrong, lumayan terjangkau. Makanan dan minuman lumayan enak. Ruangan non smoking dan smoking ada. Wifi error.

Ad min (17/07/2016 16:12)
Tempat ini memiliki cafe yg mewah dan sungguh menarik. Jg menyajikan makanan yg nyaman di lidah

Horashenry Siagian (26/05/2016 18:20)
Hotel terbaik di Gunung Sitoli.

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